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  1. Ha, well there's no "quota" per se, we just have to interview at least one diverse candidate for any role. So we could still continue to hire straight/white/etc candidate over the so-called "diverse" candidate, it's more about exposure to a broader pool of candidates. It's taken from an NFL hiring policy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooney_Rule
  2. I appreciate you making this thread, @pherank. It's good food for thought. I do wonder if there are ways I could make a better impact on pushing for diversity - unfortunately I'm nowhere near the financial position needed to make an impact on hiring one diverse dancer, let alone anything more impactful than that! I do hope that hiring decisions to replace Tomasson are done with thought as to the future of ballet and diversity and inclusion. Agree hiring MacKay was a missed opportunity, despite the videos I've seen of him that show a very talented dancer. Slightly off topic,
  3. Just wanted to say thank you so much @Drew for what you wrote - it resonated with me. I'm truly heartbroken to hear of Scarlett's passing. So many of his works resonated with me, not the least of which was Frankenstein. I really hope there is a path forward for us to be able to continue to watch and appreciate his works. I do think Ratmansky somewhat misses the point about "cancel culture" - in our current society, nobody has the right to employment, and there should be consequences for bad behavior at work. However, reflecting on a lot of the current toxicity in the ballet world, I wo
  4. Wow, I'm so happy for her! I remember a few months back she linked to a podcast she gave about struggling with infertility. It was so heartbreaking to hear how she really felt she gave up so much to dance, so I'm glad she was able to get pregnant after what seemed like many many ups and downs.
  5. Wow, no more Frantziskonis? I'm really surprised, she seemed to be doing so well at SFB lately. Any idea of where she's going? Jimison got promoted really quickly, but she was fantastic in Colorforms (as was the whole cast, really! Everything about that piece was executed perfectly, imo!). In some ways, I'm a bit relieved - less attrition than I was fearing, I was worried Covid would cause a lot of dancers to rethink their careers and living situations.
  6. Wow, I'll really miss seeing her onstage. Though, given how candid she was about reconsidering her relationship to ballet in her Megan Fairchild interview, I can't say I'm too surprised. That NYT article is fascinating, though! I feel heartened that Lovette sees her role as a full-time choreographer as an opportunity to improve some body image issues in the ballet world. Here's the Fairchild interview for those who have not watched:
  7. WOW those are incredible!!! "Price on request"... that can't be a good sign.
  8. Oh! And another thought - it's stuck me that Madison Keesler is being groomed for something post-dancing. She's got charisma and poise, and she seems able to interface well with donors and patrons. She's still young and has quite a few years ahead of her in her dance career, but I could see her taking on some other role within SFB when she's done dancing.
  9. Oooh I like this. Honestly when the announcement was made, Sofiane Sylve was the first person who came to my mind. Both because she seems interested in teaching younger students (which would mesh well with the "school to company" approach) and because she's got experience coaching older dancers and seems to have good relationships with various choreographers around the world (and could presumably commission some of their works). Millepied and Sofranko are both interesting ideas I hadn't considered! I have often wondered about YYT's goals post-ballerina career! For whatever reaso
  10. Did anyone get to watch the "Select" gala? I just did! A few thoughts: - Madison Keesler makes a great host! She's got a great speaking voice and lots of poise. Makes me wonder if she'll pursue anything with that in the future! - The curtain calls without applause made me sort of sad. A reminder there's no live audience. - What were the costumes in Harmony?! They looked like corseted pajamas!!!! Costuming aside, I liked the piece. It seems I haven't seen much of Natasha Sheehan the past few seasons, so I was glad I got to see her here. I remember Helgi mentioning he fel
  11. Just got the email! Wow, I'm surprised! But then I realized he's been with the company ~40 years... he's certainly earned a well deserved rest! The Datebook article mentions he has family in Europe. I already find myself speculating on who will take over 😉 Seems like diversity is a big topic, so I'm glad it already sounds like they're focusing their search around that. I'm purely an outsider, but I will really miss Helgi. He brought in some fantastic choreographers, the Unbound festival was a huge achievement... these will be big shoes to fill.
  12. Thanks for sharing! (and unrelated, but I was very glad to see Sarah Lane dancing!) I will admit I was originally a bit surprised about hiring McKay, but now I think it'll be great to have someone with his Russian training and experience doing these big classics. I looked a bit more into Live Arts Global - looks like McKay's brother is involved in the filming and production? Would be neat to see more of these online gala type things during the pandemic!
  13. Loved the Merrill Ashley interview! She's so candid. Some interesting insights: - She was so open about her interactions with Peter Martins. In particular, it was interesting hearing about Martins' opposition to individualized coaching... curious for more about that. In particular, it seems like a good number of apprentices wash out, and Ashley seems to have pushed for a company with more individualized mentorship/coaching that never came to fruition. Wonder why. - Merrill Ashley had some *extremely* candid remarks about her experience with the Bolshoi. Interesting that she sai
  14. Yeah - I do agree that just because she's been on multiple magazine covers, tv shows, etc, doesn't mean any of that will translate into her being a great dancer. She probably could have done without those references in the video. I think it diminished from her main story around the problematic behaviors of MCB promising her roles early on and not living up to those promises. Unfortunately, having a loud social media and PR presence does seem to come with the territory of being a successful ballerina nowadays. I do appreciate that Morgan uses hers in ways that seem more "real" than what
  15. Wow. Nothing new to add, but just echoing that nothing about Kathryn Morgan when they hired her was an unknown quantity - she's been extremely open for years about having struggled with her weight nearly her entire professional dance career. Furthermore, Morgan's always been outspoken on social media about her past dance experiences, struggles with casting, partners, working at NYCB, etc. She's not stick thin, and she's got a huge social media following - why even hire her in the first place? It reflects extremely badly on MCB. Hoping Morgan finds something better. She deserves it,
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