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  1. https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/gender-fluid-dancer-pacific-northwest-ballet-is-breaking-barriers/CBVHJLK4FVDEBHFJ7ARKZ534L4/ Here's the article in video and text form. Edwards explains his motivation behind asking to study pointe and his personal self discovery. What a brave young man. At the end of the interview there's a statement on why KIRO covered this interview.
  2. Today there was second local news interview, this time by KIRO, the CBS affiliate, I saw it on the 11:00 news I don't see it posted online otherwise I would include a link. I'll add it if I find it later. This one seemed longer, and included Peter Boal who said Edwards was the first male student to ask to study pointe. I've not seen KIRO spend any screen time on ballet or dance recently so I was surprised by this segment. KIRO does seem to be big on diversity; I actually watch that station for the racial diversity in anchors/reporters. KING, the first station who interviewed Edwards,
  3. I've had all of these thoughts as well and so disappointed SFB locked up their gala after PNB offered their first free virtual gala (and asked for donations) in November. When the company goes the donation route, they also have the opportunity to add names to their donor database, and since virtual, can really expand around the globe. That's an opportunity to sell more virtual subscriptions in so many states and countries. I only attended the SFB gala once and only the performance, so what do I know. Perhaps the dinner crowd would be offended if not an exclusive event and they don't wa
  4. The tv interviewer said KING5 received a message from a viewer who said they should know Ashton's story and share it. I'm so glad she or he sent that message! His GoFundMe donations are growing!!! In the tv interview it showed Ashton dancing both male and female roles, and to naomikage's point, the female roles were not comedic, they were beautiful and graceful. If I were sitting in the balcony of the opera house, I wouldn't know that a young man was dancing instead of a young lady. I am fascinated by this young man. His IG account has videos of him practicing pirouttes and foue
  5. His barrel roll turns were so huge! And to my delight he's a lefty! I'm so looking forward to seeing more of him, and when things return to normal, seeing him dance live in the (renovated) theater!!!
  6. I enjoyed attending the performance in person last year and reliving it online in the summer. Maybe SFB will allow viewing later in the year and ask for donations again? PNB went with a free virtual gala this year. I posted a link under the "Free Streaming during Covid-19 Crisis" thread. I hope some people checked it out. New exceptional pieces IMO were PacoPepePluto by Alejandro Cerrudo and Dylan Wald's debut in Apollo (he was also promoted to Principal Dancer).
  7. I know it has been mentioned elsewhere that PNB is streaming its version of Balanchine's Nutcracker, but I wanted to give it it's own thread and let you all know CASTING HAS BEEN POSTED, if you were waiting on that. Two ticket levels: $39: Eight days of streaming 12/18-12/26 $55: An extra week in addition to the eight days of streaming, 12/11-12/26, plus bonus content. Buy for yourself and also buy as gifts here: http://www.pnb.org/nutcracker (casting all the way at the bottom). I also noticed you can add on the remainder of the season (4 programs) for $155. There wil
  8. Following up on The Travelling Ballerina’s review, those of us who are longtime subscribers/followers are familiar with Peter Boal’s programming and this November Rep tends to be the most contemporary. I will say that I was in the mood for something a bit brighter, it would have been better for me if the two Eva Stone excerpts in Rep 1 were included in Rep 2. Wonderland was really interesting. I really enjoyed seeing the theater, I miss it so much. I had trouble getting into the piece though, since I found the introductory music challenging. In Waterbaby Bagatelles, yes Kyle Davis
  9. Thank you Grace8 for starting this thread. I was just about to do it myself so the newly promoted dancers receive their recognition on this forum! Also if you like to follow these details, on the PNB Blog re: promotions, it notes three new apprentices hired from the PNB School Professional Division: Malena Ani, Connor Horton, and Noah Martzall. I am so excited Kuu Sakuragi has been hired into the corp! I was sad when he was not hired upon finishing PNB School and got a job at Alberta Ballet. One Halloween on PNB FB they posted him dressed up like a superhero doing all these amaz
  10. PNB's Annual Gala: First Look to the Future was this past Friday! Hosted by PNB dancers Lucien Postlewaite and Angelica Generosa, this celebratory and inspirational evening features six ballet excerpts including a PNB premiere, three exciting dancer promotion announcements, words of support from the community and PNB leadership, and an inspiring Raise the Paddle in support of PNB’s Future Fund. The Gala is free to attend, but pre-registration is required. Streaming available through November 25th, 7pm PST. http://www.pnb.org/season/events/first-look/ https://www.facebook.com/searc
  11. Thanks for posting! I saw this on Angelica Generosa’s IG where she said she was happy to be part of it, but I didn’t know what Sequentia was about. Thanks for explaining! It’s really fun to see their individual creativity. The shot in the dark with the bonfire was really unique.
  12. Finally listed to this podcast, thanks for posting Helene! So much respect for Peter Boal! Having to reprogram Sun Valley festival and this upcoming season so many times and all the challenges to rehearse, oh my goodness! We are lucky to receive the filming equipment and personnel from Key Arena. I thought the new footage was really well done, especially the Leta Biasucci debut in Emeralds. I will watch it many times again during Rep 1. I hope we have a chance to see the Sylvia pdd again and James Moore in The Calling sometime this season.
  13. Someone asked about unlimited viewings for subscribers on Facebook, which PNB confirmed. I believe live music will be used as much as possible, they want to keep the musicians working and employed. In the new season trailer you can see musicians and Emil de Cou working with masks on. Pieces like Mopey will probably be recorded but Red Angels most likely performed live. Not sure about something like Swan Lake, that is a large group, and there are safety issues with wind instruments. I thought all the new filming for the Sun Valley Festival was really well done. PNB historically fi
  14. One programming change: at yesterday's Annual Meeting (via Zoom) Peter Boal announced Christopher Wheeldon will create a new work for PNB this season. I suspected it is replacing Bound To, as my friend in San Francisco was surmising it would need some modifications to be social distancing friendly, and sure enough in Rep 4, this is the case. https://www.pnb.org/season/rep4/ "Three unique choreographers share the digital stage to present World Premieres. Resident choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo will create the first world premiere of his PNB residency. Artistic director of Spectrum
  15. Kudos to Peter Boal on his programming!!! I’m looking forward to this Rep and the casting! Great blend of old and new! It’s a little later than our normal opening but the weather will be cooler and darker so we will be so ready! It’s actually pretty ambitious to rehearse and film all of this new footage so I could see where PNB could use the extra time. I hope all this smoke has not negatively impacted the dancers’ health. I don’t spend a lot of time on social media but on Instagram I did see some terrific rehearsal footage of Steven Loch and Angelica Generosa working on their
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