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  1. Not recent at all, but if we're talking garage sales, what happened to the costumes for Ruth Page's Nutcracker?
  2. So much for those beautiful Waltz of the Flowers costumes... Cannot find a good image, but I remember the articles when they were reconstructing them... http://articles.latimes.com/2011/nov/29/news/ct-ae-joffrey-nutcracker-20111129-51
  3. That would be more than wonderful!
  4. Kind of you to distill... I'm afraid I stripmined... Was there any discussion of politcal correctness? Some conversation I heard in the room yesterday implied that it still was not welcome to discuss Lifar's situation in France, even after all this time.
  5. I managed to make it in for the Friday afternoon presentation... what a treat.... So wonderful that the very personable Garafola put this together. The room was small and packed cheek-by-jowel with ballet's intelligentsia... it almost seemed like a class reunion for a generation of critics/dance historians/balletomanes.... (I felt a bit like a representative of the perhaps more ignorant general public.) If only my memory were as sharp as the rest of the assembled, I could share more interesting tidbits with you... Best would be for you to have been there... Meanwhlie, I'm afraid I can on
  6. It is sort of different when the music existed long before the choreography and when the music was specifically written for certain choreography. Nutcracker gets re-worked constantly... But they usually keep to the libretto more or less...
  7. I wonder how people felt watching the alternate version of Prodigal Son... it must have been worse what with having same setting and costumes!
  8. I cannot erase the images of De Mille's Rodeo as I try to absorb the Peck piece... it gets in the way of my appreciating it. I would have a much easier time seeing the Peck work on it's own terms if I had never seen DeMille's.... my mind did keep interrupting with 'but.. but... but..." and it is distracting.
  9. I meant your repertory listing, not my index, but thanks! A budget filter certainly helps and I'm glad to see Dance/USA providing this service.
  10. I know a little of what you are up against... having started the first index of Dance websites [performed not social] as a service to the community at a time when most of us discussing ballet on the internet had not yet seen a webpage... By the time Google was invented, keeping up was already out of reach... But if it could be done, how exciting!!! Even if it were only put up once, it would be fascinating!
  11. Whiteside seems a good choice!
  12. Looks like Alabama Ballet did it 2014. http://www.al.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/04/cowhands_wranglers_and_a_hoe-d.html and it sounds like it ws well recieved but I imagine the music would not have been live. I can see San Franciso Ballet making a good job of it. Looks like 2005/6 was the last time they did it? I'm happy to see it is on ABT rep this Spring. I can't use the Ballet Alert quote feature on my older iPad but here is the blurb: Xiomara Reyes and David Hallberg will lead the season's first performance of Agnes de Mille's Rodeo on Tuesday, May 12. Rodeo, featuring music by
  13. I'm not sure ABT has the wherewithal talent-wise to stage this anymore... It almost might it better on the Graham or Ailey company! I wonder if Ratmansky could stage Americana... Could Joffrey pull it off? Not the Royal, not the POB,... Russians? Georgians? The Het? Maybe a Latin American company?-- but why would they? I guess we think nothing of staging Petrushka or Firebird, but the opposite, a Russian company staging cowboys? It is a cunnundrum....
  14. Would you post that data once youmwebcrawled it together? I'd be interested to see it!
  15. My wondering about the DeMille legacy was less about copyright and more about whether her oeuvre was still being encouraged... It is not enough to prserve a work by enforcing copyright...if the work is not performed regularly it ceases to be on the dance world's radar and slowly is done less & less... Until no one bothers to do it because they just don't think of it... I thought Baryshnikov was spot on to attempt to preserve works by performing them...(am thinking of Judson).
  16. I believe the recording of Rodeo on film/bideo and filing it with the Library of Congress counted towards copyrighting... Had it not been recorded, there would have een more trouble. There are works of Oris Humphrey's that were recorded fter her death that are copyrighted to her son, I believe...
  17. I am wondering anout DeMille's legacy, what with the new Peck ballet (of which I've only seen very short video clips) using Rodeo. Peck says 'I think the cowboy theme is a little cheesy'. Sometimes I feel DeMille's work is so 1950s era Americana and reflects a view we no longer have. I wonder if after a couple more decades go by this very 1950sish aspect will add to its charm rather than detract from it. Would a fresh restaging of it manage to put new life into it or would it again reflect our perspective on the 1950s outlook? The Cowboy mythology isn't very strong in our culture anym
  18. Tallchief 5'9"? Maybe 5'9" en pointe? Could she have been so tall for her era and not have it constantly talked about? At 5'9" she would have been taller than Suzanne Farrell.... How tall was Frederic Franklin? Here is a photo of the two of them together... If she were 5'9" in her stocking feet, she would likely have been 6'1" on pointe, maybe more... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Tallchief#mediaviewer/File:Maria_Tallchief_in_Ballet_Russe_de_Monte_Carlo_ad.JPG Here she is dancing with Royes Fernandez who told me he was 5'8" and considered quite tall for a dancer of his era at A
  19. I vote for live chickens and a jealous ballerina! (but perhaps only once)
  20. "I find it interesting that three of the four surviving companies from the Dance Posters list are associated with techniques than can be methodically taught: Graham (Martha Graham Company), (Lester) Horton (Alvin Ailey Company) and Humphrey-Limon (Limon Company). " ~ Miliosr Is it because they cultivated techiques or because they built up an institution (in the form of a school) and that institution perpetuated the company?
  21. It is so wonderful that PNB does the low priced tickets for young people...I wish all the companies did this! There would cease to be "graying of the audience" complaints perhaps.
  22. I would enjoy seeing Ratmansky take on a Saroyan short story...
  23. Apologies for answering my own post... But found this at the Library of Congress http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/american-ballet-theatre/images/ab0001p1_enlarge.jpg. which mentions a piece by DeMille called "Black Ritual" The Library of Congress Exhibit can be found here: http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/american-ballet-theatre/1940.html
  24. ABT has put up some interesting photos on their facebook page to celebrate their birthday today. https://www.facebook.com/AmericanBalletTheatre/photos/a.122834101857.133692.15817871857/10152908138376858/?type=1&theater Have there been other Saroyan ballets? What was the Spanish Unit of 12 and the Negro Unit of 14? How were they used?
  25. Came accross this obit via a friend on facebook and thought it should be included here. http://www.pilatesglossy.com/edwina-fontaine-is-no-longer-with-us/
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