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  1. Unfortunately the Pulcinella wouldn't play on my platform... but it was fascinating to see the Ratmansky. His choreography is so sensitive to the music, yet such a different musicality than we find in Balanchine.
  2. That would be in keeping with Harlequin's devil origin? (on the other hand, maybe he's afraid look up and catch that chandelier in the periphery of his vision! )
  3. The Guggenheim Works amd Process people posted some photos on the facebook page, including this lovely one! https://www.facebook.com/worksandprocess/photos/a.10153036174721671.1073741847.117852351670/10153036174801671/?type=3&theater
  4. I remembered one more thing... When the dancers demonstrated the mime to the music... I felt they rushed and were left with more music than they knew how to fill... Just like stillness on stage, which always seems so much longer to the performer than it does to the sudience, mime gestures have to be done slowly enough that they have time to register on the audience and express the music... Measure per word...it's like resonance were it spoken...there is a tempo set by the music and if the mime rushes past that, it loses some of it's enchantment.
  5. I would have liked to have seen it in its Waldorf nd Statler stage... When it was just two old men and their two servants...usually the servant is portrayed as much smarter than his master but apparently this was not the case with Pierrot...whose sleeves must have rendered him further useless... How he evolved to moonstruck romantic must have been an entertaining skit..l
  6. Fullington said something about there being a strong English tradition in Commedia (one of the places it thrived after interest in Italy had died out)... and something about this being where "Harlequinade" came from... but I can't recall hearing much about the British tradition... What should I be reading? (or watching?)
  7. I suppose a school talent show is like a variety show? But really that depends on how involved the MC is if you are talking about the host role? Fullington talked about the Harlequin reference in Nutcracker. He might have spoken about the Harlequin in La Sonambula as well... but perhaps it would be getting out of hand. This was a well organized presentation. Here is the late Johan Renvall as Harlequin in La Sonambula: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mEwx7VUqkuI
  8. oh... and one other thing... the Drigo music probably made me think of it... and, I think the Balanchine had these arms that maybe referenced this (though I suppose more than one variation made use of them)... at 1:27 if it doesn't cue properly (https://youtu.be/CK2Cf-4va6g?t=1m27s) and the fluttering fingers made me think of of Danilova coaching Cindy Drummer in the Pavilion d'Armide variation which seems to begin with little flicks of the wrist...
  9. Didn't think my notes belonged added in on the thread about all of the Guggenheim 2015 Works and Process lectures... but thought I'd share what little I remembered from this lovely evening. I was there on Sunday, perhaps some others could add in and/or correct... ​please do correct, i've probably got half of it down wrong. From the announcement It was recorded on video, so at least it exists in the archive somewhere. Even if they couldn't allow the Balanchine performances available over the internet, it would be wonderful to get the lecture and the Petipa performances. Cameron Grant p
  10. NY Times has published an obituary... Perhaps it should be linked here. http://nyti.ms/1JsS40z
  11. Chicago Dancing featured non Chicago dancers? I'm somewhat confused. I thought the festival started out as a celebration of Chicago's dance scene... Or am I confusing it with Dance Chicago?
  12. Wasn't T&V made on ABT? Is it possible that they are doing the original choreography and Balanchine himself made adjustments when he set it on NYCB?
  13. So young. He had a company for a little while..in the '90s?. I was trying to find reviews via Google but nothing is really popping up...
  14. And no one mentions Tsiskaridze... I have no opinion, I'm just curious...
  15. I wonder if his taste in art will be the same 15 years from now?
  16. Perhaps Rita Moreno's West Side Story contribution filled the Dancer requirement.
  17. I can understand mixing Bruhn & Hubbe up. It is perhaps the lovely Danish accent, the blonde hair, and the international superstar standing... (Of course, now I am assuming it was Nicholaj Hubbe, the Royal Danish's current artistic director that you heard). I wish I had been present!
  18. This is so wonderful... I wish an organization would provide a streaming home for the interview. Would you mind if I share it on facebook?
  19. I believe that teacher may be an American, Wayne Byars.
  20. I don't mind the design, but the performance data could be added to the calendar!
  21. "That said, on the topic of smaller venues like college campuses and early dancer exposure, isn't that what ABT II does? When I was at Indiana University, they swung by for a few performances (Kylian, a classical pas de deux, and a random piece to Holst's "The Planets") and masterclasses." ~ Choriamb ---- Perhaps these do not make it onto the ABT online performance calendar? I find it odd that there is nothing much on there. One would think this was the final season. [just finally saw Mussel's post... I can't think why anyone in marketing would not want to indicate those performances comi
  22. I wish there were tour funding for ABT to hit the 50 states. Dancers learn to perform by performing. Perhaps all the rep could use more performing. They are performing nowhere after the first week of July, not at all in August... Only two days in September... Only three days in October... Not a day in November...Nothing in December....? (yes, it is too late now, but truly, there dhould have been more on the schedule for this great company.) It would be rough, but I'd love to see them do the old Ballet Russes tours, 2 days here, three days there... There are college campuses all over Amer
  23. McGregor does not tickle my fancy, but I did like the Dawson. How about an Esmerelda?
  24. Something by David Dawson... The trailer for his new piece at Dutch National looks so promising. But this is ABT so really, I guess we're talking full lengths.... .... .... ... Paquita is my vote.
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