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  1. Wheeee excited to see Chung and Van Patten back so soon after maternity leave! Glad Froustey is back too, since it seemed like her wedding coincided with Nutcracker rehearsals! Still was hoping to see more of both Kozlov and Sheehan. I've seen footage of Sheehan rehearsing the Grand Pas, was hoping she'd get a crack at it. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing the show later this week.
  2. Oof, just saw Joy’s YouTube vlog update. I know she doesn’t owe us a full explanation of her health scare, but I do worry she’s still not setting herself up for success. She mentioned the last year of her traveling and freelancing was really taxing on her emotionally, and I get that. Though, I feel like she’s still placing some blame on her new current situation at Boston Ballet - she mentioned she had difficulties getting housing, has had a hard adjustment to company culture, etc. I hope she’s able to recognize that American culture of ballet is quite different from what she’s been doing the past few years, and she’s got work to do to rise up the ranks just as many of BB’s other very talented dancers will have to do. She also mentioned moving to BB was a very last-minute decision. Not sure what that’s about, but I hope it was still a whole-hearted decision she didn’t take lightly. She offhandedly mentioned BB won’t allow her to vlog, I think it’s probably for the best, so she can build solid relationships with her coworkers (instead of creating animosity about filming as she did in Russia). I so badly want to root for her. I’ve been blown away by her ever since I watched clips of her Varna performance, but I think she’s also got work to do and needs to learn to rise above drama, politics, vlogging every single little thing, and just put in the work to establish herself in a solid company.
  3. Woah love that so many of the new members are getting cast in main roles. Chisako Oga as Giselle! She's come such a long way... I remember seeing her years ago as an apprentice at the SF Ballet. So excited for her. Plus, Soo Bin Lee and Paulina Waski getting cast is great! Sad that Waski left ABT but it seems to be the right decision for her now that she's getting opportunities here. I was really hoping Joy Womack would get cast in more things (especially since I believe she performed Myrtha in Russia?), but it seemed on her Instagram she was at the doctor's office - perhaps injured?
  4. I am excited to see Joy Womack state-side! I've only seen videos of her, but she seems like a lovely dancer with nice epaulement. I don't get the impression she's done a lot of contemporary rep which BB has (so I'm very curious how she'll do with a totally different rep than what a lot of Russian companies do), and the Artist position is probably going to limit the types of roles she had (esp compared to Universal Ballet and the Kremlin Ballet). Nevertheless, I'll be excited to have more opportunities to see her perform in the US.
  5. I have to say, not surprised to see Misa Kuranaga on there. It felt like she was auditioning ever since she performed in the SFB Gala and some guest performances with Angelo G. Super surprised to see Scheller off the roster. It seemed like she was given lots of roles two seasons ago (including opening night Aurora, I believe?). Plus, SFB's Balanchine-heavy 2020 season seems like a good fit for her given her history at NYCB. Nevertheless, I'm super excited for the roster next season. I don't know much about Sasha Mikhamedov, interesting she's joining as a soloist. I imagine there's lot of current SFB soloists eyeing a promotion to a principal spot, I'm not sure how the addition of Sasha M changes things.
  6. Wait, I just noticed! Lauren Strongin performed in London! I take it she hasn't retired from SF Ballet then, allaying my previous fears?
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/21/arts/dance/ratmansky-the-seasons-american-ballet-theater-review.html Interesting review of The Seasons, which we will be seeing in Program 6 next year.
  8. WOOHOO!! I just got an email that Benjamin Freemantle and WanTing Zhao were promoted! Congrats to them! I was somewhat expecting to see Wona Park in this email, but I guess the season isn't over yet! Benjamin Freemantle and WanTing Zhao Promoted to Principal Dancers As an important member of the San Francisco Ballet family, you are the first to know about two more exciting Company promotions. SF Ballet Artistic Director and Principal Choreographer Helgi Tomasson promoted Soloists Benjamin Freemantle and WanTing Zhao to principal dancer, effective May 13, 2019. Please join us in congratulating Benjamin and WanTing on their promotions!
  9. Oh wow - I've never seen Mariinsky ballet's production of La Bayadere! What a treat, and in my hometown at that Do we know when casting usually gets announced? I'd love to see Khoreva, she seems so promising, but I also want to see some of the more seasoned principals (not sure they'll be back in the bay area before they retire!).
  10. Phrenchphry11

    Kathryn Morgan

    Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of a story like this. So inspiring, and so awesome that Miami City Ballet took her in as a *soloist* even after so many years offstage. It's no secret she worked so hard for this, it's great to see a story of hard work paying off as well as it did here. I do hope she'll be able to continue her vlog once she joins the company, though I can understand if it'll be limited in the future.
  11. https://www.sfballet.org/season/2020-season Just got an email about it! Some of it is pretty surprising to me! Was expecting more in terms of classical tutu ballets (considering we had 2 this season). Nevertheless, lots of interesting stuff in here!
  12. More casting has been announced, but so far, no third cast! I'm super excited for both casts! WanTing felt a little underused up to this point in the season, so I'm really excited about her role! I've seen videos of Mathilde rehearsing too, so I'm still holding out for another cast.
  13. Yes!!! These are all well-deserved promotions. I was also hoping to see Lauren Strongin in the principal roster this season, it’s a shame it sounds like she may be out for good. I do think Madison Keesler has certainly paid her dues and she’s been looking very strong this season.
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