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  1. Was Franzt a travesty role before '94 and was Swanhilda the only point role in the 3rd act?
  2. I read somewhere that the Royal Danish Ballet has an 1897 version of Coppelia that's a bit unusual... much more mime and character dancing and a more gothick approach to the story (something that I think would actually work considering the questionable behavior of the characters... necromancy, house-breaking, property damage, and intense thoughtlessness at best and mental cruelty at worst). Has anyone seen it or can give me more info on it? Does any of the choreography have any basis in Saint-Leon or Cechetti/Ivanov? Thanks!
  3. I mean Julie Kent. I don't find her especially photogenic but I one time sat in the front row of one of her performances as Giselle and found her absolutely gorgeous as opposed to seeing her on film. Actually, I didn't mean Asymulratova (I'm much more impressed with her dancing than her looks) but the character dancer in the sarabande... Yelena Sherstnyova.
  4. I'd vote for Fonteyn, Shearer, Farrel, McBride, Makhalina, Lezhina, and Kent. Actually, although I listed virtually all Western dancers I guess I really think the Russian companies have more beauties in their company rosters. I've always thought that two of the more minor soloists in the Kirov Don Quixote video -- from the tavern scene, the Oriental dancer and Mercedes -- were extremely beautiful, although I guess they're not stars.
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