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  1. I am so sad this legend was taken prematurely. He used to teach the most fun classes Saturday morning with amazing dancers, many professionals. RIP Willy Burmann, you are missed and will always be remembered.
  2. I am holding out for hope the symposium will be rescheduled and that they can perform Giselle sooner than later. 🙏
  3. I sure hope PNB finds a way to insert Giselle into next season, however it works best for them. We’ve waited soooo long. I still think it makes a great season opener!!!
  4. Sofiabn, thank you so so much for sharing!!! I haven't seen Osipova's Giselle since 2015 when I used to fly to NYC to see her dance. Seeing this performance is a consolation that Pacific Northwest Ballet will probably not hold its Giselle Symposium and all the performances that were scheduled in April. I will watch tomorrow if it is still available.
  5. My vote is to replace Jewels with Giselle. That would be such a great way to kick off the season and I don't want to wait until next spring for Giselle. Also since R&J is the story ballet after Nutcracker, they need Coppelia for the little kids. I'm super bummed about missing Empire Noir, One Thousand Pieces, and probably Giselle, but I don't feel so sorry for myself compared to the dancers and all the PNB staff. I thought that was so sad that Marcie Sillman wrote that some dancers wiped away tears during the bows at Thursday's dress rehearsal. I'm also thankful my livelihood does not depend on performances and studios being open. I'm just not quite as happy and have to create more basic activities to look forward to.
  6. I DID receive an email for Program 6, almost immediately after they announced it was cancelled. My ticket was through a CYO subscription. However I have not received anything specifically for Jewels yet. Those tickets were add-ons to my subscription.
  7. Statement from SFB when you watch the video: "Last night's A Midsummer Night's Dream, performed to an empty Opera House, was a bittersweet moment. Grateful to the five unions that signed an emergency waiver, the George Balanchine Trust, and Pacific Northwest Ballet, who enabled SF Ballet to create a stream to share with Midsummer ticketholders whose performances were cancelled. And heartbroken on a company level about having to cancel 3 programs of our very condensed Season, and on a wider level by the suffering around the world. We're thinking about how to share the joy of dance in a way that's safe for all. What would you like to see? #SFBalletCares #SFBalletCreates #SFBalletCan" Five unions, wow! I'm glad all you ticketholders will be able to see this beautiful and magical production. Would be great if the ballet companies can figure out a way for people to watch by donation. On PNB's FB many out-of-towners commented they would be glad to donate to watch, since they obviously did not hold tickets already.
  8. I just received an email from SFB this program is cancelled. Since program 5 was to overlap I'm assumung it was cancelled as well. Fingers crossed for Jewels!
  9. The message from Ellen Walker and Peter Boal is really well written. I hope people will consider donating their tickets. And major kudos to PNB for working with the unions and artists to be able to stream the dress rehearsals! Those viewings are definitely worth donating a ticket, or two, or three. Let’s pray the ban will be lifted in time for the Giselle run.
  10. I saw Bound To by Wheeldon at the Unbound Festival. It’s very smart and poignant, it definitely was a standout. I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody, so if you want to know more, please DM me. I believe it will be an immediate hit!
  11. Here's a video preview of Empire Noir: and One Thousand Pieces: I wonder if the stage is really wet? If so is it water, or some kind of thicker gel? Looks dangerous. Can't wait to see the dress rehearsal on Thursday!
  12. Not to make light of this terrible situation, but it would be nice if SFB still presented the shows to an empty house, like how European sports events are still being played. At least all the performers would feel like they had their stage time. It's so awful this happened right when Midsummer opened. PNB presents it about every three years, but I know you SF locals have been waiting decades. Hopefully it works out SFB can keep the set and costumes longer. So far Midsummer has not been announced for PNB's '20-'21 season, but they have only announced part of the season so far (Maillot's R&J, world premieres by Jessica Lang and Alejandro Cerrudo). Midsummer was last season, so I suspect it will be another couple years before it returns.
  13. Tonight I was just about to finalize my checkout of a flight down on April 5th to see Program 6. I flipped to the SFB website to confirm the date of my show, and saw the announcement and decided to hold off for now. It’s a pretty extreme measure. Our Comic Com convention has been delayed to summer but that was the event organizer’s decision. Seattle’s mayor has made no such announcements, and we have more cases and deaths in this area thus far. P.S. Seattle Opera is continuing it’s run of Yardbird, through March 7, but is working with those who should not or plain don’t want to attend.
  14. First weekend casting is online! There's a few debuts first weekend in Empire Noir. And twenty-some dancers premiering in One Thousand Pieces. Scroll to bottom here: https://www.pnb.org/season/one-thousand-pieces/ It looks like PNB has added additional Empire Noir photos from Angela Sterling below the casting real estate. They are gorgeous! I am getting really excited for opening night!!!
  15. Awww - I have been missing Ben already the last couple years when he had injuries. I also miss his partnership with Leta Biasucci, I've been wondering if something is up. Ben's statement is great - and he has accomplished SO much in 15 years. I will miss him next year but how wonderful for him to be able to perform Empire Noir in his last season. I can't wait to see he programming for Encore. And what a great opportunity for him and Jordan to move to NYC as adults with incomes and not students, with all the connections and friends they've made over the years! Best wishes Ben & Jordan!!!
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