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  1. Helene--I saw those productions in Montreal 5 or so years ago--I'm a HUGE Robert LePage fan, so went just because I knew he was the director. I thought both were striking--but particularly Bluebeard's Castle which has become a fave opera of mine since, as well. Now that I'm in Victoria I wish I could take the boatride just to see them again--certain images have really stuck in my brain. LePage loves using water--almost too much by this point--but always poetically. A few of his art installations have used nudity with the water--shower imagery based on Psycho in his movie adaptation of his
  2. When I was a theatre major I was in a production of Cloud Nine that involved (brief) nudity. It was a production done for a directing student's thesis project so it didn't get a big audience but I was surprised at how, when I was in character in the piece, the nudity from an acting standpoint was fine and not hard to do at all. On the other hand from an audience stand point--and I think this would be the same for ballet too--everytime I've encountered anything on stage with nudity it has also taken me out of the moment of the play/dance piece. Maybe if it was a dance that was *all* nude, af
  3. A good 20 or so ballets have been notated in some form with fragments of many more, Cliff. I don't have my copies of the Harvard contents on me here but I think this Wikipedia list ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sergeyev_Collection ) is pretty much correct. Doug and others should be more knowledgeable than I, but I'd guess that there ar emany reasons more aren't revived despite the recognition of Petipa's name. Access to the notations, someone who can work from them and to the scores would be a big one. Many of these scores, if they exist, are probably in the Mariinsky Archives which t
  4. I'm a little obsessed with all the Petipa ballets from his time in Russia--and have been for at least a dozen years. We know a lot about a number of them--some we have pretty faithful versions of still passed down, and some are more questionable, but what of the lost Petipa ballets do you find the most intriguing? Of course he did so many ballets, the list is almost endless, but... I'm leaving off major revivals of works that originated elsewhere but feel free to suggest some. There are a number I'd love to see bits from (or all)--or at least hear about in more detail. I know that Tsar Ka
  5. So does Girgorovich's current Bolshoi production use the happy ending? I always wondered why Sawn Lake had to have a happy ending in the Soviet era but Bayadere, Giselle, etc, never did...
  6. I'm cofnused--that Crnako article makes it sound like him havign an unhappy ending was a first--but didn't they die in all the Russian versions pre revolution? Does the Bolshoi have a sad or happy ending? I don't mind the Sergyev/Kirov version except that happy ending--even as a kid I knew that Swan Lake was meant to be sad... Shessh!
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