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  1. I was was wondering how this would leave MaggioDanza, a company I had heard of but was not much familiar with. I was sad to learn it met its demise back in 2013. http://www.gramilano.com/2013/05/culture-crash-maggiodanza-ballet-company-axed-in-florence/ Going back to see the discussion I missed on this board, I was surprised that the last mention of the company here (as far as the search function revealed) was in 2011. Is this true? [My luck with the search button hasn't always been good.]
  2. Not exactly the role for someone famous for sleeping.... Maybe they thought it gave a certain air of raciness, as if there were a possibility she would end up nude somewhere in the setting.
  3. I've always hoped the dogs would appear at some point.... Acteon has his gazelle moments, and Diane references a bow, but... Perhaps it should have been titled "Acteon's Dream"?
  4. When I think about the repertory these three are familiar with after over 3 decades with the company, it is really pretty phenomenal.
  5. Ummm.... That is the sort of thing Jeffrey Gribler is adept at... Working with the kids...
  6. From a recent interview, I don't believe Corella has choreographer ambitions although he seems happy enough to arrange stagings. Certainly this first program will be much eyed by the press... If it is to be his Philadelphia choreographic debut, it had better be a strong piece.
  7. Sort of... but if we're already talking about the programming change... any guesses about the "mystery" piece choreographer? I'm putting my money on Petipa.
  8. What happens when AGMA dancers are in their layoff weeks... I know they collect unemployment, but how does their health insurance work? Are they covered by the year or by the dates of employment?
  9. Well I do hope there is a safety net. I have never had to pay COBRA, and perhaps it has changed under the Affordable Healthcare Act, but from what I understand from those who have, it is mainly there so that insurance companies cannot deny an individual insurance due to pre-existing medical conditions but that the cost is more than what they could afford when they had a job, not what can be paid with an unemployment check. I hear the Affordable Healthcare Act has helped some people get insurance, but not everyone as had been the goal. It seems callous. Should they all have assumed thei
  10. I thought staff change announcements usually come after the first year... Everyone expects changes and most have a pretty good idea of who will be cut and this leaves time for those likely to be leaving to have a chance to find a new gig. This very sudden change is a shock. How many decades of their lives have Hadley, Gribler & DeGregory given to build the health of this institution? (If I can count, based the press articles about their retirement, they all joined the company in 1975) One would think they deserved a little better treatment than this. They all have strong qualificatio
  11. I wonder what the comparative dance populations are between NYC & DC...
  12. Why do we not credit Gorsky more for this ballet? It seems an odd way to pay respect to Petipa, to credit him with choreography that angered him with its changes... However disrespectful it was to Petipa to make the changes, the ballet has been very successful and entered the canon... perhaps Gorsky deserves some respect for the longevity of the current choreography? The wikipedia entry on him is interesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Alexeyevich_Gorsky I would have thought, given Don Quixote, that bravura technique was a hallmark of his style... but perhaps this is a
  13. Hard to believe that Tomasson could be 71 already.
  14. Great news out of SFB : http://www.sfballet.org/about/media_center/press_releases/Chris_Stowell "In this position, he will serve as Tomassons designate and liaison to Executive Director Glenn McCoy and SF Ballets administrative team on matters of planning, budgeting, and program expense management". Is this typical for an Assistant Artistic Director?
  15. How lucky we are that he & ballet found each other!
  16. D'Amboise did some great things with the company... After d'Amboise, the Board then seemed to want a curator rather than a choreographer leading the company... Corella does not seem to have ambitions as a choreographer, and yet one still gets the sense that he wants to "make" something of PA Ballet.. it is inspiring...
  17. Kaiser shepherded the PA Ballet back from the brink and beyond through some fiancially treacherous years... With Corella's fame and charisma may he attract some genrous patrons to boost the budget back up to par with the company's peers. Corella must have learned something keeping his company alive during Spain"s deep financial crisis. I suspect he is in posession of a better skill set for the task ahead than someone coming directly to PA Ballet from a more generous budget model.
  18. Thanks. That's more or less what I was thinking... Some outliers but mostly in line... I'm sorry not to see Ballet Arizona on that list. And I shoukd have put Houston down, but trust me, I couldn't come up with the fifty states if asked to say them all off the top of my head... Yeah, what is the deal with Minnesota? Is it just too cold to dance? . Have always heard they have excellent arts funding... Meanwhile, glad Corella will be in Philly.
  19. I agree about the proximity to New York... NYers (& NY critics) tend not to come out (though they do more than in the last century). On the other hand, it is nice for the dancers to be so close... I think it might be easier to attract strong dancers to a place so close to the dance capital than say Kansas City (also a fine if smaller company). I think they did come out to see the Wheeldon spin on Swan Lake.
  20. Yes, my "ranking" was quick and very dirty... I didn't mention PBT either, for instance... But I would still say that historically the PA Ballet have been in the top eight of lists made by people wiser than me... I was just trying to draw some rough tiers to indicate that PA Ballet was not "a small regional company"... I think they still perform only with full orchestra? For a little while there, it was the Pennsylvania/Milwaukee Ballet and was even resident at BAM.... But whether the fiscal health of the ciy called home makes a difference, I don't know. I think there was a time whe
  21. I think maybe one might be able to tell a lot by the size of the city the company calls home... It's not fail-safe... after all, Chicago is a pretty big city... and perhaps Joffrey is gradually recovering... whereas Ib Andersen seems to being doing a great job in tiny Phoenix... and it was ages before Los Angeles managed to support a company... but Philadelphia is still a major US market... and there is a good deal of old money there that appreciates the finer aspects of art culture. My list is by no means complete... I would equate Colorado Ballet with Milwaukee Ballet... does that work f
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