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  1. Lady Gaga has pipes. Other items on the day's menu okay, if predictable. "Hallelujah?" "Amazing Grace"? lmspear writes: It just makes my blood boil when that song is presented as feelgood patriotic pablum.
  2. Thank you for posting, Dancerboy90210. Not long ago I read one of those 'What do dancers think of this-or-that-ballet-movie-or-series?" pieces. One of the dancers quoted said he knew of real-life happenings like the incident in which a dancer is determined to go on in spite of sustaining a serious injury for fear of losing the role. Kourlas singles that out as a melodramatic touch. Interesting. (I gave up on the show, myself.)
  3. dirac

    Monday, January 11

    Later this year Darcey Bussell will join a dance-themed cruise along the Danube.
  4. dirac

    Saturday, January 16

    A biographical sketch of Poul Gnatt, founder of the Royal New Zealand Ballet.
  5. dirac

    Sunday, December 20

    Mick Jagger buys Melanie Hamrick a $2 million Florida mansion.
  6. dirac

    Friday, January 15

    A review of "Tiny Pretty Things" by Gia Kourlas in the "Critic's Notebook" of The New York Times.
  7. dirac

    Monday, January 18

    A review of San Francisco Ballet's virtual gala by Janice Berman for San Francisco Classical Voice.
  8. dirac

    Wednesday, January 6

    A look at the seamier side of the lives led by Degas' ballet dancers.
  9. An NPR story on ballet student Ashton Edwards.
  10. Agreed. Fairchild suddenly mentions his father and "Suzanne" without any explanation or context. I don't know what I would have made of it if I didn't already know the context (that's been an issue with some of the other interviews as well).
  11. Drag comedy traditionally tends to show up more in British sketch comedy than American sketch comedy. Didn't say it never happened Stateside. The practice can be questionable. A heavy or large thing trying to be lighter and smaller is generally funnier than the reverse. In certain instances a man wearing woman's clothing is symbolically abandoning the markers of superiority and voluntarily assuming the markers of an inferior caste. Historically women wearing masculine-style clothing has often been a form of independence and rebellion - it's empowering or even scandalous, but not funny, a
  12. I guess that will depend on the shortlist of possible successors.
  13. Thank you for reviving this thread, Lidewij. I'd forgotten about this book. Just placed an order.
  14. British sketch comedians tend to do it more than Americans - Benny Hill and "Little Britain" come to mind. There are a few well known individual drag characters in American sketch comedy - Dana Carvey's Church Lady, Harvey Korman's yenta, and lmspear has mentioned Flip Wilson's great Geraldine Jones. Dan Aykroyd's Julia Child, bleeding to death on camera after cutting herself while demonstrating how to debone a chicken, was a memorable one-off. James Cagney started off in vaudeville as a female impersonator. But I digress.
  15. This is what you wrote: If media promotion is happening, the implication is that someone must be doing the promoting. That's a lot to make out of a human interest feature on local news. I doubt if Edwards is taking attention away from other students, since studying ballet in and of itself isn't terribly newsworthy. Very possibly.
  16. This is great, canbelto, thanks for posting. I prefer the exhilarating later ending, but this one has its interest. I'm not sure that I see the woman as being "bounced" up and down, but the image of human sacrifice is interesting. I was reminded of photographs of the "Metastaseis" portion of "Metastaseis and Pithoprakta."
  17. dirac

    Sunday, January 10

    Royal Ballet ballerinas talk about starting,or growing, families during the lockdown.
  18. dirac

    Saturday, January 9

    A story on the costumes stolen from San Jose Dance Theatre.
  19. dirac

    Friday, January 8

    The Fort Wayne Ballet carries on during the pandemic.
  20. dirac

    Wednesday, January 6

    A review of the Stuttgart Ballet by Deborah Weiss for DanceTabs.
  21. A review of the Sarasota Ballet by Jann Parry for DanceTabs.
  22. Culture wars at the Paris Opera Ballet.
  23. A review of "Scottish Ballet: The Secret Theatre" by Lyndsey Winship for The Guardian.
  24. dirac

    Friday, January 8

    Most of San Jose Dance Theater's costumes are stolen.
  25. dirac

    Tuesday, December 22

    A look at the original E.T.A. Hoffman Nutcracker tale.
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