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  1. The MET summer season is already shortening to 5 weeks, given the Met Opera's new schedule. This could allow them to deemphasize the big story ballets needed to fill the Met and beef up other seasons (like their Fall Season and maybe introduce other options) that would allow for works not conducive to the Met stage. Also- totally totally out there, but what if the Met Opera and ABT merged? Combined they'd have synergies (particularly introduce new donors, etc.). The Met could send on ABT on tour, much easier than the opera. They could also add ballets into the rotation, during a regular
  2. I 2nd the Sasha/Stella combo being a great pick. They have the right balance of appreciation for ABT/ballet's traditions with the ability to be forward thinking. Max/Irina would be a good combo too, but my guess is they'd double down on the current model and might struggle with being more forward thinking.
  3. I hope neither are considered. In my opinion, ABT needs someone to bring their business model into the times. Julie and Angel seem to be largely sticking to the ABT model in their respective companies (not showing much innovation outside of it) and neither has demonstrated proficiency in the digital space. What about Nina Ananiashvili? Maybe Vishneva?
  4. I think this is the right choice. Ballet is at an inflection point where the next generation of leaders need to really understand the web and young audiences. I just hope the board doesn't hire a Kevin 2.0 (nothing against him, just time for a new perspective). I think the ABT model needs some revitalization (even before COVID), so a new set of eyes can really take it to great places. Luckily Kevin has built a company with tremendous talent and an international reputation that will really help the new director. I know this is a bit "out there"- but, if I was on the search committee, I'd
  5. It is unfortunate this wasn't posted for longer. The choreography was so creative and engaging. This is the type of dance that I think translates well on film- so I hope to see more exploration of these types of works, at least in this "digital" era.
  6. Fortunately, Trump wasn't able to eliminate the National Endowment of the Arts during his tenure. The NYTimes is out with the story of how bipartisan support in Congress helped the NEA survive. I'm hopeful, this could lead to increased funding for the arts, on an ongoing bases, or at a minimum money to help arts organizations recover from COVID. This coupled, with Biden's plan for the arts, gives me hope! Trump Tried to End Federal Arts Funding. Instead, It Grew.
  7. "Tiny Pretty Things’ Falls for Big Ugly Ballet Stereotypes" An interesting article in the NYTimes on Tiny Pretty Things and dance on film more generally. I think it is an interesting conversation, given the necessity of "delivering" dance to audiences in the absence of being able to perform live in theaters. If the goal is to attract the masses via film, I wonder how dance will be represented. I think we'll need pure "dance" performances (like shows in theaters), but also some combination of dance based acting shows (like Tiny Pretty Things or shows that are 75% dance/25% acting) to
  8. I 100% agree- its past time for new blood at ABT. I just worry who they'd pick and if they'd want more of the same or a big shake up. Some of the previous contenders are less viable now (Marcelo is out, Ethan's leadership track record isn't great, Julie Kent seems to be struggling at Washington Ballet with managing budgets/fundraising, Angel has had lots of friction with dancers at PA Ballet). I would hope they'd pick a younger person that can bring new ideas and innovative on their current model. The current model seems be slowly dying. I think a big shake up with a person like Danill Si
  9. Is anyone surprised that bigger streaming companies didn't pick up the NYCB's Nutcracker? Earlier this year, when NYCB mentioned finding new ways to stream the Nutcracker, I thought a Netflix or DisneyPlus would swoop in and buy the streaming rights for the month of December. It seems like such low-hanging fruit. I know Hamilton isn't the Nutcracker, but Disney paid $75 million for Hamilton's streaming rights. NYCB makes ~$15 million a year from Nutcracker ticket revenue, so maybe selling to a larger company would've generated more revenue (potentially equal or more to their normal seaso
  10. I found this recording of Stella's Giselle premiere. I'll never forget that performance. If only ABT had a full recording of this performance that they could stream as a tribute.
  11. Maybe a Mcgregor or Forsythe next season? or Joffrey/Aprino? (Although not living). Wishful thinking?
  12. I’ll write more later, but I was proud of ABTs performance last night. The theater looked full and the energy level was great (very enthusiastic audience). I think deuce coupe was the most successful. Stella looked perfect. To me, she was the standout. In the Upper Room, while always a crowd pleaser, looked like it was danced at 95%. I think they looked tired and a little timid towards the end. Either way, the audience loved it.
  13. I was at the performance tonight. I’ll post more later, but I couldn’t get over how empty the theater was. I’ve never seen the Met so bare. It impacted the show, because there didn’t seem to be any energy. The dancers were “okay”, not great, but I partly blame the empty audience. I also forgot how little dancing this production has. I couldn’t help but think the empty audience was a metaphor for ABT’s declining product the past few years. Also depressing to think their season will be cut 3 weeks in 2021 (when the Met Opera extends theirs). How soon until they realize they need to
  14. I was hoping stella would get the Manon performances. I’ll take a hard pass on Copeland in Manon.
  15. I don't mean "throw acid in his face", but if his job is to develop world class talent, he isn't doing a good job. Those should be the standards the boards holds him too, in addition to other goals. Normally, when do you don't do your job or do it poorly, there are repercussions....
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