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  1. Wonderful interview and long overdue. I'm curious who she didn't want to dance with anymore...
  2. Kimberly Olivier confirmed on IG yesterday that she decided not to sign her contract for the coming year. She doesn't know what she'll be doing yet, but she wants to grow. https://instagram.com/stories/mulattaballerina/2578834737128836142?utm_medium=share_sheet https://www.instagram.com/p/CPJ--OYAWgo/?utm_medium=copy_link Kimberly also posted a story of Jahna's final bow. https://instagram.com/stories/mulattaballerina/2578854125945112185?utm_medium=share_sheet
  3. And Joan Boada! Edited to add: I think Boada may have left Madrid? Not clear on that yet. https://conservatoryballet.org/faculty/
  4. Miranda has been posting for awhile about dancing with Compañia Nacional de Danza. And official (translated) bio: https://cndanza.mcu.es/en/team/miranda-silveira/
  5. Many nurses that I know both here on the West Coast and East Coast went from nursing school directly to hospital settings. Perhaps it's different depending on where you're located?
  6. Your observation gets at the gut of how I was feeling. All of these in-support-of comments scare me so much.
  7. Reading through a bunch of IG tributes and such to Scarlett, I'm stunned by the "cancel culture" and "he was a great person" comments. While there were no criminal charges or illegal acts with students (not sure if the final decision was all students or just those under 18), it seems pretty clear that he did some things that weren't ethical or moral and that companies decided he was too much of a legal liability to work with again. Diving into the things on IG, I'm especially struck by how there's a lot of blame being put on the dance companies for Scarlett's choices. He behavior was all their fault, it was all a part of the culture, if you don't change the culture, he can't be expected to change, even if these allegations are true, he's too great of an artist to ignore his talents and his choreography should still be gracing our stages... For anyone in the dance community who may need to come forward with allegations, I think they're going to be thinking twice in light of all of this. The dance community does not seem to take alleged assault or consent very seriously. There are also some concerning comments from those in the "know" in the dance world about Scarlett's past transgressions. For instance on Ratmansky's post, Ezra Hurwitz replied to someone, saying: ezrahurwitz @alexe84 i dont have sufficient energy to educate you in the greater context of a centuries old culture that produces and profits off creative young choreograpgic minds and asks them to produce unprecedented and evocative work via intimate and physical connections with fellow artists and peers, all while isolating them from their contemporaries. using salacious buzz words like "rape culture" illustrates that you 1) dont know the details of liam's circumstances and 2) lack any perspective on the complex issues the ballet world faces and the casualties on every side that will continue to fall as the dance world struggles to survive in the 21rst century. ezrahurwitz @alexe84 when ur a 25 year old phenom celebrated for ur emotionally visceral creativity and sent around the world to live in hotel rooms alone for months at a time, and asked to create uninhibited physical poetry with artists your own age - and raised, defined by and reinforced in every way by an insular yet increasingly toxic world - u tell mr how ur meant to survive when that world banishes u for consensual relationships they profited from
  8. A few other thoughts. WanTing may not be tall, but she sure dances tall. I kept thinking she was the tallest one on the stage. She commands presence and boy does she move swiftly and every so cleanly. She looks to be dancing in the softest pillows, not rock-hard pointe shoes. Bravo to her. I really liked Sasha in "Diamonds", which didn't surprise me. She seems to do diva (ballet-wise) quite well. Full of passion and she just exudes confidence. I also really enjoyed Natasha Sheehan in the corps. She shone quite brightly throughout. One side note: seeing the archived recordings reminds me of how diverse the corps used to be, especially for the women. The corps roster for next year has, if I'm mistaken, no dancers that identify as Black. Am I right?
  9. I'm watching and rewatching the Jewels program, especially "Emeralds" since it's one I haven't seen as often. One thing that I'm particularly awestruck by is Sasha Mukhamedov. She breathes such life into not just the steps, but all of the inbetweens. Watching her, I feel like I'm lifted and just bouyant. She is stunning and such a gem; she elevates this "Emeralds" to a whole new level. Bummed that she wasn't promoted last year; I fear her ACL tear may hinder possibilities for the next year or so. Wona Park, in the pas de trois, was also lovely and bright, and seemed to have that wispy, dream-like air to her.
  10. They both left before this season. Ami is in Japan. Emma left before that, I think. Possibly two seasons ago?
  11. Also, Gregory Myles is an apprentice this year but not listed on next year's roster. Looks like most of this year's apprentices will return for a second year, which is nice considering they didn't get to perform in person this year.
  12. Kim had posted in her public IG awhile back about a foot injury and surgery.
  13. Looks like Kim Olivier is not on the roster. Also Jahna Frantziskonis.
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