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  1. I found the photo in question in Keith Money's book p.221, thank you rg, and i was wrong the photo is described as portraits by Eugene Hutchinson,Chicago 1915 in costume for dance Espagnol for the movie "Dumb Girl of Portici". I understand that Hutchinson must of made a series of portrait photos of Pavlowa in various costumes for the "Portici" movie. The are several examples of these photos in several books, KM'S book p.218 & 221, on p.111 of Valerian Ivchenko 1974 edition of Anna Pavlova, on p.139 of John Lazzarini's book, and on p.237 of Victor Dandre's book. It appears that Pav
  2. Well my photo post did not work, back to the drawing board
  3. Hello I can across this photograph of Anna Pavlowa three times in three unrelated activities last month and i think fate has called to me to discover more. This photograph was taken by a "famous" portrait photographer name Eugene Hutchinson marked 1915 in Chicago, this photo appears in the photo book Fugitive Gesture, The: Masterpieces of Dance Photography by William Ewing and it states that it is part of the Gelman Paper Photo collection and not much more is know about this photo. I have a Max Rabinoff ballet program of Pavlowa's 1914-1915 tour with this photo in the program, i think
  4. rg - when did you start collecting( i assume) and posting old ballet photos, they are wonderful, keep up the good work. - kevin
  5. I was browsing the NYPL.ORG performing arts library and found a reference, for the collector Gennally Smakov who gave a collection of photographs used in his book "The great Russian dancers" and most of the items date 1818-1917 so i am sure that their are photos of Russian Imperial Ballet Dancers. - *MGZEB 92-17894 Author Smakov, Gennady, collector. Title Photographs of Russian dancers. Imprint 1818-1984. - LOCATION CALL # STATUS *MGZEB 92-17894 Descript 1 album (120 photoprints) : b&w. ; 31 x 31 cm. Note Photographs collected for use as illustrations in Sm
  6. I understand what you saying regarding the Lithuanian-Vasiliev version, with the dancers and Orchastra on stage. The people here in Vilnius:Lithuania tell me that in the ending of Vasiliev version Mstislav Rostropovich, the Lithuanian conductor, gently linked the arms of the two dead lovers as he continues to direct the orchastra. - The Lith National Ballet is off in the summer so i could not see their performance. :angry: - Kevin
  7. I understand the Joffrey will be opening its season with John Cranko's R & J, also i know that the Lithuanain National Ballet performed its version (by Vladimir Vasilev) in London this past spring played by the London Symphony Orchastra under the baton of Lithanian's Mstislav Rostropovich. Also i have a women friend who is a corps dancer for the Kremlin Theater of ballet and they just did Yuri Grigorovich's version of R & J in Cypus and Lebanon last month and of course she says the Grigorovich's version is better that the other two versions. - I am planning on attending the
  8. The New York City Preforming Arts Library, Dance department has many of its old photographs available via the internet,you can browse the catologue via NYCPL INTERNET SITE and see a digital photo o you computer. I do not know the address of the top of my head but you could find it via a search engine.
  9. Nude photos of ballet dancers have been done in the pass, the photographer Howard Schatz has done three books with nude photos of ballet dancers mostly from the San Franciso and Smuin (S.F.) ballets. Two of the books waterdance and pool light were photographed underwater freeing the nude ballet dancer from the effects of gravity, then Schatz also did Passion and Line. - I wonder if the carears of any of the above women and men dancers suffered negative effects posing nude for these photos.Modern dance performers are sometimes in the buff to express their art,but a nude ballet dancer i
  10. I enjoy collecting Ballet & Dance old programs,books,stamps,postcards, i looking to complete a collection of theater programs of the works of M.Fokine after he left Russia.I have three copies of the play program Aphrodite,Fokine did the chorography and was his first work when he came to America in 1919 and i found on ebay Mecca,the second work Fokine did in America.I like to collect old items in regards to the Russian Ballet,Diaghilev's Ballet Russes,also books of old dance photographs. try www.used.addall.com this is book supersite that connects to all the major internet book
  11. "thats two in a row" Are you saying there are ballet articals in both April and May's issues ? kevin
  12. The Kirov will be performing in Detroit at the M.O.T. this Fall 2003,the tentative ballets that planned are Balanchine's Jewels, Bayaderka, and two of M. Fokine ballets. Kevin
  13. I just now caught this thread,have you had any success in selling these books,and where are these books located. Kevin
  14. Mel I see the paperbook version available on www.used.addall.com also i think the paperback is available thru the publisher University of Wisconsin press for $21.95,but i will find out tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEAR Kevin
  15. I am a fan of Lopukhov and there is a new book regarding his writings that was released in the last two months.I was wondering if anyone, like rg who i know is a big lover of F.L.,has see this book or has a interest in this subject matter.I do not have this book yet,but will order this book tomorrow. -Writings on Ballet and Music -Fedor Lopukhov -Edited and with an introduction by Stephanie Jordan -TRANSLATIONS BY DORINDA OFFORD -Studies in Dance History ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Although little-known in the West, Fedor Lopukhov was a l
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