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  1. You can barely find actual dancing of "America's National Ballet Company". They had an opportunity to showcase it here and instead decided to do a commercial. Le sigh. If they don't survive COVID I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe ABT folding would be a blessing in disguise by getting a new AD and board with better artistic vision and integrity. Lord knows ABT has needed it for years now. I feel sorry for the dancers.
  2. To me it sounds more like he'll be a guest artist or "principal" like Bolle who only dances a few times w/ ABT out of the year. Congrats to Daniil. He'll probably have better opportunities to grow further at Staatballet.
  3. Plisskin

    Veronika Part

    Tragic. Veronika isn't my favorite dancer, but compared to the majority of female ABT principals right now who have technical issues or are ungraceful, she is a god send to ABT. What a stupid decision. You could always count on Veronika to give a beautiful and technically proficient performance rather than worrying if she'll not be able to complete the choreography. Shades of Irina whom Kevin also did wrong.
  4. Plisskin

    Joy Womack

    I hope she had different reasons for participating because if not, she proved to them once again that they made the right choice... Which dancer called her out?
  5. I don't really get it either. Misty isn't the only principal on ABT's roster who has weak technique or other deficiencies. And I do agree with you that the only time other black or part black ballerina's are even brought up is to bring her down. Ordinarily though they are not mentioned. It's really not even that serious. When I'm in NY to see an ABT performance their are principals and soloists that I don't like (a few of them are championed to the high heavens on this forum) and I don't really understand their promotion, but I just don't buy a ticket to their performance and leave it at that
  6. Plisskin

    Joy Womack

    I finally got a chance to watch the Moscow competition and I wasn't overly impressed with Joy to be honest. There were 2 American girls dancing in the junior division who were much better (one of them won the gold). She should stay were she's at and really appreciate her position at her current company. She's not bad but just kind of vanilla. Kinda bland. Not trying to be harsh when I saw that but it's what I think. I've seen much better dancers languishing away in the corp at ABT. I still enjoy her vlogs when she does do them, which isn't as frequent anymore.
  7. Plisskin

    Joy Womack

    We finally get to see another front view of Joy's dancing:
  8. If you have Netflix you can now watch Misty's documentary "A Ballerina's Tale" on there. I'm half way through it and it's really good.
  9. Plisskin

    Joy Womack

    Her family seem pretty well off judging from that video where she went home. I was surprised by that when their have been a slew of articles about her over the years where she says she struggles financially.
  10. Plisskin

    Joy Womack

    I'll admit that I find her V-logs entertaining (and I'll keep watching), but in the long run I think they will hinder her career. She reveals too much about her coworkers ( I remember in one video she talked about some incident with on of the female principals there. So much second hand embarrassment for her when she talked about that...) Just from the video's I've seen of her dancing, she's lucky to be a soloist to be honest. At most, I'd have her as a Coryphee. Their is no characterization or interpretation when she dances. She just executes the steps and not much else. People love to bash O
  11. Plisskin

    Joy Womack

    No. In her vlogs she said her partner didn't like her. He and other company/staff (?) members blamed his performance and lack of chemistry with Joy on her. She's danced a lot with the guy in the Don Q performance. They seem to have a good working relationship. I think it says a lot about Russians that they can come to the West (particularly the U.S.) and not be in a hostile work environment and even reach stardom (Kotchekova, Baryshnikov, etc). But when it's the other way around, Americans dancing in Russian company's generally don't get treated very well unless your David Hallberg... Which,
  12. So glad she joined the Bolshoi. They recognize talent. Like Zakharova, Obraztsova, and countless others, the Mariinsky will regret letting her go. The Vaganova trains such great dancers. But the Bolshoi usually gets them while the Mariinsky loves dancers like Somova and Skorik... I kind of wish Novikova would leave for the Bolshoi but I guess she's happy at the Mariinsky.
  13. Plisskin

    Joy Womack

    Frailove, I think she needs guidance as well. Some things she's said in interviews she should have definitely kept to herself. Especially revealing her salary and criticizing Russia. Being that she has lived there for quite a while now, she should know that, unlike the U.S., making remarks criticizing their government, especially as an American, wouldn't go over well. Honestly, I haven't recalled very many American ballerinas who have done this either. And this is the internet age and there are, I'm sure, plenty of Russians in her company who understand English on some level. I believe all of
  14. Plisskin

    Joy Womack

    I found this latest vlog of Joys' interesting: Apparently, there was an incident between her and staff over her nationality where they were mean to her. She did a classic break down and cry on Youtube video. I'm guessing this is why she was auditioning for POB and Los Angeles Ballet. Even though she loves that country I think her not being so rah rah Russia in some recent interviews probably got back to them and that's why they treated her that way. Russia isn't exactly a country where you can criticize their government and not have a lot of people feel a certain way. Especially as an Ame
  15. Plisskin

    Joy Womack

    I would really love to know what her position at the Kremlin really is. I don't care what country your in, but a principal doesn't dance one of the 4 cygnets in Swan Lake. I would be really surprised if POB took her. If she wants to leave Russia but stay in Europe I think a more realistic company to go to would be somewhere like ENB or maybe the Royal. Dutch National Ballet would be a pretty good option. I think this has been an issue with Joy since the Bolshoi.
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