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  1. From what it seems on Instagram, he was cast in Spielberg’s west side story as a Jet. So probably has taken a leave of absence for filming.
  2. What happened between Lane and Cornejo that they no longer partner together?
  3. Question for the group! My friend and I are planning on getting tickets for Giselle in NYC in June. However, due to schedules, we can only go either June 9th (Hee Seo/Cory Stearns) or June 10th (misty/Herman). I’m assuming shoot for June 10th? Thoughts on which cast would be better out of those two? For context, I have never seen Hee in a full length and have only seen Misty in her Firebird.
  4. I think from reading through the recent comments what I’m hearing is that Balanchine’s full lengths (Nut, Coppelia, Midsummer) are wonderful and can fit within the rep. I 100% agree. I personally have always enjoyed Coppelia even though it doesn’t come around very often. There is contention instead amongst the Martins full lengths - the story ballets Balanchine didn’t really touch (aside from the one act SL). I think it is a good strategy to have these full lengths in the rep as it DOES sell tickets. However, for the people who only go once or twice a year, after seeing a production like this SL or R+J, it will probably just push that group over to ABT the next time they want to see a ballet.
  5. I would really love some Wheeldon imports. I do agree that new contemporary work seems to be a focus. However, for a Swan Lake that only comes around every 2 years or so, I think an A+ production would go a long way in getting new people in the door. It doesn’t need to be like ABT or Royal Ballet. It can still have a neoclassical/contemporary slant and be fabulous. also, agree re: their Sleeping Beauty. I saw it once many moons ago and never went back.
  6. It really is sad that so many wonderful dancers have this production as their Swan Lake vehicle. They deserve better. I wonder if it’s on the table for Stafford/Whelan to do a new version? I think it would be well worth it.
  7. Just read the piece - very insightful and she’s lucky to have a cheerleader like marika to guide her. Also I think this is the first time she’s directly mentioned the divorce from Robbie Fairchild? I’m sure that was so stressful for her and many times emotional stress leads to physical stress.
  8. 100% agree. I would even go so far as to say they were willfully blind to what they were doing - still wrong, of course. I do have to say that I was surprised when Amar was cast in west side story. I thought he would just continue his career quietly at NYCB since being reinstated.
  9. I agree with this....however, after reading Maxwell’s statement she unequivocally has forgiven him and they are moving on together. Whether that is right or wrong, it is not our choice but hers alone. Another woman may have dropped him and that would have been fine too - if not more in the line of public opinion. We are not in their relationship and can only speculate. Side note: I remember seeing images of Waterbury and Finlay prior to the scandal on IG, and thinking “my god what a fast life they are living”. It showed through - I was not at all surprised that a scandal broke out.
  10. Saw this version twice - first time many moons ago with I think Sterling Hyltin and then was lucky enough to be at Tiler Peck’s debut performance. The dancing itself I have always found to be top notch, but the production itself is lacking. The sets and costumes are bad (ESPECIALLY the costumes). There is something about it that leaves me not as emotionally vested as other productions. Can’t quite put my finger on why. The ending is def unique in its own way - I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. P.S. Tiler was fabulous, of course. So many well deserved curtain calls!
  11. What was the season maybe two years ago that had so many different programs that dancers were getting injured left and right? I remember seeing things on IG about how stressful a season it was.
  12. Very interesting that Mearns has never done firebird before! I think she will give it her all as usual. I’ve only ever seen Tess Reichlen in that role who was quite good. Might get tickets to see Mearns though - noticed she is doing both the matinee and the evening performance on the 25th.
  13. To add on - I do also think the rise of social media has contributed to this. Agreed that a person who attends only once a year or rarely will want to see an established principal, but coupled with that is the presence that these dancers now have on instagram. Sara Mearns and Ashley Bouder are two that come to mind quickly. People feel close to them and have gotten to know them via that platform which can only increase their demand in person.
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