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  1. "The part that troubles me is the selection of live/trendy choreographers. Peck, Ratmansky, Wheeldon, Scarlett. They are not big enough names to attract an audience and they have mixed critical reaction. I'm not sure why AD's hire them." ~ Vipa Are there working ballet choreographers who attract bigger audiences that you would rather see? Or are you saying give more chances to lesser known newcomers because these names are not attracting audiences anyway? not sure what you mean, unless you are saying not to program living chorepgraphers... Which surely you aren't suggesting... (maybe I
  2. These are up now for anyone to see (with certain section omitted because the rights to distribute over the internet were at issue). The size of the stage presents a challenge to the dancers, but it is fascinating to see some of this in stripped down version (piano accompaniment, no set)... Fancy Free in particular is worth seeing bare bones... And the interviews are worth finding the time for. Lupe Serrano is a delight! American Ballet Theatre at 75 Part I 1940-1965 PANEL (in alphabetical order) Alex Ewing, Historian and Son of ABT Founder Lucia Chase Kevin McKenzie, ABT Artisti
  3. Well, that's one mighty strange opening clip.... The slow motion doesn't annoy me half as much as the truncated framing... why? What is the camera looking at when most of the action happens outside the frame?
  4. There is a side benefit in having students, not stars, to choreograph on... It means the work has to survive by the skill of the choreographer rather than the skill of the dancers... How often are women company members given the opportunity to choreograph on the SAB kids? Every year? Does the ratio reflect the general gender ratio of the company or is it wildly different? (She asks, trying to return to topic, NYCB's next season, the most salient aspect of which seems to be the continued and marked absence of choreography from women).
  5. In the UK, are the degree programs producing ballet choreographers? One of the problems here in the States is that the product of the degree programs tends to be modern/contemporary dance choreographers... rather than ballet choreographers... the nursery for ballet choreographers has been a major problem here in the States since forever... I do believe there is a difference between ballet and modern/contemporary choreography. It is difficult to define how ballet choreography is distinct, but staying predominately within the ballet vocabulary would seem to be an element. Staying with ball
  6. Not every choreographer at NYCB was a star choreographer at the time of their first NYCB commission... Looking at it from another angle, I could be wrong, but I suspect the pressures on the corps women are slightly different than on the men.. Peter Martins said decades ago that he felt he had to stop dancing to have the mental space to choreograph (or something to that effect)... I believe that with the greater number of women competing for a chance at NYCB that those who make it in may feel more forced to stay focused on maintaining their performance level? I wonder. The potential choreog
  7. It is so odd of NYCB... One would think they don't believe women make good choreographers... As if the 20th century never existed... What is the deal?
  8. I can't figure out that set!! Is that the ballroom?
  9. Certainly an obituary will be posted somewhere, but in the meantime, there was this on Ballet Theatre of Houston's Facebook page. Robert Underwood Memorial service Sunday, March 1st, 2pm @ Cypress Creek Christian Church. 6823 Cypresswood Drive, Spring 77379. In lieu of flowers the family suggests donations be made in Robert's memory to his non-profit performing company Ballet Theatre Houston. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ballet-Theatre-Houston/110654582318082?fref=nf And below is excerpted from his bio from the school's website: ROBERT UNDERWOOD Our director stepped in to the studio e
  10. Carley was inspiring, may memories of her have a long life.
  11. Perhaps that would be interesting to see... Giving the ballet a softer quality... I've never begrudged men their turning on half pointe... Why would that be denied sylphes... But I would want to see Paquita on full pointe!
  12. Wow! Someone really went to work on that! Is there an unusual set for this production?
  13. I'm surprised by the length of the Sylvia and Bold Moves runs, and consider it good news that the company feels it can fill the house for these... I would have thought longer runs would be reserved for old warhorses, or alternating rep. It looks like they are doing something similar with their programming this current season as well. Do the houses fill well?
  14. I'm not sure how Page managed the company's finances... how the dancers were paid, whether they made AGMA rates or how much they survived on work with the Opera... (Page & Tallchief both worked with the opera... that didn't seem to be offered to Tallchief's successor, Daniel Duell, but instead the Lyric continued to work with Tallchief's assistant Kennth von Heidecke) I know in the 1990s Ballet Chicago would sort of disband during Nutcracker season so the dancers could work other Nutcrackers. I know it was very hard to compete with the Tribune's Nutcracker and that full page ads for i
  15. Yes, I just wish they could be put into circulation... 3 years of this Nut, 3 years of that Nut... I guess suiting the sets to the different venues would be a problem.
  16. It pretty much killed any chance of a Chicago ballet company being viable the decades the Tribune's Nut was running... but it did introduce a great many young people to the art form. I'm not sure how much they were touched (the space was cavernous), but some must have been. How many performances of Nutcracker does the Joffrey do in Chicago?
  17. The sets were too big to be used anywhere else save maybe Radio City Music Hall. Glad the students are enjoying the costumes. It was a gorgeous production.
  18. I think only the gun firing became too expensive an insurance item... I believe the rest remains intact.
  19. Ballet West's percussionist no longer fires blanks during the battle scene ...
  20. So looking forward to seeing Royes Fernandez dance something other than that Sylphides with the over-the-top sleeves...
  21. I thought the beehive motif a little strange (though beautiful... and when the set burst into bloom it was quite astonishing) but I believe there was historical precedence... will have to hunt.... here it is... a line from wikipedia's entry on Nutcracker:
  22. Peterson's production had phenomenal costumes & sets... truly splendid. I believe the University of Hartford's Hartt Conservatory got them... they had a joint program with Hartford Ballet and subsumed the school under the company's collapse.
  23. Well, to be fair, Chicago's world fair left a huge imprint on the city... And gosh,the other option of a gangster themed Nutcracker... Not sure where that would go... Rats, sure, but the Party?
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