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  1. Me three — have heard company members talk about their “home” before, but it finally clicked for me this time, and it was really moving! Loved the way the whole setup moved us from studio to full-color stage. Fits in well with the sense of reawakening all around (in springtime, no less!) as we start to return to society. Can’t wait to be a live audience member again. And I can’t believe how great the dancers’ technique looks after a year of working in their living rooms. Tiler Peck remains an astonishment!
  2. Thanks for linking! WOW there is so much talent.
  3. No longer unexpected, but heartbreaking nonetheless.
  4. Have there been any updates since then? I feel like our expectations of emergence from C-19 keep getting extended and extended 😥
  5. Things are looking pretty rough here in New York, and I think a lot of us are starting to come to terms with this going on for longer than 2 months. I’d be really surprised if the shows are back on in any “normal” way.
  6. Thank you! My goodness, this sounds like true drama...
  7. Speaking of story, to echo someone’s earlier post, is there a synopsis anywhere?
  8. That’s awesome, @Kaysta and @AB'sMom. Can’t wait to hear more.
  9. Agreed. I don’t think of Brandt as a natural swan queen, but those early rehearsal videos on her Instagram story looked promising. Separately: thanks to the advice of those on this board, I made my own subscription with Smirnova/Kim Bayadère, and both the Osipova/Hallberg Giselle and R&J. I think it’s unlikely I’ll be in a position to make all three, but all the exchange information provided here has convinced me to make the plunge. Thanks especially to those who alerted that there was no exchanging in to these performances—you helped me finalize my selection.
  10. Landed on this student newspaper story about NYCB’s Christina Clark choreographing for Columbia University’s student ballet company, Columbia Ballet Collaborative. The story also notes that ABT’s Gabe Stone Shayer is choreographing. I remember that the group received some press some years ago, but I haven’t watched a performance. Has anyone seen them recently? Is it worth the trip?
  11. I know I’m neither the first nor the last to express this sentiment, but Kolpakova is truly a treasure.
  12. Thanks for this, @Leah. Really appreciate the way you articulated this.
  13. I think I saw the same casting in that period — I also remember being awed by Rebecca Krohn.
  14. I feel the same way — she has a real presence. I’m really glad to hear that she’ll still be dancing, and I hope she gets exciting opportunities in Monte Carlo. We’ll have to hope that the company tours the states soon!
  15. Oh wow. Wellington’s been one of my favorites, and I’m going to miss seeing her onstage. Here’s hoping she enjoys her next steps, whatever they may be.
  16. Got to see a nice T&V tonight. Teuscher is lyrical and soft in the role, Stearns bobbled the tours/pirouettes from fifth sequence but was otherwise adept, the demi men (Sebastian, Forster, Frenette, Royal) looked strong, and Williams sparkled among the demi women. This isn’t necessarily a T&V on par with City Ballet’s, but it’s quite good nonetheless, and ABT brings something new and different to the ballet. I had to leave after the first act due to some work surprises, but they also announced a number of cast changes in Seasons — maybe another BA poster will be able to report bac
  17. Well, it is Kim — given how high he flies in his variations, he may be able to skip the airport 😂 Should be an awe-inspiring performance. I’m jealous of everyone in Costa Mesa!
  18. Love to see all these reports on Shakirova. I’ve been watching videos of her for a couple years now, and in those short clips, she’s struck me as a really charismatic performer with killer technique. Glad to hear that she delivers in live performance! I’m now all the more eager to see her onstage someday...
  19. If he is who I think he is (I’m not totally familiar with him), he had an absolutely princely demeanor and seemed like a sure and stable partner. Spartak Hoxha also was good.
  20. MacKinnon was great tonight — she’s got more than enough technique to handle the role, with lovely amplitude in her jumps, wonderful articulation in the quick sections (something that you don’t always see with tall dancers), and those long, long limbs. She projected joy throughout. Gordon did end up performing in TCP2 tonight. While he’s not quite tall enough to work with this cast, and he’s not quite up to Angle’s level in partnering (I mean, who is?), he acquitted himself well and had thrilling solos. Bouder, meanwhile, was incredible, and clearly seasoned in the role. Sarah Villwock
  21. Yeah, per Wikipedia, Copeland’s 37 now, and was 33 when she was promoted. Isn’t late 30s when most start to give up the most challenging roles (with some exceptions like the ageless Gillian Murphy)? Especially when they’ve had injuries on the level that Copeland has? As to age, Susan Jaffe retired at 40; Irina Dvorovenko at 40; Xiomara Reyes at 42. Julie Kent retired at 46, but I’m not sure that everyone has the fondest memories of the last years of her career. As for injuries, Tiler Peck is around 30 years old, one of the greatest technicians in ballet, and has been out with a herniated
  22. Texting or talking on the phone? (Both would make me want to scream!)
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