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  1. We've all been there, Helene... perhaps technology will evolve again soon and typos will become rare as they once were... I'm waiting... hoping...
  2. Thank you... have really been wondering how this came off... There is a lot of talent involved, Andersen seems to pick gifted designers, but the concept of science fiction seemed to risk being tacky... glad to hear somehow they managed to skirt that risk? Also interesting to split the bill with La Sylphide... both ballets are not quite full evening fare, and to go from charming romantic antique to futuristic Stravinisky? Might be just the juxtaposition to keep both fresh?
  3. If you can access Facebook, Kansas City Ballet put up a nice short video of Tomlinson teaching and talking about teaching...
  4. I live in a university town in Connecticut and most people here have no idea who Balanchine was and have never heard of him. For those not familiar with US geography, Connecticut is a small state adjacent to New York, practically bordering the city (in Seattle, an American born cashier asked me if Connecticut were next to Tennessee). Having grown up in the NY metropolitan area and then lived for a decade in Manhattan before living in other parts of the country, I can tell you, the rest of the country is not a less densely populated version of the city. The gap in what is known about dance
  5. I suspect they are negotiating with the chosen one.
  6. And yet it was the rearranging of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake by Drigo that made it a success... was Drigo following his own instincts, or Petipa's requests? Tchaikovsky blamed the original ballet's failure on the music. I wonder what he would have thought of what Swan Lake became after his death? (I have a hunch he would have enjoyed Ivanov's work) Thanks for the Lopukhov info... Macaulay spoke at Harvard about how the music would change and yet Petipa would continue repeating the same step... and that this placed the step in a new light so to speak (my words, certainly not his).
  7. The face on the woman does seem 1950s ... I think those are snakes in her hand...
  8. I hope he does a few more before his 6 month retainer is up... I imagine, though, that with the Cunningham Centennial, he's going to want to weigh in on that... ? I'd like to hear more about how Petipa & Tchaikovsky worked together... He said that it was difficult for Petipa working with Tchaikovsky, something about the complexity, but I haven't caught the details...
  9. Balanchine & Kirstein did not have much experience when they founded the precursors to NYCB, and while admittedly they struggled & foundered at first, they ultimately succeeded gloriously.... It was a different situation, but is it so obviously a mistake to take a risk on inexperienced talent if there is a "vision"? Are there no choreographers out there to give the helm to?
  10. Oh!! thank you!!, I didn't think of Ballet West, only had SFB on the brain!!
  11. But my understanding is that the original ballet followed not the Hoffman story but the Dumas adaption of the story..... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nutcracker_and_the_Mouse_King So I,m not sure I understand the wording of the first two questions... Christensen Nutcracker ran from 1944 to 2004.... Balanchine's premiered in 1954 and is still running, so hasn't it overtaken Christensen's "longest running" crown?
  12. Would that I could be a fly on the wall with a time machine...
  13. Does it seem odd to anyone besides me that costumes and production design and music are not under Artistic? Is it because of the unions?
  14. I hope Clifford writes that book... better yet, I hope he illustrates it with video... i'd like to hear what and where the differences are... it would be a resource for the future, when the dominant version has become cliché
  15. Is the movement dated, or is it the music? Perhaps a new score for the existing choreography would liven it up. Personally, I'm appalled at Spielberg's timing.
  16. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place, but I see no thread for World Ballet Day. Please move this post if necessary. Tuesday, Oct 2, is 2018's rendition. I've enjoyed much enjoyed the look inside these presentations have offered. Does anyone know why there is no North American host this year? Why no SFB or NBC?
  17. Any performing arts institution without State or Royal subsidy is a house of cards. Tell me again where NYCB's longtime co-tenant at the State Theater, NYCO, is these days?
  18. Thank you for saying this... While many of us no doubt have been contemplating some of the famous Balanchine & Kirstein quotes Bentley mentioned, Bentley seems to have an axe to grind against Martins, and having written "Submission" seems the wrong person to be throwing stones.
  19. I hope they archived that! (If they shot it)
  20. I find these two statements contradictory, if you are referencing the assault situation I think you are referencing. Or does the apology and acceptance not count as far as what NYCB cares about?
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