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  1. I think 2 women were announced as changes (or maybe x replacing y, so only one change). The other announced change was that Alexei Agoutine (sp) replaced K. Roberts as Catalbutte.
  2. I think you somewhat underestimate the number of people who care about the arts.
  3. While the fish dives have been typical in the west, I believe to this day the Russian companies do not do them. I don't think people call their versions a "snooze" or un-evolved for this. I personally like the fish dives, but in the context of this version omitting them seems the obvious choice.
  4. Generally I agree with nanushka about this performance, with minor caveats/things to add. I'm rather more enthusiastic about it. Particularly on Bell who, I felt not only brought out the best in Teuscher, but also acted very well on his own--He made a much more believable character of Siegfried than just about anyone I've seen in a long while (I also had no problems with the tours to one knee--its show offy, but the entire PDD is about showing off). l'd also like to call attention to not only Teuscher's incredibly emotional performance, which I found very moving, but also to her phrasing, which I thought was excellent. She played with the music, drawing out some movements, dancing with almost syncopation at others. There were no little stops before end poses in pirouettes and other partnered bits as I saw in the (excellent) Shevchenko SL the other night. It was a very well thought out and executed performance. The way she caressed his hair in act IV as she forgave him was really moving. The only point on which I'd strongly disagree is on Devon's mime--which was strongly executed and clear. I loved Shevchenko's performance on Tuesday, but in act II when she said that if someone loves her and swears then she will be a swan no more---she glossed over the no more, it was not clear nor visible and lost its meaning. Teuscher's mime was more legible, elegant, and the emphasis with which she proclaimed death in Act IV was chilling.
  5. Indeed! I mean he is around seemingly, and frequently attends ABT. We know he had serious injuries, but despite his long absence he is still listed on the roster. There just hasn't been any information about what is going on for a long time... I wonder if Calvin will get a shot at it--he is learning it at the moment (for Vail).
  6. I wouldn't read too much into this yet. They might for now be leaving that option open to see how she feels a bit closer to the dates. Better to say nothing now than disappoint people later. Remember it does say "Principal Dancers for the 2019 Fall season include...etc.," not "principal dancers for the 2019 Fall season are"
  7. Considering 2 companies in Europe staged it at virtually the same time, is there any reason to think only one company in North America would be able to? I recognize they weren't in the same country, but distances in Europe are nowhere near what they are in the US. Zurich to Milan is about a 4 hour drive. New York is obviously much further away than that from Miami.
  8. Nina(o) Ananiashvilli was always the queen of the super fast singles (this video is actually slower than I remember her tearing into them).
  9. They don't think anyone cares about ballet reviews any more
  10. Agreed. You might think Stearns would, but I guess the fact that they (Teuscher and Stearns) are both emotionally reserved dancers cancels out the fact that they are actually a couple.
  11. That is a pairing that would get me back to Manon in a heartbeat (I really dislike the ballet but that would be amazing)!
  12. That is NOT how I would ever have described that scene.... It is a rape scene
  13. I think, given the needs of the company, and their respective range, plus Shayer's long injury period, that not only Bell but also Ahn, are likely to be promoted before him. Both certainly deserve soloist status (as, I believe, does Shayer)
  14. Additionally, these were role debuts for both Trenary as Gulnare and Bell as Lankendem, which you'd never have known from seeing them. I only know because they noted the fact on Instagram.
  15. Thanks for the report! Skylar did debut Medora in 2017 at the Met with almost no notice. It was a remarkable debut, and I'm looking forward to seeing her dance it again on Saturday!
  16. At the talk last week, he seemed confident he would be performing in Manon and was very excited about the debut. I'd surmise that he possibly could have done Corsaire but ultimately (regretfully) withdrew from that in order to not risk jeopardizing a debut that is clearly very important to him.
  17. I think you are mistaken. Both MarzipanShepherdess and I saw the Whiteside/Teuscher cast and liked it, as you can see above, where she wrote an extensive review.
  18. Thanks for writing this up! I really enjoyed it as did everyone I was with--ranging from experienced ballet goers to relative neophytes. I agree with basically everything you said, and would like to second just how enthusiastic the crowd response was. Comments I overheard were also very positive. Going into it expecting it to be modern/ballet vs. Ballet was helpful I think. I too would be happy for it to stick around.
  19. Personally I don't much like the ballet so I haven't gone in years. But in terms of style it is similar to Romeo & Juliet (just not as good in terms of plot and with more "adult" content)
  20. Update from Cornejo. Let's keep our fingers crossed for him!
  21. Many of whom were exceptional/extraordinary talents no matter where they trained. In the case of at least some of them, this was at places with no better reputation than ABT's school as ABT Fan noted above.
  22. If it produces talented dancers like Cassandra Trenary, Skylar Brandt and Catherine Hurlin (among many other standouts), I don't have a problem with it.
  23. I agree with ABT Fan and Nanushka. Additionally he has done the Prince in Cinderella if I remember correctly. His lack of progress seems largely due to not taking those opportunities when they were presented. That said, he was eye catching as prince cocoa in Whipped Cream--dancing with more authority and vigor than I have seen him have in that role in the past. Hopefully this bodes well for his future. He is not the only person to stagnate for some time at soloist level before getting their act together. Jared Matthews had a similar falling off for several years after he made soloist, but then looked for his last season or so a sure thing for promotion before decamping to Houston. This was due not, I think, to his own lack of opportunities at ABT but the fact that he and his long term partner Yuriko Kajiya wanted to be somewhere where both were principals.
  24. I agree he was excellent! I'd never seen him do much before except Neapolitan in SL. FYI his name is Jonathan Klein.
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