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  1. I know a lot of people look down on her for her social media presence, but Syklar Brandt has put in the work on major full length roles
  2. As someone who can rarely get to NYC I have LOVED all the digital programming, but would definitely like to see whole pieces. For instance Diamonds last year took my breath away I can't remember how many times I watched it. IF it was only presented in excerpts it wouldn't have been able to truly appreciate it. My local company tries to do Balanchine, but it leaves me just wanting to see more NYCB. Agree with everyone on promotions, I feel like there hasn't been much movement with the new regime.
  3. I don't know if any of you are watching Vail's virtual festival this coming week, but I really enjoyed Opening Night. I was especially taken with Unity Phelan in Apollo with ABT's Calvin Royal.
  4. hopefully we will get several casts of nutcracker
  5. I found this offering pretty uneven. I had heard bad things about Bartok Ballet when it premiered and this definitely lived up to my expectation, I found myself grimacing while watching the screen. Oltremare was another no for me. I agree with above that Easy fulfilled the assignment for the Robbins celebration, it was fine and a nice showcase for Harrison Coll but I would not seek it out. Taylor Stanley just WOW. I've been hearing how stunning he was in The Runaway and somehow he exceeded expectations. I would love to see The Times are Racing in full, Robbie Fairchild was fantastic. Very sad
  6. Has anyone seen his Alice in Wonderland for The Royal? I've heard interesting things.
  7. I believe I saw on Indiana Woodward's instagram that he is injured
  8. I remember him doing a lot of performances of tea, but i could be wrong and he did candy can back then too
  9. several apprentices taking on featured roles in week 2
  10. Are there any potential debuts you all are hoping to see or castings you are excited to revisit?
  11. Sara Mearns was on the latest With Dance and Stuff podcast and they have a really interesting conversation about why she gave up Lilac Fairy. If you just want to listen to Sara you can skip ahead to 13:46
  12. I understand where Ashley can come off as self important in the article, but I also applaud her for speaking out. If she hadn't then we would not know how much of an influence Martins still holds. I find it appalling that he was able to behave this way considering the reasons for his exit. I place that blame solely at the foot of the board who still seem to hold him in greater esteem than the dancers. I think it is fair for her to criticize why she was switched cast if it was truly done at the last minute. Maybe bringing to light these issues will speed along the reform that needs to happen an
  13. As well as Reichlen as Lilac, I believe her debuting Carabosse is a sign as that is what Mearns did last run
  14. No Mearns Lilac Fairy the first week is surprising
  15. I would love to see Unity Phelan and those extensions as Lilac Fairy
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