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  1. BalletPerfection1

    Vaganova Academy (APb) 2015 Graduation Perfs.

    Which company did Nika Tsvikhtaria and Olga Markova join? I can not find it anywhere
  2. BalletPerfection1

    Millepied, Robbins, Balanchine

    I have seen the broadcast yesterday. Unfortunatelly, the new work of Millepied was a disappointment. Only the pas de deux with Baulac and Marchard was interesting in my opinoin. The stage set was amazing with lamps moving. Opus 19/ The dreamer was lovely with Heymann and Albisson. I always liked Albisson, but she shines in this ballet! Theme and variations was nice aswell. I'm not the biggest fan of Hecquet, so i did not like it as much the dreamer.
  3. BalletPerfection1

    Short Time Together

    I have written an article about the ballet Short Time Together. For this article Gregory Dean was interviewed! https://theballetblogger.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/short-time-together/
  4. I have wrote a article on Jurgita's departure and move to Canada. See the interview: https://theballetblogger.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/interview-jurgita-dronina/
  5. BalletPerfection1

    Documentaire about Diana Vishneva

    I have wrote an article about the upcoming documentary and the crowdfunding: http://wp.me/p6w4kt-3T
  6. BalletPerfection1

    Hello from London

    Welcome to the site!
  7. Nice video! Funny to hear him speak French!
  8. BalletPerfection1

    Hello from Barcelona!

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. BalletPerfection1

    Documentaire about Diana Vishneva

    Thank you! It looks lovely!
  10. BalletPerfection1

    Sergei Filin's contract will not be renewed

    I don't think it will be Tsiskaridze, he is just installed in his new Vaganova position. But you never know ofcourse!
  11. BalletPerfection1

    White Nights 2015

    Terrible that this happened to you! I hope you will get better very quickly! i loved your reviews of the white nights!
  12. BalletPerfection1

    Documentaire about Diana Vishneva

    Buddy Squires, who is an oscar for best documentaire nominee, is making a documentary about Diana Vishneva. The documentaire has own instagram account, where sometimes clips and photos are posted. The account says: "Stay tuned for "Pivotal Pointe": award-winning filmmaker Buddy Squires captures an intimate look at Diana Vishneva's captivating journey" This is the link for the account: https://instagram.com/diana_vishneva_docu/ I am very excited for this, i am curious how Buddy Squires will portait Vishneva!
  13. BalletPerfection1

    Bolshoi 2015 Promotion

    I love that Anna Nikulina, Igor Tsvirko are promoted! Just like AlexL, I hope he now gets better roles to dance than just the jester. He could be a great basillo, but also swan lake will work great for him! https://theballetblogger.wordpress.com/
  14. BalletPerfection1

    Sergei Filin's contract will not be renewed

    Filin did a lot of good things for the bolshoi, like bringing new work as onegin and la dame aux camelias. but i still think bringing Hallberg to the bolshoi was one of his mistakes. Hallberg is ofcourse a good dancer, but in my opinion not the dancer better than other bolshoi dancers in the leading solist rank. It is sad for Filin, because of his sightproblems he will have a hard time finding a new job in ballet. I am curious who will be his successor... Anyone any suggestions?
  15. BalletPerfection1

    2015-16 season

    I love the triple bill of Frank bridge variations, Short time together and Symphony of palms. I have seen two of the three pieces, Short time together and van Manen, and i think this is an amazing combination. Very new modern for the bolshoi!