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  1. ARC Dance is presenting a 20th anniversary retrospective performance next weekend August 10-11 at the Bagley Wright Theatre. https://arcdance.org/event/arc-at-20-a-twentieth-anniversary-retrospective-performance/ The company is run by Marie Chong, a former PNB Dancer, and the show features many PNB School and Professional Division alumni including Alice Cao, Erin Crall, Daniel Ojeda, Adam Bloodgood, Mark David Bloodgood, Andre Alabastro, Levi Teachout, and Jimena Flores.
  2. Patricia Barker appointed Artistic Director of Royal New Zealand Ballet
  3. Former PNB Principal Dancer Julie Tobiason has choreographed a new work for the Seattle International Dance Festival's Spotlight on Contemporary Ballet. The cast will feature PNB School & Professional Division Alumna Alice Cao and local artist Joshua Crouch. Performances are June 21-22 7:30pm at Broadway Performance Hall. http://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/dance/baryshnikovs-dance-collective-opens-seattle-international-dance-festival/
  4. Angelica Generosa doing Stars and Stripes at Vail International Dance Festival I could watch this for hours
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