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  1. Maybe she's been off the roster for a longer time, but I miss Olga Belik (character principal) on the page. Does anyone know if she's no longer dancing?
  2. Actually the whole solo seemed inspired by the Spessivtseva video. From the half-turns in attitude to the enveloppes to the poses after the en dedans turns to the final diagonal. I immediately recognized it and really love it!
  3. Wonderful thread to come back to after 10 years, indeed. My favourite at that time would have been La Esmeralda, and I'm really sad that the new production at the Bolshoi has been removed from the repertoire again. I absolutely adored it and would love to see the new generation of Bolshoi ballerinas in it.
  4. I just finished watching a recording of the Vikharev version. I’m surprised that it’s so much less radical (many Ponomarev elements are retained including the entire Shades scene - aside from 1 phrase in Nikiya’s coda) AND so much less effective. Especially the appearances of Nikiya in the fourth act. In the Ratmansky version it feels a lot like the party scene from La Sylphide, but in the Vikharev it doesn’t. I really love this production by Alexei Ratmansky, and I do hope there will be a professional recording some time. I’m so glad I made this trip to Berlin!
  5. Oh, definitely! I love the footwork and the extra details, and most of all I love that the story makes sense! I wish I could've seen 2 different casts, but honestly all dancers are doing such a wonderful job that I don't mind seeing them twice.
  6. Thanks for this, cubanmiamiboy. I’m also in Berlin and wanted to read a bit about all other productions there are (I watched the first act of Vikharev, but didn’t get around to finishing it). Looking forward to my second viewing tonight!
  7. There are a few clips on YouTube of her performance in "Etudes": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMWZ1u4CTMM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsE72KtgFQ0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V4kaCcxavA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlwsQjLyEcY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCnsD5ERmSg
  8. I attended several of her performances at Het Nationale Ballet, including her farewell performance, and I can say her épaulement was still as exquisite as it was in her Kirov days.
  9. There is a 1957 film out there of the Messerer production featuring Maya Plisetskaya, it also has 6 dancers in a totally different dance of the cygnets. You can find it on YouTube in its entirety, the cygnets start around 32 minutes into it.
  10. I wasn't able to watch this one in time. I wish they would make all past livestreams available to the public for a longer time!
  11. I hope not. I will be attending that performance, and would much prefer to see Lopatkina or Kolegova in the role. I guess we'll have to wait and see (and pray to the casting gods).
  12. Wow, this news makes me sad. The most talented Vaganova graduates simply belong at the Mariinsky in my head, where they are complemented by the very best corps de ballet and supported by the best coaches in the world. However, I do wish her the best, wherever she may go. I just hope it wasn't the internet campaign about her that made her life inside the Mariinsky theatre so difficult she felt the need to leave. Edit: after reading Drew's comment, I wanted to add that I agree she is a very traditional Mariinsky dancer. There doesn't seem to be much place for those old school dancers there now
  13. I bought a ticket for the August 5th performance, now we only have to hope casting will not change. Unfortunately the past tells us that casting in the Russian companies is unsure until the curtain goes up..
  14. Lidewij

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    She already danced it at the Bolshoi. Type "Obraztsova Nutcracker" into Youtube and you will find some clips.
  15. I'm very much hoping (and actually expecting) it will be vastly superior. Kondaurova's Odile was exciting, but Odette was empty. Now I only hope that casting won't be changed. I would accept (but still be disappointed) to see Somova, Kolegova or Lopatkina; I just would't want to make the trip (and spend the €€) to London for you-know-who.
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