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  1. Thanks Helene for sharing this - thought I would add two additional shows that will be joining the Premier Dance Network. Lauren Fadeley Veyette will be joining PDN - going live Wednesday 5/25/16. Her show is called "Rediscovering the Dream". On this show Lauren will be sharing with us her journey into a new company after having been with Pennsylvania Ballet for nine years. Gina Pero will launch her new show on May 31st. Her show is called "The Gina Pero Show". This show will be a fabulous resource for dancers and their parents as she will be airing 3x per week with insight, advice and live Q&A. Gina was a Rockette and has been working as a performance coach for dancers for years. Allison DeBona will be launching her show in June. Her show is called "Art with Allie". She will be providing a unique and raw insight into the world of Ballet. https://www.instagram.com/p/BFm9iRCsOZk/?taken-by=allidebona There are some other new shows coming over the next 8 weeks.....more info coming soon
  2. This issue is addressed In today's episode of Barry Kerrolis' new Podcast Pas de Chát: Talking Dance, and really does a nice job! http://balancing-pointe.com/07-education-leadership/
  3. I have been in touch with Lauren. She is actually very excited to be a part of MCB and closer to her family in Florida. AND.....you can look forward to hearing more from Lauren and her transition as I will be producing a new podcast for her in the very near future . It will be a featured show on my recently launched Premier Dance Network.
  4. @Sandik - it has been more than amazing. Yesterday there was moment of silence with a huge musical tribute at the Wild game, the downtown Mpls bell tower played a tribute to him Sunday afternoon with 5 of his songs done by bells (link below), Every building and bridge in downtown Mpls lit up in purple. A fly over smoke design in the sky of Prince's symbol during a jazz festival. A 28 hour "A-Z" playlist of Prince's entire collection on the local radio station that Prince loved. And of course First Ave and Paisley Park have been inundated with flowers and fans paying their respect. It has been amazing to not only see the local support, as he was a guy who loved his city and supported local artists in the most amazing of ways. Beyond that, his support to the causes he believed in remained consistent and strong, but done in such a quiet, anonymous manner that we may never really learn of the extent he supported the arts, the schools and of course the musicians. https://www.facebook.com/TheCurrent/videos/10153407045302657/?pnref=story Below is the first ever released LIVE benefit concert for the Minnesota Dance Theatre where Prince debuted Purple Rain for the first time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-O-LsD7czo&feature=youtu.be
  5. I live in Minneapolis and the outpouring of love and support has been overwhelmingly beautiful. From street parties to all night dance parties at First Ave (3 nights in a row) to an outdoor filming of Purple Rain in Downtown Mpls - it has been amazing! Watching the movie really hit home. But what I love the most is his love for ballet. In fact Prince hosted a benefit to raise money for our home ballet studio, Minnesota Dance Theatre (MDT). Prince, Morris Day (the TIme) took classes at MDT to learn how to dance for his upcoming movie (Purple Rain) and the instructor from MDT was the choreographer. In fact Prince debuted Purple Rain for the first time at the MDT fundraiser. Since then Prince remained a supporter of the Company and School. Prince was kind, giving and a local who had a HUGE impact on the Twin Cities - and of course the world. He will be remembered in so many ways but I especially love that the Ballet world was a part of is world! http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2016/04/23/purple-rain-choreographer/?cid=facebook_WCCO-TV_|_CBS_Minnesota https://www.facebook.com/mdtdance/photos/pcb.10153982876690199/10153982860895199/?type=3&theater http://shine.forharriet.com/2016/04/how-prince-introduced-misty-copeland-to.html#ixzz46lBzF4iG
  6. This week on the Ask Megan show, Megan Fairchild interviews her sister-in-law Tiler Peck. This is a super fun interview as she dives into some of the personal questions we all want to know....and only a big sister can ask. Take a listen here: http://balancing-pointe.com/124-ask-megan-an-exclusive-interview-with-tiler-peck-sister-to-sister-in-law/
  7. Today's episode of the ASK Megan show on the Balancing Pointe Podcast features two really great questions. One comes from a 15 year old who's mother won't let her take ballet classes and the other comes from a dancer who would like to figure out what it takes to get asked to stay at SAB year round. Megan really nails the questions with very thoughtful answers. Link is here: http://balancing-pointe.com/ask-megan/
  8. Here is the link to my interview with Precious Adams. She has such an amazing journey! http://balancing-pointe.com/71-precious-adams-english-national-ballet/
  9. Jessica Lang Dance presents its BAM debut December 3-6 with the world premiere of The Wanderer, Lang's one act story ballet set to Franz Schubert's song cycle Die schöne Müllerin. (already sold out!) Jessica Lang recently won a 2014 Bessie Award and is really taking the dance world by storm lately. She features a great series on the making of The Wanderer on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9dgMpYbm9Y One of her dancers, Laura Mead was recently featured on my podcast where she describes more about what it is like working on a world premiere. http://balancing-pointe.com/laura-mead-dancer-jessica-lang-dance/
  10. I interviewed Precious Adams who literally trained all over the world. Her journey in ballet is amazing! Precious began seriously studying ballet at the age of 9 with Sergey Rayevskiy at the Academy of Russian Classical Ballet in Wixom, Michigan. At the ages of 11 and 12, Precious studied at the National Ballet School (NBS) in Toronto, Canada under the direction of Mavis Stains. Precious was then selected to study at The Princess Grace Academy of Classical Dance in Monte Carlo, Monaco with Roland Vogel under the direction of Luca Masala at the ages of 14 and 15. In 2011, Precious was selected to participate in the the U.S. State Department Sponsored NSYL-I Russian language and Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Program. During the 2011-2012 school year, Precious studied at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia with Natalia Igoravich Reivich under the direction of Marina Leonova. Precious also received two prizes at the 2014 Prix De Lausanne in Switzerland. In September Precious began her professional career dancing with the English Nat'l Ballet. Listen to her interview here - http://balancing-pointe.com/71-precious-adams-english-national-ballet/
  11. As most of you are aware, Megan Fairchild recently embarked upon a journey in dance that is WAY outside her typical day-to-day comfort zone as a Principal dancer with NYCB. She is now performing as a lead in the revival of Jerome Robbins musical, "On The Town". Click below to hear my interview with Megan as she gives an inside "behind the scenes" peek into Broadway. http://balancing-pointe.com/megan-fairchild-broadway-town/
  12. Hi Helene, My apologies for getting this date wrong - I am obviously excited to see it I changed the date in my earlier post.
  13. On March 23rd you have an amazingly unique opportunity to watch LIVE choreographer Emery LeCrone streaming from the Guggenheim Museum. The performances are sold out - but you can watch it live! Bach Interpreted: New Choreography by Emery Lecrone *Live online broadcast available at guggenheim.org/live
  14. Hi again Helene, I am not sure where or how to post this, but one of my previous guests Emery LeCrone will have her new premiere streamed live March 23 from the sold out performance at the Guggenheim. Bach Interpreted: New Choreography by Emery Lecrone *Live online broadcast available at guggenheim.org/live
  15. Thank you Helene - Yes I was quite moved by Galit's passion for including dance in her life and for giving back in such an amazing way! I am hoping to collaborate with her on a potential project coming up this summer - I will keep you posted! And yes - Jordan Matter has quite an compelling interview and he continues to provide such inspiring photos - follow him on Twitter/Facebook or Instagram to keep up with his photo antics Thank you so much for your feedback - please keep me posted on your thoughts or suggestions and spread the word Take care! Kimberly Falker
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