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  1. seattle_dancer

    All Premiere, November 2-3, 8-11

    I LOVED Cacti!!! It was like being on a ride at an amusement park - full of surprises and not knowing what was going to happen next but pretty sure it was going to be really fun! And make you laugh! Kyle’s piece I need to see again to fully digest. There is a lot packed in there. It is very interesting and I found the choreography pretty dense. I was tired and not feeling well when I went, so I’m looking forward to seeing it again next weekend when I am fresh. The Angela Sterling photos on the PNB FB page are so striking!
  2. seattle_dancer

    2018/2019 Royal Ballet cinema in USA?

    Thank you so much FPF!!! I had given up hope of seeing Mayerling in cinema. You have totally made my day!
  3. seattle_dancer

    Hello and thank you

    Greetings from Seattle! I’ve met some nice people from National Ballet of Canada and hear they will be touring to Russia in the next year. Also they are getting the Winters Tale set back from Royal Ballet. Please keep us posted on this wonderful company. Thank you!
  4. So glad we can watch the rehearsal for 30 more days but it’s kind of cruel that it ends right before Laura Tisserand’s first solo. Her performance throughout was SO enchanting!! I absolutely loved her in that role and the way she used her eyes was just *magical*. If PNB has any rehearsal footage of Laura, could you please post it on FB? It’s just not fair...
  5. seattle_dancer

    World Ballet Day 2018, October 2

    So cool to see Patricia Barker speaking on behalf RNZB! Her content and presentation was really well done. It was great to see Francia Russell honored as well. The segment was not long but definitely impactful.
  6. Hooray for Larae!!! A very nice tribute indeed!!! Last night there was a Male Solos présentation in the PNB studios. Larae was there and I thought Peter Boal said she would be going with the group when they present the same program at the Guggenheim in October. The three dancers were not in costume, but maybe they will be in NYC. So if you have a ticket to that event, maybe you will see her.
  7. seattle_dancer

    2018/2019 Royal Ballet cinema in USA?

    Super funny post Sandy! But seriously, please keep us posted. I really want to see Mayerling. Is it not showing up in Vancouver?
  8. seattle_dancer

    2018-19 season Pacific Northwest Ballet

    My ticket envelopes DO have the Ten Mercer discount coupon on the flap. Oh well it’s a not-for-profit. They have to do what they have to do to save money. What bothered me more was that there was no photo of Noelani Pantastico on any of the subscription tickets or anywhere in the booklet. I did like the Nutcracker photo of Dammiel Cruz with the student who played Clara. Nice way to promote diversity.
  9. seattle_dancer

    Hello from New York

    Hello from Seattle! Welcome! I just had to cancel a trip to NY so please tell us about all the great shows you see. I had planned to see the NYCB Robbins Festival and Parsons Dance at The Joyce this weekend. If you see anything anywhere else like Russia we’d love to hear about that too! I haven’t been there since 2016.
  10. seattle_dancer

    Emergence: April 13-14 and 19-22

    I noticed the guest artist for the dress rehearsal discussion has changed to composer Shinji Eshima. See https://www.pnb.org/community/audience/lecture-series/. It would have been nice to hear Yuri speak, but I am excited Shinji will be here. For me, everything starts with the music. Last weekend I listened to the RAkU CD several times while on a road trip so I'm looking forward to hearing about the music in detail. And I loved their collaboration on Swimmer, so maybe we'll hear about that too. I wonder if Shinji is composing for Yuri's World Premiere for San Francisco Ballet next season? Hopefully we'll get some information so we can plan our trips to SFB next year.
  11. seattle_dancer

    Director's Choice: March 16-17 and 22-25

    I really like Slingerland but this time around it’s just not the same without live music. Someone asked about the music and the skirt at one of the evening post-performance talks, first Saturday I believe. Forsythe wants this recording used. And I liked the former Pringle skirt (that’s what Peter Boal called it), I wish they still used it. Also I would like to echo Sandy McKean’s praise of Leta Biasucci!!! She is a very unique dancer, we are SO LUCKY to have her. I’ve watched the Perpetual State videos (studio and in costume) several times. Her phrasing is just to die for; her artistry continues to improve beyond my imagination. I really hope she is promoted to Principal next season!
  12. seattle_dancer

    Director's Choice: March 16-17 and 22-25

    I saw on FB there will be 11 debuts in Red Angels over the run. Eight are in the opening weekend. Will be fun to see who the other three are! Also, didn’t Seth Orza dance Slingerland Duet with Carla Korbes? That is my recollection and it looks like him in the trailer. But there is an asterisk next to his name on the casting section of the website, denoting first time in role.
  13. seattle_dancer

    2018-19 season Pacific Northwest Ballet

    There’s a new perk for full season subscribers! Free exchanges between reps!!! Previously one could only exchange within a rep. That’s nice if you are traveling, are very sick. or have some other unfortunate circumstance. I bought a San Francisco Ballet CYO subscription this year and they charge $10 for exchanges. I find that very annoying in comparison to how subscribers are treated at PNB.
  14. seattle_dancer

    Director's Choice: March 16-17 and 22-25

    First weekend is posted now! Same casts for Ezra’s piece, The Perpetual State, and One Flat Thing, Reproduced. But lots of interesting different pairings for Slingerland Duet and Red Angels!
  15. seattle_dancer

    Director's Choice: March 16-17 and 22-25

    Has anyone seen casting? It’s usually posted on the website by now (one week prior to opening). 😩 sandik - thanks for the studio demo info. I missed that one. Would you say you have a better appreciation of the piece? Know how to watch it better, as Miles stated?