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  1. I'm sure you aren't the only one.... https://twitter.com/dalberda/status/1164942081493803010
  2. Both Matthews and Kajiya were getting principal roles before they left. Him with some regularity, she more and more that final season. Their decision to leave seems to have been based on the fact that there wasn't going to be space for both of them to be principals for some time at least, and that is understandably what they wanted. Also he was from Texas and was going home. Waski was getting very good roles at ABT including Myrtha. She was then out for a year injured and was just back this year. She is also not a good example of him not giving people opportunities.
  3. His popularity hit a low of 23% during the protests. It is now (or was in July) up to 32%. So better certainly, but hardly a ringing endorsement.
  4. I agree but I do think he did have an injury in the spring. If I recall he had been cast for some Purple Rothbarts and had to pull out?
  5. You are describing illegal activity and saying that women should shut up and deal with it or leave.
  6. So they don't email people until the last second--and when they do it is to beg for money. That is ridiculously tacky.
  7. I thought Teuscher was excellent this year--much better than last.
  8. In my opinion, you are missing out by not seeing Shevchenko in the role! (Not that Sarah wouldn't be reason to come back too, but there are other good reasons to see it)
  9. So far as we know, what you describe above has no relationship (pun intended) to the situation between Finlay and Waterbury. Nor is that at all what you implied happened in your earlier post about "friends with benefits" where you said: A statement which does, btw, seem to acknowledge that there is a perceived distinction between an affair and a relationship.
  10. Friends with benefits describes a situation quite different from what they were involved in. Friends with benefits do not openly date for a year and a half.
  11. As commonly used, affair implies something illicit. They dated for over a year. That is a relationship. I can't believe anyone would actually argue otherwise.
  12. An affair? Neither of them were married. It is called a relationship.
  13. I know people love to attribute ulterior motives to all these decisions, but I'd guess that yes, it was mere coincidence. Giving her principal roles on that tour, why of course I'm sure that was, to a degree, calculated to appeal to the audience. But I can't imagine it would make much (or any) of a difference to the audience size whether the Korean dancer playing the lead was a soloist or principal. Certainly not enough of a difference to off set the jump in salary they would have to pay her (and continue to pay her for years).
  14. Devon looked excellent this season. Hee (who I had avoided for a while) was in some ways the most technically secure of the 3 Auroras I saw (Sarah Lane and Cassie Trenary the others). And was lovely and gracious throughout. Really a lovely Aurora. People see and appreciate different things! That said, I agree totally on Michele Wiles and Shevy. And I'd even grant that Devon seemed to have a bit of a rough season last year.
  15. Which I think must be the case. These girls look definitely old enough to be on pointe: https://www.nycballet.com/ballets/m/mozartiana.aspx It is kind of interesting, considering Balanchine's insistence that women do classes entirely on pointe. Even in the intermediate levels at SAB (a million years ago) we were told to wear de-shanked pointe shoes for regular class instead of ballet slippers.
  16. I imagine Ahn will get a debut or two as well (and be cast in Bayadere again).
  17. So too is Kaho Ogawa, although she hasn't posted on her IG yet (or wasn't last night), the going away of both Kaho and Mai is noted on Betsy McBride's IG story.
  18. I thought she was by far the worst of the Lilac fairies I saw (Shevchenko and Teusher being the others). I didn't see her previous performances this year in Lilac, so I thought it must have just been an off night, but if people who saw multiple ones are saying she was wonderful this evening, I guess they just saw something I didn't. Her solo was very insecure, and jerky, and she had a lot of trouble with the move seen in that instagram video.
  19. Gemma Bond had a baby last spring, I believe. She's been doing some character stuff (including today) but I don't think she's been dancing since then.
  20. Joowon Ahn and Aran Bell were promoted to soloist! Congratulations!!!
  21. They were announced this day (the day before the end of the season) in 2017 so they could still be coming
  22. In general I agree, and I do think of her as a dancer with technical weaknesses. That said, her rehearsal of Act II of Sleeping Beauty on Monday was very very strong. It might be less technically challenging than Act I, but it certainly has its difficulties, and she looked secure through all of them. She held the balance on the seashell device impressively long and with total confidence. It was one of the best executions of that trick that I've seen. Of course a rehearsal is not a performance and perhaps nerves result in a less clean performance when she's actually doing the ballet. Still I was very impressed! I have seen her as Juliet with Marcelo (2 years ago I think? Maybe 3) and she was fabulous.
  23. Whiteside has now posted on IG about why he was replaced in Sleeping Beauty:
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