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  1. I complained. (Probably not the first person to do so, and hopefully one of many) Glad to see they fixed it.
  2. I would like to see Tharp's Bakers Dozen done by more ballet companies... when I was young, I used to find her work too much "and the kitchen sink", but I've changed my mind. I think her work may look better in a small frame like a video tight shot than in a big frame like the opera stage... the quick details are harder to catch from the top ring.
  3. BalanchineFan... and I believe stage managers are also AGMA. Probably confuses things further...
  4. You've lost me... in that NY Times article there were two unions involved... the dancers' and the musicians'... neither union's name appears in the article, but I see no reason to think they were not AGMA and the AF of M.
  5. I am aware of what AGMA stands for, however one might derive from your statement that the orchestra musicians for ballet companies would be members of AGMA.
  6. Okay, this is addressed generally, not specifically to the Martins situation, but given how widespread the MeToo movement now is: If flirtation is equal to harassment, then aren't there many women who have harassed their male co-workers? Is showing cleavage at work harrassment? What about the hemline? How far does this go? Are women all going to have to don the hajib at work to avoid harassing the men? Ask the men you know, has a woman ever flirted with them at work? I feel anyone who has been repeatedly "hit on" at work, after indicating a lack of interest, has a different
  7. Agreed, but remember it was Farrell giving Balanchine an ultimatum over roles for her husband that clinched the departure.... one can certainly understand why she felt she had to make a stand, but dancers do not give ultimatums to artistic directors. http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1990/10/11/dancing-for-balanchine/ "Finally one evening when Mejia was not given a role that he felt was his due—Symphony in C, third movement—Farrell issued an ultimatum: if Mejia didn’t dance in Symphony in C that night, they would both quit. To her utter astonishment, Balanchine took her up on it."
  8. I was distinctly under the impression that Hayden, Kent & Von Aroldingen were the exceptions... http://articles.latimes.com/1995-01-02/entertainment/ca-15602_1_city-ballet : "Children had never entered my mind, and it was no secret that Balanchine thought ballerinas shouldn't have them." -- Suzanne Farrell,
  9. I still take issue with this... and now you're suggesting he was impotent, is that also documented or just assumed due to the lack of issue (my understanding was Balanchine had significant concerns regarding pregnancy's effects on a ballerina's frame) ... Do you have the Taper quote? I've read both Taper's biography and Geva's autobiography, and it's not calling up any memories of the father being concerned... I do remember Geva's mother was Geva's father's kept woman before finally getting married against the objections of her mother-in-law.... perhaps the concerns about propriety were t
  10. Ummm... .I take issue with this. Where is the evidence that Balanchine slept with his dancers? As far as I understand, with the exception of Danilova with whom he was understood to have a common law marriage, he married his dancers before he slept with them...
  11. Thank you for posting this the coaching is wonderful! Is it so interesting to see how much difference where the dancer looks has on the shape of the movement. I could be wrong, but to me the Ashton coaches seem taking more care with focus than we often see.
  12. I think judging Balanchine's behavior while he was dying of Creutzfeld jakob disease is highly suspect... would you judge someone with dementia the same as a healthy human being? https://www.ninds.nih.gov/Disorders/Patient-Caregiver-Education/Fact-Sheets/Creutzfeldt-Jakob-Disease-Fact-Sheet#3058_2
  13. Yes... there is that issue... we do have to put up with mediocrity in order to glean out the masterpieces that will become classics.. one can't just assume every new work will be a masterpiece equal to the classics... that would be to misunderstand the environment that produced those classics... and I accept that was not your point.. But, is there a word for the kind of choreoographer in residence that Ashton was? It would be hard to say he fid not influence the look of the Royal Ballet dancers, even though he was not director until after DeValois' death... Think of Nureyev, w
  14. I far prefer a choreographer run company... the director-choreographer has insights that bring out qualities in dancers in a very different way than an artistic director cultivating a museum/choreographer-of-the-day repertory... a director-choreographer has a long term influence. NYCB would be like the current ABT if it hadn't been for the artistic-director choreographers. Even with a choreographer like Ratmansky in residence, it seems like he is globe hopping so much, it is a different situation than a choreographer-director's influence on the shape of a company. Balanchine took his com
  15. From the above referenced NY Times article: ok... Two Dozen... that's more than we first heard about.
  16. Thank you!! That is exactly what I was hunting for! And here is the link for anyone else interested: Tckets are $20, but complimentary to "NYCB Circle of Friends" https://www.nycballet.com/Educate/Public-Programs/Inside-NYCB.aspx
  17. Come to think of it, didn't Balanchine not draw a salary for the same position?
  18. No, he could have not cared and behaved just as badly... but I have seen plenty of people with a "whatever...." attitude not fight for quality and accept less, and I respect the struggle for quality. Some people handle it better than others. I was paywall blocked from reading Kelly Boal's account until today, so my apologies, I had only read Martins lost his temper during rehearsal. The Boal account describes truly appalling behavior played out hours after rehearsal. Almost sounds as if Martins felt insecure due to Peter Boal's increasing popularity. I'm pretty sure I would h
  19. It in no way excuses violence or harrassment, but I do feel for Martins, after having given 50 years of his life to this company, and caring enough to lose his temper, that he should end this way. It is unfortunate that the retribution collected for so many years. Of course he got a lot himself out of those 50 years, but to imagine there were no sacrifices or personal cost involved...
  20. I like Vipa's idea... I believe the board would support up the financial end while an inspiring leader is carefully chosen.... two years would be time to vet all ideas, wouldn't it? And the company would be in good hands in the meantime if it were one of the senior coaching staff. Roy Kaiser carried Pennsylvania Ballet for a long time. Two years should turn up a leader...?
  21. How about the directors of two small companies Los Angeles Ballet or Ballet Arizona... Colleen Neary and Thordal Christensen deserve credit for keeping a company alive for ten years and bring both Balanchine & Bournonville backgrounds. Ib Anderson looks to be doing interesting work out in Arizona and also has both influences. Yes, incomparable budgets, but perhaps one should look at what they have managed to do with those budgets and give them the chance to work with more. The problem is, the "worked directly with Balanchine" generation have just about aged out... how long would
  22. Perhaps because the State Theater has been rented instead to Shen Yui for the 21st? I'm still surprised there is not more... The more I think about it, the more I imagine it would be the job of the director of Education who organized the events... Maybe I just haven't hunted through the website thoroughly enough? Did they not do one last year? (I'm afraid I was out of commission at the time and not checking ballet calendars)
  23. I was hunting on the NYCB site to see what was planned for this year... there are often interesting lecture demos, etc... (there is still this on the website, but, given that the 21st is a Sunday this year, it must not be current: https://www.nycballet.com/Season-Tickets/Saturday-at-the-Ballet-with-George.aspx) They seem to be presenting an all Balanchine program on the 23rd, but there is no mention of lectures or demonstrations... Am I looking in the wrong place? Or was this all pulled together in the past by Peter Martins and with him away no one has picked up the slack?
  24. Amy Reusch

    Gomes and ABT

    Do ABT dancers get pensions and post employment benefits?
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