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  1. I believe I saw on Indiana Woodward's instagram that he is injured
  2. I remember him doing a lot of performances of tea, but i could be wrong and he did candy can back then too
  3. several apprentices taking on featured roles in week 2
  4. Are there any potential debuts you all are hoping to see or castings you are excited to revisit?
  5. Sara Mearns was on the latest With Dance and Stuff podcast and they have a really interesting conversation about why she gave up Lilac Fairy. If you just want to listen to Sara you can skip ahead to 13:46
  6. I understand where Ashley can come off as self important in the article, but I also applaud her for speaking out. If she hadn't then we would not know how much of an influence Martins still holds. I find it appalling that he was able to behave this way considering the reasons for his exit. I place that blame solely at the foot of the board who still seem to hold him in greater esteem than the dancers. I think it is fair for her to criticize why she was switched cast if it was truly done at the last minute. Maybe bringing to light these issues will speed along the reform that needs to happen and finally have them decide on an AD. As she said in one of her posts about the Waterbury incident, these things have festered in their leaderless state. NYCB needs to get their act together, while the performance on stage seems to still be strong that may not continue without a strong foundation. Also I am so happy to hear about Woodward's debut, I hope this heralds a promotion to principle.
  7. As well as Reichlen as Lilac, I believe her debuting Carabosse is a sign as that is what Mearns did last run
  8. No Mearns Lilac Fairy the first week is surprising
  9. I would love to see Unity Phelan and those extensions as Lilac Fairy
  10. Besides Reichlen and Mearns who were the previous Lilac Fairies?
  11. For those of you who cannot make it to the City, but still want some Balanchine Nutcracker in their lives I have discovered that the 2011 Lincoln Center at the Movies recording is available for rent/purchase on iTunes, the Kevin Kline narrated version is still on Netflix. It was great to see the current dancers while sitting on my couch tonight. It has Fairchild/De Luz as Sugar Plum/ Cavalier, Bouder as Dewdrop, Reichlen as Coffee, and Peck as Marzipan.
  12. very interested other about Ulbricht, he waited a long time for this
  13. I thought Gretchen Smith's purple suit was stunning
  14. I'm hoping we get to see some good debuts this year, does any one have debuts they are hoping to see?
  15. I wish they would have put her in since 2 of the 3 tall girls this run had to pull out
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