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  1. cassieallison

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    Maybe they want her to do more dancing this season?
  2. cassieallison

    2018 Spring Season

    Mearns in Tschai Pas?
  3. cassieallison

    Winter 2018

    Has anyone else noticed that De Luz is dancing very little? I know there were speculations of retirement after that nutcracker post
  4. cassieallison

    Winter 2018

    How does Danchig-Waring stack up as an Apollo?
  5. cassieallison

    Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    The article cites Justin Peck, Wendy Whelan, and Benjamin Millepied as the frontrunners to replace him
  6. NYTimes just reported the official retirement
  7. cassieallison

    Nutcracker 2017

    Whatever happened to his Dancer Fit program? He was posting nonstop about it this spring yet it's been crickets
  8. cassieallison

    Nutcracker 2017

    I noticed he didn't dance much the the fall season and that he seems to be traveling quite a bit. It appears the engagement to Emilie Gerrity is off as he has scrubbed her from his social media. I wonder if that is why he is leaving?
  9. cassieallison

    Nutcracker Casting

    Who is everyone excited to see in Nutcracker casting?