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  1. Just got the email! Wow, I'm surprised! But then I realized he's been with the company ~40 years... he's certainly earned a well deserved rest! The Datebook article mentions he has family in Europe. I already find myself speculating on who will take over 😉 Seems like diversity is a big topic, so I'm glad it already sounds like they're focusing their search around that. I'm purely an outsider, but I will really miss Helgi. He brought in some fantastic choreographers, the Unbound festival was a huge achievement... these will be big shoes to fill.
  2. Thanks for sharing! (and unrelated, but I was very glad to see Sarah Lane dancing!) I will admit I was originally a bit surprised about hiring McKay, but now I think it'll be great to have someone with his Russian training and experience doing these big classics. I looked a bit more into Live Arts Global - looks like McKay's brother is involved in the filming and production? Would be neat to see more of these online gala type things during the pandemic!
  3. Loved the Merrill Ashley interview! She's so candid. Some interesting insights: - She was so open about her interactions with Peter Martins. In particular, it was interesting hearing about Martins' opposition to individualized coaching... curious for more about that. In particular, it seems like a good number of apprentices wash out, and Ashley seems to have pushed for a company with more individualized mentorship/coaching that never came to fruition. Wonder why. - Merrill Ashley had some *extremely* candid remarks about her experience with the Bolshoi. Interesting that she sai
  4. Yeah - I do agree that just because she's been on multiple magazine covers, tv shows, etc, doesn't mean any of that will translate into her being a great dancer. She probably could have done without those references in the video. I think it diminished from her main story around the problematic behaviors of MCB promising her roles early on and not living up to those promises. Unfortunately, having a loud social media and PR presence does seem to come with the territory of being a successful ballerina nowadays. I do appreciate that Morgan uses hers in ways that seem more "real" than what
  5. Wow. Nothing new to add, but just echoing that nothing about Kathryn Morgan when they hired her was an unknown quantity - she's been extremely open for years about having struggled with her weight nearly her entire professional dance career. Furthermore, Morgan's always been outspoken on social media about her past dance experiences, struggles with casting, partners, working at NYCB, etc. She's not stick thin, and she's got a huge social media following - why even hire her in the first place? It reflects extremely badly on MCB. Hoping Morgan finds something better. She deserves it,
  6. Wow, sad but maybe not surprising. It seems like it got a bit toxic at the end for her, with the Firebird casting, among other things. Has she mentioned anything about finding a new company? Nevertheless, regardless of what happens with her performing career, it does seem like she's sort of evolved her social media platforms to speak out about cultural issues in the dance world, I hope there's a bright future for her around activism for the physical and mental health of ballet dancers. This is a bit of an older video, forgive me, but I thought this video was really thought provoking:
  7. This was great! Felt so much San Francisco nostalgia, just missing out on all these beautiful locations while in my apartment. Loved Walsh's segment - presumably that was Peck's choreography, and it looked great! The filming in the fog was really enchanting for Hummel and Deivison-Oliveira's scene. The wind in Chung's scene was so great. I think my favorite bit of cinematography was the PFA. All of it was very well done. Definitely a great watch!
  8. A few weeks old now: Nederlands Dans Theater in a work choreographed specifically to be distanced.
  9. I've only been able to watch the first 20 minutes so far, but what a treat! Stars and Stripes is so much fun!
  10. Agree with you 100% Pherank! And, I've always enjoyed that SFB has had a few Russian dancers on the roster. Kochetkova was one of SFB's most versatile dancers, and with her Bolshoi foundation, I think she really did push SFB to a very high level. Same to be said for many other Russian-trained dancers at SFB. Yeah - probably there's a bit of unfortunate timing here, too. I know this hiring didn't happen overnight. Had this been announced a few months ago I'm not sure we'd be having this discussion. I do feel heartened that SFB hired Fogo (and I know they didn't hire her p
  11. I hope this isn't the only path forward for SFB to hire more Black dancers (and dancers of color generally)! I'm in no financial position to donate to the level to make an impact on that scale, but I wonder if there's a way to create a donor mutual fund of some sort? Clips I've seen of Julian MacKay do show that he's a lovely dancer with nice lines, and given his current family situation, I understand why he wants to be back in the USA. However, the more I think about it, I'm a little frustrated SFB didn't hire a dancer of color. MacKay was a first soloist at Mikhailovsky, not yet a pr
  12. Wow..... that certainly is unexpected. I've only seen clips of him on YouTube, etc. Seems to have really nice classical lines, long legs, good feet. I have to say, I never ever in a million years expected him to return to the US though - I distinctly remember seeing an interview of him online where he lamented the quality of ballet and ballet teaching in the US. I wonder what brought him back? Especially given how different SFB's rep is from Mikhailovsky. Fwiw, I did notice he also posted about a new modeling contract he signed too - perhaps SFB is able to offer more flexibility fo
  13. I'm super glad most of the cancelled programs are returning! Wonder what the reasoning was for backloading all the full-lengths. They seem to be the big sellers, maybe it's with the hope that we'll have a COVID vaccine by then, so the later performances are less likely to get cancelled? Really really glad to see a new work by Danielle Rowe. sf_herminator, you bring up a good point about Giselle - I generally prefer SFB's Giselle to Swan Lake. I didn't realize it had been so long since they've last performed it! Hoping they bring Giselle back soon.
  14. I'm totally with you, Pherank. I only got to see Snowblind once, I definitely think it benefits from multiple viewings. It's dense, complex, metaphorical, but I think it's really smart ballet. The part I struggled with when I first saw the ballet is whether we're supposed to empathize with any of the characters. Not sure who, if anyone, was the hero of the story. Mathilde was a sweet and passionate Mattie, but SVP's portrayal of Zeena was so fascinating. Zeena's (SVP's) movement was so rigid and structured through the entire ballet, that it was sort of an interesting dichotomy - as
  15. I'm truly no expert here, but am genuinely curious. I'd assume they'd retain some level of rights to a piece if it were choreographed specifically for them? I can understand them not being able to publicly stream performances of Balanchine works, for example, but they've had plenty of work choreographed in-house. Maybe for Of Love And Rage there's the possibility that Ratmansky thought it wasn't yet ready for Primetime and wanted to rework some of it, but what about his Sleeping Beauty? They've broadcast their Swan Lake and Corsair on PBS, so I'd assume they'd be able to pull out some
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