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  1. I don't think it's suggesting that he "rediscovered" the choreography but rather that he went back to the original notations, as he always does in his reconstructions (of which his Nutcracker was not one), which probably explains those "tiny differences." As @volcanohunter notes, what he found must have been pretty close to what's been passed down. But Ratmansky's broader project has for some time now been focused on the return to earliest notations.
  2. It sounds like it will be the complete Grand PDD, and it says it was filmed in November by these two dancers, who have “safely isolated and collaborated” — so, not taken from a recording of the complete ballet.
  3. Indeed, and the article is about as subtle as one would expect:
  4. Though I am not at all surprised, it's dispiriting to face the reality of another full spring/summer without the usual ABT and NYCB offerings.
  5. Not really, assuming that the recording is of similar quality to those used for most of the spring and fall digital seasons — i.e. recordings made primarily for promotional/archival purposes and not originally intended for commercial release. Those recordings have been perfectly watchable, but I don't think they're of the quality that a Netflix or a Disney+ would be looking to acquire. (My assumption about the quality of this Nutcracker recording may be incorrect; I haven't followed the details closely enough to be sure whether there's been info to the contrary.) I believe Marquee has always had a free trial period, so at least there's a possible workaround.
  6. I don’t think the authors of press releases are generally worried about copyright compliance, but either way works.
  7. @volcanohunter, I've also been enjoying the many fine offerings (Beethoven among them) on https://www.youtube.com/user/hrSinfonieorchester/videos and https://www.youtube.com/c/Südtirolinconcert/videos.
  8. Thanks so much for pointing us to this treasure trove, @volcanohunter!
  9. I got a very nice surprise in the mail today, six back issues (Fall 2017 – Spring 2020) of Dance Index with a note: I'm guessing this may be because my subscription to Ballet Review was paid beyond their end of publication.
  10. That would be a problem — but I don't think it is, in fact, because I don't think anyone's advocating that. Same!
  11. I completely agree. Although I'm sure some would disagree, after more than a year away from the theater I think it would make the most sense to give people a lot of what they know they've been missing (maybe a Balanchine festival, even?) before gradually mixing in more of what they may not know they've been missing.
  12. I assume these are just the sorts of personal employment details that the individuals involved are privy to but may not be relevant for the general public to be told. Future events may make the details more clear, but also maybe not. Also, we don’t know there will be no performing opportunities for another year. We just know that the winter and spring seasons, as originally scheduled, have been canceled.
  13. Yes, this is why I don’t fault NYCB at all for not promoting at this time. It was exciting (and a surprise) when ABT did, but it’s a risk that I don’t at all blame a company for not taking.
  14. Do we know that NYCB dancers are indeed laid off (i.e. without pay) until summer?
  15. Love her dancing. So upset by her abrupt departure. But “Principal Dancer”? Seriously? Principal of what? Not a good look.
  16. There's also (or at least has been at times in the past) a 1956 one (Diana Adams, Herbert Bliss; Melissa Hayden, Nicholas Magallanes; Allegra Kent, Robert Barnett; Tanaquil Le Clerq, Jacques d’Amboise), a 1965 one (Patricia Neary, Roland Vazquez; Suki Schorer, Richard Rapp; Gloria Govrin, Frank Ohman), and a 1985 one (Lourdes Lopez, Jock Soto; Susan Gluck, David McNaughton; Florence Fitzgerald, Christopher Fleming; Jerri Kumery, Carlo Merlo).
  17. I wouldn't include Emeralds, just personally. I feel like that piece didn't reach its truest state until Balanchine added the final movement. Before that (speaking as one who, admittedly, wasn't around then), I think it was incomplete. I think of it very differently, for instance, than of Theme and Variations and Suite No. 3. p.s. I personally can't stand the Duo ending. p.p.s. (seeing the post below) I also wouldn't include Serenade. That, too, seems to have exactly the necessary ending, even from the perspective of the very first bars of the piece.
  18. As I recall, there was quite a good deal of commentary on this very forum exploring at some length the arguments for and against Waterbury's decision to bring claims against NYCB. Reasonable points were, I thought, made on both sides — I presume in good faith. If Waterbury's claims were to flunk the giggle test, I wouldn't have thought such arguments could even be made.
  19. It wasn't billed as one, and the work is only 4 minutes long according to the NYCB repertory page.
  20. I've quite enjoyed some of the videos in which Morgan offers commentary on the experience of dancing a particular role as voiceover to a video of her performance.
  21. Personally I don't see the two statements as being related, much less one implying the other.
  22. I have the first and third thirds of that, which were (or are) on YouTube at one point. (I’m missing the middle portion.)
  23. It's still on their YouTube page (which may be the best place to look now that they've taken some things off the website):
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