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  1. macnellie

    Skylar Brandt in Big Ballet-Moscow

    third episode is up still couldn’t get translations! Love Julian and Svetlana is beautiful!!!
  2. macnellie

    Skylar Brandt in Big Ballet-Moscow

    Couldn’t do it—
  3. macnellie

    Skylar Brandt in Big Ballet-Moscow

    Youtube has a translated version? I could not find it. Will you give me the link? Thank you.
  4. macnellie

    Skylar Brandt in Big Ballet-Moscow

    Thank you so much Naomikage.
  5. macnellie

    Skylar Brandt in Big Ballet-Moscow

    I found it and watched it: Are there anyRussian speakers out there who could tell me who the other dancers are and which companies they are from? And was the lowest scorer eliminated?
  6. macnellie

    Skylar Brandt in Big Ballet-Moscow

    How do you get the kultura channel?
  7. macnellie

    Color Me Blue

    I too thank you Jayne. I will miss these dancers. I loved watching them. I hope the panic and horror these three men must be enduring moves them into a profound self-examination and change, as would a fatal car accident shock an alcoholic into sobriety and responsibility for the hurt that he inflicted.
  8. I think Gelsey Kirkland’s book should be reread to counter Mr. Clifford’s memory. All was not sweetness and light in “the good old days.” And I have had experience with “clique warfare” especially in theatre. It’s awful—there’s always a scapegoat if the director is weak and scared.
  9. macnellie

    Are there any great Classicists today?

    What about Sofiane Sylve?
  10. macnellie

    Cats in Charge

    When I was working as an actress and rehearsing at home, my cat, watching from my bed, would pee when I came to an heightened emotional moment! I learned to rent space to rehearse!!!
  11. macnellie

    Who rules today?

    I have seen all of these wonderful dancers many times on video and live as often as possible in New York. The dancer who appears uninvited in my memory and in my heart’s memory most often is Sara Mearns.
  12. macnellie

    La Scala in Orange County in July 2017

    I follow Precious Adams career
  13. macnellie

    The Taming of the Shrew

    Saw it this afternoon. Liked it! Fluffy.
  14. macnellie

    1978 . . . and Today

    David was Death