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  1. I don't know about the access issues to the WMOH. But there is a continued push here in SF for social distancing, both for work (where possible) and canceling social events like public school fundraisers, community meetings, and picnics. Local SFB-goers should prepare for the whole season to possibly be canceled:(
  2. Wow, big news. I, too, had high hopes that Sofiane would take over for Helgi. She has such a passion for teaching and coaching.
  3. I believe that Zoe Lucich is Julia Adam's daughter.
  4. That's an SFB official photo, which seems to be ok to post. Personal photos seem to be the no-no.
  5. Maybe. Misa Kuranaga re-posted Madison's message in her stories and added that, "we want our freedom back".
  6. Madison Keesler posted on IG about the vague-still-in-effect social media ban.
  7. re: Sarah's IG post, I read this as hard work should matter more than where the $ is, which to me is more about Misty being cast for ticket sales as opposed to technical and artistic quality (for example, knowing that Misty may well pull out of difficult classical roles at the last minute). The Hope Hicks quote takes it a bit farther, in that what's presented to the public should match the reality behind the scenes. But who knows, maybe this is aimed at Skylar. In 2017, her parents' family foundation gifted ABT $20K and City Center $10K. The previous year, $5K to ABT and $12,500 to NYCC (public 990 tax records on Guidestar.org).
  8. With the height stated, I'd wonder if it's someone who tends to partner taller ladies. Tiit, perhaps?
  9. For some reason, company members have been rehearsing off-site at LINES and at The Garage. The clip above with Sasha is at LINES. https://www.sfballet.org/discover/staff/ Lisa Giannone, owner of The Garage, is also the company's "Off-site Physical Therapy & Conditioning Classes".
  10. I could see him bringing back Concerto Grosso. The company whips it out fairly regularly
  11. If I were a Program 2 ticket holder, I would be less than thrilled about this.
  12. Looks like they may not announce the third piece ahead of time, and it could vary from program to program (am I reading this right?). DIRECTOR’S CHOICE For each performance of Program 2, Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson curates an exciting selection of works featuring a variety of artists from the Company. Full program information will be included on the website as it becomes available, and will be in casting inserts for each individual performance.
  13. I imagine Tomasson will try to stick with his original program theme. It's going to have to be something the dancers can dive into without any added stress. So I'm guessing it will be a contemporary work that's been danced in the last 2 years. Good point. I feel like most of what's been danced in the past years has been repeated ad naseum. Crossing my fingers for a surprise or something out of the box!
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