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  1. Didn't know this. Would be sad if this was true. She was always one of my favorites
  2. The Dutch National Ballet website states that Sasha will join San Francisco Ballet for a year and it sounds like she will return after this year, since she is not classified as a "leaver" https://www.operaballet.nl/nl/nieuws/2019/07/promoties-en-nieuwe-dansers-bij-nationale-ballet
  3. Thanks guys for all your responses! Since some of you have already visited the baden baden festspielhaus, any advice on the seating?
  4. Hi! I was looking at the tickets for the Mariinsky tour in Baden Baden, but since most cheap tickets are mostly sold out and it would, work wise, not so easy to go there this year, i think i will skip this years events. If you look online the mariinsky goes there every year, so can you logically expect them to return again next year? I also was wondering why the mariinsky goes to baden baden every year, since it is not a really big city? Is there a specific reason for this, just curious?
  5. Hi All! I would like to learn more about dance and it's history. I am searching for some nice books to read during the summer. Already read "Apollo angels" by Jennifer Homans. I enjoyed this, but the modern days chapters were more focused on the American ballet, while i have a preference for Europe, since this is where i am located. I hope you have some nice suggestions. Thank you in advance,
  6. I'am also planning to go to London next summer. Wasn't financial not able to be there in 2013 and 2016, so really looking forward to it. I would love to see the production of Le fille du pharoan, Raymonda and maybe Romeo and Juiliet, the Grigorovich version. I hoped they would posted the programme earlier then Christmas! Long wait before I can start planning this!
  7. Marijn Rademaker released a statement about him ending his dancing career and starting as a assistent ballet master. I am very sorry to inform that I will have to stop my career as a dancer because of a re-occuring knee injury. Of course I am sad and I will miss dancing very much but I have had an amazing dancing career and I look back on it with lots of joy and pride! Also I am very happy to announce that I will be staying with Dutch National Ballet as assistant balletmaster. It will be wonderful to give on my love and knowledge to the generations to come! I will be dancing one last time on the 16th of september at the Nationale Opera en Ballet in Amsterdam. In light of the triple bill `The New Classics’ I will dance the white pas de deux from Lady of the Camellias (John Neumeier) with dear partner Igone de Jongh and will finish with Edward Clug’s ‘Sss…’. http://www.marijnrademaker.com/m/ I am going to his last performance, will report about this last performance. Sad he is leaving, he was a lovely dancer
  8. Which company did Nika Tsvikhtaria and Olga Markova join? I can not find it anywhere
  9. I have seen the broadcast yesterday. Unfortunatelly, the new work of Millepied was a disappointment. Only the pas de deux with Baulac and Marchard was interesting in my opinoin. The stage set was amazing with lamps moving. Opus 19/ The dreamer was lovely with Heymann and Albisson. I always liked Albisson, but she shines in this ballet! Theme and variations was nice aswell. I'm not the biggest fan of Hecquet, so i did not like it as much the dreamer.
  10. I have written an article about the ballet Short Time Together. For this article Gregory Dean was interviewed! https://theballetblogger.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/short-time-together/
  11. I have wrote a article on Jurgita's departure and move to Canada. See the interview: https://theballetblogger.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/interview-jurgita-dronina/
  12. I have wrote an article about the upcoming documentary and the crowdfunding: http://wp.me/p6w4kt-3T
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