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  1. I think a confusion of reference (i.e. in relation to time of writing, not date of performance) is the cause of the mistake — and I'm pretty sure their usage is unidiomatic as a result. ("Soon" doesn't mean "near." One would say a July 10 shot is too late, not too early or too soon. In fact, a shot "sooner than July 10" would be preferable — one needs to get the shot sooner than July 10 in order to be fully vaccinated by July 14.)
  2. But I think that's why it should say "no later" rather than "no sooner." If the performance is on July 14, the completed vaccination would need to be June 30, no later. Sooner than that would be fine, wouldn't it?
  3. As we've all learned over the past year, though, we don't wear masks only for ourselves, but for others. This is especially important for the unvaccinated. A negative test really only reflects one's status at the moment when the test was taken. That status could have changed within the (up to) 72 hours between testing and attendance.
  4. I must be as confused as @canbelto because I got the same basic gist from the referenced post, but perhaps I wasn’t reading carefully enough at the time.
  5. I agree with all of this. Yes, “cancel culture” is a nifty phrase, but it really just refers to a world in which actions have consequences and institutions are responsible.
  6. I'd think "allegations" would be a more neutral term in such a circumstance.
  7. Great. Thanks for sharing the news of this!
  8. Oh my! Exciting news that this video exists. I miss seeing her dance so very much. I hope this video makes its way onto YouTube at some point. Is the whole ballet included in the video?
  9. Definitely. He was a very keen builder of repertoire, I think. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I'm looking forward to it, and very glad to have a video record of the full piece — since, as you say, it's not done too often.
  10. Balanchine's one-act Swan Lake, performed by Ballet Chicago:
  11. I can see that as a possibility (i.e. that it matters more to the trustees, donors, etc.), though I also wouldn't be surprised if it's a non-issue even for them. The company's self-touting doesn't itself push me to think it'd matter. I always assumed it was mostly just a marketing tactic in the context of a struggling industry. But again, maybe not... I wouldn't worry about cans of worms — they're good to consider!
  12. I have a hard time thinking it would make much difference, beyond an opinion piece in this or that newspaper. It's not as if most of America is aware of ABT or its self-proclaimed "status"; and it's not as if most of ABT's ticket-buyers are purchasing out of patriotic investment in their nation's homegrown institutions. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it would be much of an issue.
  13. There is hardly a consensus regarding Levine's supposed "genius," though it is indeed "widely acknowledged" within certain cultural circles. I, too, fail to understand how "misunderstandings about homosexuality" from "back in the day" are at all relevant to grappling with the atrocities he allegedly committed.
  14. Thanks, @Helene. The email says it's up already, though? It doesn't appear to be on their YouTube page, where the others have been available.
  15. I think a Balanchine ballet of that style allows for a variety of possible “characters” to embody it.
  16. nanushka

    Simone Messmer

    I think we can trust Ballet Chicago to report their casting truthfully, can't we?
  17. nanushka

    Simone Messmer

    Thanks so much, @canbelto!
  18. nanushka

    Simone Messmer

    I missed the chance to submit my RSVP and get the link. (It seems to have disappeared from the available list.) Since the video will be on YouTube until March 12, could someone who has it post the link here, or DM me? Thanks much!
  19. I was expecting their Diamonds this week, based on this. Has any notice been given of whether we'll get that next week instead?
  20. I don't think there are many aesthetic qualities that get universal agreement on exactly what they mean or the degree to which they're realized in individual cases, but those qualities can still be useful to consider. (Also, morals needn't necessarily be at issue, given the definitions above.)
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