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  1. Fathom Events is presenting "The Shining" in cinemas this week, although nowhere near me, alas.
  2. dirac

    hello hello

    Thank you for your interest and introducing yourself, dalayrac. I look forward to reading your posts!
  3. A review of the Royal Ballet by Louise Levene for The Spectator.
  4. dirac

    Friday, October 16

    A review of Pacific Northwest Ballet's digital season opener by Sondra Forsyth for Broadway World.
  5. dirac

    Friday, October 16

    An interview with Tiler Peck.
  6. Pacific Northwest Ballet makes a digital return after a seven month closure.
  7. I agree. Also, Finlay did behave reprehensibly even if he can prove himself innocent of intent and it would be foolish of him to try to downplay that. I'm guessing that any such circulation of the posts by the men or contacts friendly to the men at that stage would have done nothing to deflect Waterbury and backfired badly, no matter how awful they made Waterbury look.
  8. The Dance in America programs were four hour long presentations. Balanchine did present a few works in their entirety. The Jewels excerpts were still substantial portions that gave you a good taste of the ballet and I would say Balanchine's excerpts were better chosen than some of the current ones. They are only pieces of the ballet but they stand alone decently enough. I don't think this is true of many of the excerpts of this digital season. It could be that they are selecting from hunger, but they are still unsatisfying out of context. I'm guessing Mr. B would have given us at least two pa
  9. Yes, I posted that one for the Links. I hope Ms. Kelly gets around to that book she's been promising us for years now. But I digress. Hoping that Rall's death gets more attention than it's received so far. Looking at you, NYT.
  10. Thank you for posting the news, volcanohunter. He was a marvelous dancer, who didn't have the movie career he deserved for the reasons cited by miliosr above. Donald O' Connor in conversation with Mindy Aloff, 1979.
  11. An interview with Anne Searcy, the author of “Ballet in the Cold War: A Soviet-American Exchange.”
  12. dirac

    Thursday, October 8

    Tommy Rall has died at age 90. Related.
  13. dirac

    Friday, October 9

    Why Francesca Hayward and Cesar Corrales don't have to worry about social distancing onstage.
  14. Perhaps Waterbury's lawyer was hoping that the fear of further embarrassment in the wake of Peter Martins' resignation would induce the company to come to the table. Not so much. I would prefer to think that Waterbury was misled into thinking her case was better than it was.
  15. The judge in Alexandra Waterbury's suit dismisses most of her claims. Related.
  16. dirac

    Friday, October 9

    Ian Casady's new role at Houston Ballet: ballet master.
  17. dirac

    Thursday, October 8

    Misty Copeland talks about racism in ballet.
  18. dirac

    Friday, October 9

    Tiler Peck will perform with the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra.
  19. The Royal Ballet presents a socially distanced performance on stage.
  20. dirac

    Friday, October 9

    A socially distanced Royal Ballet returns to the stage.
  21. dirac

    Simone Messmer

    Seconded. Thank you for posting the news, naomikage.
  22. Still a giant chunk of change, especially at this time. Levine was asking for more but if you consider that he wouldn't have been working much, if at all, during the pandemic he pretty much got what he asked for -- even if, as the article says, he had to be talked into taking the settlement.
  23. Aaannd...the Met paid $3.5 million to Levine to settle. Again, unsurprising. I'm sure he knows where lots of bodies are buried.
  24. The National Ballet of Canada announces its new virtual season.
  25. An appreciation of the late Marie Hale.
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