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  1. I think we are definitely at a turning point when it comes to dancing + retirement. Before it was really dancing until they couldn’t any longer - till the bitter end. Now there is a shift with wanting to do more. I feel Robbie Fairchild was the first to really step away from ballet to pursue film, etc. Now Lovette for choreography. I’m sure there are others too that I can’t think of right now, but I find it very interesting!
  2. Speaking of subscriptions, curious to see what people have opted for (standard vs. flex, which programs?) I haven’t gotten a subscription in awhile but want to this year to support. My friend and I are likely going to buy one but back and forth on what to choose!
  3. Not sure if this the correct place to put this post or if it is already discussed elsewhere, but did anyone see the auction that the dancers put together to raise funds? Some very interesting pieces. Personally, I bought a ticket to attend the Heather Watts talk for $25.00. https://www.32auctions.com/dancersofnycb
  4. Didn’t realize that Daniel Ulbricht started at that time. He has such a young face and jubilant demeanor - especially compared to Veyette.
  5. Page six picked up the update to the case: https://nypost.com/2020/10/20/former-nyc-ballet-dancer-claims-ex-used-lawsuit-to-bolster-career/
  6. I don’t think I can add anything of value that hasn’t already been said on this string. I do remember (pre-scandal) seeing images of Finlay and Waterbury when they were together at one of the galas sitting with Ansel Elgort and others. I remember thinking “What a fast and furious crowd that must be.” As a result, I was not AT ALL surprised when this hit. They gave off an air of extreme that comes along with drugs and bad behavior. To that end, I think Waterbury is completely within her rights to go after Finlay for everything that he and his Connecticut family is worth; they were featured in that aol series from awhile ago and they screamed wealth and privilege. He is guilty - full stop. in terms of NYCB and SAB, I do think the ruling had it right. Organizations and companies can’t be held liable for actions outside of their sphere of influence - which extends to personal relationships. This case had a huge media blitz around it with multiple NYT write ups, etc. it’s easy to assume that they were looking for either a pay out or the publicity. We don’t know the conversations that went on behind closed doors. I do think Waterbury is the victim, and I also don’t find her to be particularly mature either. I’m not shaming her - i just think she could use more mentorship in the words she uses and how she addresses things. For example, the Alexa maxwell situation. Alexa is a grown woman who has been in a long term relationship with Amar. I read Alexa’s statement and I read Waterbury’s response. The response devolved really quickly into rhetoric that shamed Alexa. IMO, not really how to go about things.
  7. Yes- on the MCB website under “meet the company” it says artistic - and it’s the artistic director, ballet masters, etc. that are all listed in that section.
  8. I kind of wish other dancers from prominent companies would comment or show some support. There are some very outspoken dancers these days - Bouder, Copeland. The only high profile ballerina I can see who liked her message was Isabella Boylston. My guess is that they aren’t willing to buck their own system.
  9. Personally, I like her and her content. However, there have been times where I have felt that she was a little “holier than though” in some videos and can come off as a difficult person in general. Only child, adopted, gifted dancer, illness that she’s overcome - I get it. however, with that said, I don’t think any assumption on her personality is indicative of how she deserved to be treated by MCB. They should have been up front with her in terms of their true intentions (if indeed it was just for PR). I liked the mention above of guest appearances. It could have been a mutually beneficial arrangement to get her back on stage (with a low level company commitment).
  10. I haven’t noticed anything public from kathryn morgan’s statement, but I did see that Nathalia arja commented on chloe’s, and Jovani furlan also published her post on his stories. So even though the MCB dancers may not be coming out to support Morgan there does seem to be a fair amount for Chloe.
  11. No! He was pretty circumspect about it and lightly touched on the dynamics in both interviews.
  12. Personally, they should have had their ear to the ground more. This is 2020 and they hired a comeback dancer with a PLATFORM. Literally a young NYCB wunderkind who left due to illness that then became a social media presence. i don’t know if anyone has heard jovani furlan’s interviews but I believe in both a conversations on dance podcast and on his interview with Megan Fairchild he touches on how things weren’t being handled well at MCB and that he wasn’t happy with some things going on even if it didn’t touch him personally.
  13. Agreed. I think it was more of a PR move and they would just throw her a bone here or there. Not nice. it’s possible that they were hopeful at the beginning since they did seem to want to cast her in many things. Overall handled very badly. I think @cubanmiamiboyhad read it right about the company being very enclosed and all extremely petite. The powers at be didn’t really want to break that mold it seems.
  14. FYI - Kathryn Morgan commented on her IG that a video will be coming soon about leaving MCB. It will be interesting to see how detailed she gets based on that podcast she did regarding leaving for her mental and physical well being.
  15. Very valid point! I didn’t think of that aspect of it but it is very true. It’s important to spread the wealth of exposure. I think while all of us balletomanes are happy to see what we can get despite no in person performances, this new digital experience really does give NYCB and ballet in general an opportunity to reach a newer audience in ways they never have before - whether it be someone brand new to ballet, the passive ballet goer, etc. hopefully, it will bring more people in and/or set up a basis for an extra revenue stream for them. FWIW, I have donated as well. I feel that I would have paid for the performance anyway and if I’m consuming the media then it’s only fair.
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