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  1. I wonder what’s going on with Misty Copeland. She’s the only principal not cast in any performance. I looked on her IG, and she’s heavily promoting another book, but I didn’t see anything about injury or anything.
  2. Went to this afternoon’s performance!!! All in all I loved it. Boylston was great as well as Whiteside, while Katherine Williams was fabulous as Myrta. The mad scene especially I thought was quite good. The audience was also very much with them - it was as an enthusiastic crowd as I’ve ever been in. the only negative was the peasant pas - it was just bad. I’m not an expert but even I could tell they were struggling. She fell out of point, looked stiff and it looked like he was struggling with turns - not good partnering. Also, I’ve heard so much hype about Gabe Stone Shayer and was not as impressed as I thought I would be. too bad it’s the last show - would have loved to go back for more! side note: Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber were sitting not far from us in the orchestra. Love that she’s a ballet lover.
  3. Heather watts posted a picture with Carla Korbes quoting that Maria had brought them all together. I think she was one of the dancers that we can’t identify. Not 100% sure of course. and yes curious about the three missing! I noticed that neither Bouder nor Lovette posted either. also what a long way Tiler Peck and Robbie Fairchild have come. I know Tiler did not come for Robbie’s farewell but they were on the same stage last night for Maria’s farewell. What a tangled web backstage - former marriages, former in laws, new gfs - all in the same place!
  4. Really nice piece on Maria from the Times https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/15/arts/dance/maria-kowroski-retires-from-new-york-city-ballet.html
  5. Oh that’s so sad re: Bouder. I’ve noticed that she has been rather quiet on IG this season - usually she is much more active on there. I saw her on the 23rd in Serenade and thought she was still working on getting back into performance shape. It’s a hard road!
  6. It’s true - who knows! after thinking about it - it could also refer to the overall life of a ballet company - the strain, the pressure, the striving for perfection. So many ways to take a single comment - only Lauren knows the true reason behind it. I do really enjoy her IG as a whole personally.
  7. Same! I want to assume that she is referring to the previous administration and not the current.
  8. Ah that makes sense! Thanks for the context.
  9. Is slaughter a role that Kowroski is known for? I always associate her more with diamonds and such. and also DGV? I’m assuming it was made on her.
  10. Tonight was a wonderful night at the ballet! Serenade - such a luminous piece. It just had everything. I felt that Sterling stole the show. You couldn’t not be moved by her. LeCrone was quite good as the Dark Angel. Oddly enough, Bouder was good but I think still getting her feet. She wasn’t quite as fast as I’m used to seeing her. Pulcinella - what a happy ballet! Everything about it was cheerful and all of the dancers were shining - most especially Sara Mearns and Tiler Peck. Glass Pieces - Unity Unity Unity. She was fabulous in the second movement which was her debut. I enjoyed the second and third movement the most. First movement was good but the music started to grate on me after awhile. All in all a wonderful night! we were also there right at 6:30 and there was no line for clear/excelsior. So we went right in.
  11. I am attending tonight….can’t wait!!!
  12. Just got tickets for the September 23rd production of the classic nycb I program. So excited to see ballet live again and have never seen serenade which made me choose it. Curious to see who is going to be cast.
  13. Was just looking at casting and Katherine Williams is getting two performances of Myrta. Due to schedule I think I’m going to catch the Boylston/Whiteside performance. does anyone know anything about Williams as a dancer or boylston/whiteside interpretation of Giselle?
  14. I think we are definitely at a turning point when it comes to dancing + retirement. Before it was really dancing until they couldn’t any longer - till the bitter end. Now there is a shift with wanting to do more. I feel Robbie Fairchild was the first to really step away from ballet to pursue film, etc. Now Lovette for choreography. I’m sure there are others too that I can’t think of right now, but I find it very interesting!
  15. Speaking of subscriptions, curious to see what people have opted for (standard vs. flex, which programs?) I haven’t gotten a subscription in awhile but want to this year to support. My friend and I are likely going to buy one but back and forth on what to choose!
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