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  1. It is available on the Bolshoi video app but only for a few hours the next day.
  2. Does anyone know why Seymon Chudin is not dancing as much? He was often Smirnova’s partner.
  3. I was in despair yesterday when I checked ALL the movie theaters in NYC and Brooklyn to find that they were all sold out. Happily, It is on the video link on the Bolshoi web site. I don’t know for how long. I watched it this morning; thought it was wonderful, and I could get used to the fugue.
  4. I had never seen Kammermusik and I would go again this week if I could afford it. Saw it yesterday. And was fascinated and astounded by Union Jack. I loved it! The gravity of the “Tattoos?” was so moving to me. And surprising that City Ballet could move so slowly! ( not really....they can do anything!)
  5. Years ago, I remember Koch saying the the melting of the Arctic circle would give us more farmland.
  6. Who were the dancers in 4T in the video from 1964? Does anyone know?
  7. I have been loving Skyler’s performances . Would love to see her in Giselle.
  8. Thank you for the information. I miss all of them.
  9. Where is Lauren Lovett? Why is she not dancing at all this nutcracker season? I hope she’s not injured.
  10. third episode is up still couldn’t get translations! Love Julian and Svetlana is beautiful!!!
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