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  1. No. That honestly isn't the point. The very scary point is that medical professionals only did what is scientifically proven to protect not only them, but also their vulnerable patients, under duress.
  2. She did pull out of her last Giselle prior to the pandemic, I recall (Skylar Brandt replaced her in DC). Misty Copeland is in town. She was there attending the Saturday matinee, as I saw her outside immediately before the performance.
  3. This doesn't address the bit about the sword, but as for the bench business--I think the lack of clarity there was a feature of the cast you saw. Different casts have a fair amount of freedom in the details in the production. For example, some Albrechts walked slowly towards the audience at the very end, others ended crying on Giselle's grave. I'm sure that greater dramatic maturity will come to Bell with time--he did just turn 23 this month.
  4. Yes! And I personally found it an incredibly moving and strong depiction--as did Kathleen above. Of the three casts I saw (Brandt, Trenary and Shevchenko) the rapport between the leads was the strongest here. I also had no idea that Royal was such a wonderful actor (I'd seen him in very few things that demanded it). Did Trenary have problems with the hops? Yes. So no, it wasn't a perfect debut. But the recovery on the turns was impressive and admirable and she didn't let the error shake her or disrupt the rest of her performance, which says a lot for her as a performer. Having seen her deliver technically (and dramatically) wonderful Auroras on several occasions, I know she has the technique for this, and I very much look forward to seeing her next performance of the role.
  5. The point is that they got it. Which is for the benefit of everyone.
  6. Hurlin was originally cast as Myrta but is not any longer. It certainly isn't due to an inability to do the role (she was cast and excelled in it during the run in DC immediately before the pandemic) so I'd assume it was due to injury, but I've seen no information regarding her absence. Similarly Zhurbin was originally cast as the Friend of the Family in Pillar of Fire during this run.
  7. It is worth noting that this is because of the absolutely extraordinary distance Skylar travelled on this passage. I saw two dancers do the act I variation in the dress rehearsal Wednesday and no one else had this issue (although they did the hops beautifully). Skylar just ate space on this. They were also exceptionally light and delicate.
  8. My pleasure! I'd argue (not to nitpick!) that she's having more than a moment. That at this point, she is firmly considered one of the "greats" in "the canon." Of course these things can and do shift over time, but her work is superb. The major Met show on her and her (far inferior) father was held all the way back in 2002! https://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2002/orazio-and-artemisia-gentileschi For those who are interested, a recent (affordable! not a given for art history tomes) book is that of noted feminist art historian Mary Garrard: https://www.amazon.com/Artemisia-Gentileschi-Feminism-Modern-Renaissance/dp/1789142024/ref=pd_lpo_2?pd_rd_i=1789142024&psc=1 The story of her rape and the subsequent trial has sometimes overshadowed her remarkable work, but that shouldn't be the case!
  9. Times have fortunately changed! More than half of the current authors/editors of Janson's are women. One of them (Frima Fox Hofrichter) is a specialist on the important dutch baroque artist Judith Leyster. For more on Leyster: https://www.nga.gov/collection/artist-info.1485.html Artemisia Gentileschi, who features prominently in the exhibition I mentioned earlier at the Wadsworth, is now featured in all of the major art history survey texts: Gardner and Stokstad, as well as Janson.
  10. A current exhibition putting contemporary artist Jenny Saville into conversation with Renaissance masters in Florence: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/08/arts/design/jenny-saville-florence.html
  11. There is currently a major exhibition on Early Modern women artists a the Wadsworth Athenaeum: https://www.thewadsworth.org/explore/on-view/byherhand/ see also https://www.courant.com/ctnow/arts-theater/hc-ctnow-wadsworth-italian-woman-artists-20211007-aehxcipm4zflrkw4ztyag4qenu-story.html?fbclid=IwAR1ijJqYAFQqIHm7atuP9cLVzlCvwoTxpHOWcR0HOuYm8lo3AAtNYHxFlzU
  12. Hung Liu was a prominent Chinese-American female artist who died just a few months ago: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/22/arts/hung-liu-artist-dead.html
  13. They are under "Stories", not posts (he hasn't updated those in 6 days or so). Edit: Sorry for the redundancy, I missed California's response above!
  14. And yet the evidence indicates that wearing masks do help keep us safe, even, to a degree, if not everyone is wearing them: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/21/well/live/covid-masks-protect.html?smtyp=cur&smid=fb-nytimes&fbclid=IwAR23D6g2hGb5cqjkdXEaF84LP6Hv_j7RHTbrP12Wug3TPqFK1QZ4QbAdnnU
  15. I'd assume Skylar Brandt will dance it. And I agree those you mentioned are definites. I'm not sure, however, that they would only have 3 casts. When they did Giselle in DC in Feb 2020 there were 7 performances and 7 different Giselles scheduled: Hee Seo, Boylston, Abrerra, Brandt, Lane, Murphy and Copeland (who had to cancel and was replaced by Brandt) were all scheduled.
  16. An obituary for Katherine has appeared in the NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/16/books/katherine-barber-dead.html
  17. My friends thought that too. They got Covid from mingling with people unmasked outside. The new variants (prevalent in NY now) are much more contagious.
  18. Dirac, that doesn't seem to be what happened with the Royal Danish Ballet, however. Which seems to have been the final straw for him. They had his work on their schedule until this last week, and it was their investigation into his behavior as a guest with them in 2018-19 (I believe) that led to the decision to cancel his piece.
  19. Up until a day or two, however, it was in her written bio.
  20. Not for me: Sarah Lane Faith, Family, Friends, Health, Art, Nature🙌🏻 Married to @luisribagorda Our two fur babies @cora_maya_ribagorda
  21. Photographing your gf having sex without her knowledge and disseminating that footage is a bit more than "going on a date and acting like a pig."
  22. The version at the Met is actually not a copy. It is a preliminary full scale plaster model marked up with a grid for transfer to the final work in marble.
  23. my feeling about a lot of things these days.
  24. Agreed. I just thought that she'd want to do so fairly speedily. It's been over a week. I'm sure you are right though--it is the only reasonable explanation.
  25. It seems so strange that she hasn't addressed it at all on her social media by now. She's been posting, but not on this, and her info still has her as a principal at ABT. I understand wanting to process things in ones own time, so I don't meant this as a criticism, she owes us nothing. I just think it is somewhat surprising she wouldn't want to get something out there.
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