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  1. Ah, the cast sheet must have been wrong then, as they both had stars for "first time in role."
  2. Before I even clicked on them, I just knew the comments would be warm and lovely! That story from Whelan about Apollo was no surprise, given Kowroski's stage presence.
  3. I'd love to hear how LaFreniere and Danchig-Waring do in their Chaconne debuts tonight, if anyone's there! I'll be seeing the same program and mostly same casts tomorrow night.
  4. Yes, it'd be nice if they included this info elsewhere for program listings. I always look up the times and note them before performances.
  5. Timings are listed on the repertory pages. For La Valse, it says 29 min.
  6. I wasn't there, but according to the cast list... AGON: Kowroski, Ramasar, Huxley, Adams, Hod, LeCrone, Zuniga, Villarini-Velez
  7. Personally, I think Philadelphia Ballet does sound less provincial — not inherently, perhaps, but by association and tradition. The Cleveland Orchestra is not the Ohio Orchestra; the BSO is not the MSO; Houston Grand Opera is not Texas Grand Opera; Lyric Opera of Chicago is not Lyric Opera of Illinois; San Francisco Ballet is not California Ballet, or even Bay Area Ballet. Major performing arts organizations in major cities tend to be named for the city they're in, not the state or region. (Perhaps it's a way of signaling something about the prominence of the city and, by extension, the organization. I'm not sure.) Those that aren't are often more regional companies/ensembles, with less prominent profiles. There are probably exceptions, but I think there are far more examples that fit the "rule."
  8. Yes. That too. The two work together. (My previous comment was description, not criticism.)
  9. Sounds like they’re hoping to cash in on people’s pent-up desire for live entertainment and holiday cheer.
  10. It's possible that Abi Stafford herself requested that J. Stafford and Whelan not come on stage. We don't have the full story.
  11. Yes, @BalanchineFan, without knowing much context the Instagram message struck me initially as perhaps referring to the general experience of being in the company, not to one or another administration.
  12. Yes, correct, but almost surely not the same. If the company can afford to promote for a “full” standard roster, they should, IMO. That said, I’m delighted and satisfied by those promotions that have been announced.
  13. Well, yeah, but personally I think it's a good thing when workers are appropriately compensated for their labor. I understand if there's a need for caution now, financially, but I certainly don't think promotions should be withheld for any sort of "motivational" purpose. Promote them and pay them, if they're dancing the roles. Until tonight, I had never truly gotten the appeal of Megan LeCrone. I loved her in Agon. Maria K was fantastic. Those legs will be missed.
  14. Yeah, check your email for the original PDFs. (I think mine took a little longer than usual to arrive.) Mine too look normal: one page, with area/section listed.
  15. Exactly, chance plays a huge role. Mozart’s father was a court musician. It’s not like he surveyed the field and chose the most lucrative path. And his achievements likely contributed to the very endurance of (some of) his chosen forms.
  16. Love that story, @Jacqueline! And I agree about the Royal Navy — and about Woetzel!
  17. I have to say my own response to Union Jack wasn't all that terribly different. (Exaggerating.) ((But only somewhat.))
  18. Shaved heads on men have been quite in style for some time now.
  19. Jeez, a guy doesn't have a full head of hair so we can't accept his dancing in a non-narrative neo-classical tutu ballet? The dance world has (mostly) gotten used to other ways, equally irrelevant to actual dancing, in which dancers were previously thought to "not look the part" (e.g. skin tone). Maybe over time we'll all get a little more used to this too and find the lack of a full head of hair to be less distracting? I certainly found Angle's former fake hair to be pretty distracting too.
  20. I was not able to attend but heard from an audience member in orchestra that Angle had a shaved head. I think that's great. It's about time that a male principal with significantly thinning hair be able to present in a way that is maximally attractive, rather than having to mess around with prosthetics that look obviously artificial just to uphold an outdated danseur ideal. I can't believe they're allowing an extended pre-performance period of maskless refreshments but no intermissions. That's ridiculous. What on earth is the rationale?
  21. I'm not sure of anything — it's possible the indication on the casting sheet is a mistake, carried over from a draft they had when no intermissions was the plan. But that would seem unusually careless, and the current designation certainly communicates (rightly or wrongly) a plan for no intermissions. (That's how they've always indicated a pause without intermission on casting sheets in past seasons.)
  22. I'm quite disappointed to see that they are going forward with no intermissions, just "pauses." The YOUR SAFETY page on their website no longer indicates that there wouldn't be intermissions, and when they went ahead with the mandatory vaccination policy there was good reason to think they'd dropped that plan. It's frustrating — and fairly nonsensical — that they have not.
  23. They haven't had a regular season in a year and a half. I'm okay cutting them some slack this time. They may have needed more time than usual to work some of it out.
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