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  1. dirac

    Saturday, April 17

    Liam Scarlett is dead at age 35. Associated Press. The Times The Daily Mail
  2. I don't think any charges were ever filed anywhere. The independent investigation of the Royal Ballet matter said there were "no matters to pursue."
  3. The Royal Danish Ballet canceled because apparently there were complaints about Scarlett within the organization. Not a typical cancellation and not surprising that it would be noted in the press given Scarlett's having been dumped from the Royal Ballet and his ballets canceled there (and elsewhere). The word "offensive" was used by the ROH's director, speaking to The Times: "Offensive behaviour is unacceptable at the Royal Theatre."
  4. Thank you for those details, JMcN. The decision for no military uniforms eliminates some fuss, in more senses than one.
  5. dirac

    Friday, April 9

    A review of New York City Ballet in "When We Fell" by Brian Seibert in The New York Times.
  6. dirac

    Wednesday, April 14

    Atlanta Ballet presents a short film,"Force of Habit."
  7. dirac

    Friday, April 9

    Orlando Ballet will present "The Great Gatsby."
  8. dirac

    Thursday, April 15

    Darcey Bussell organizes a benefit gala for British ballet.
  9. Thank you for the reminder, JMcN. Plainly, the last twelve months slipped my mind. Even if he hadn't wanted one, I expect he'd get something on the more substantial side under normal circumstances even if not a fully-fledged state funeral. There is supposed to be a ceremonial procession that I assume will be televised - the service itself will be private.
  10. An interview with Diana Vishneva by Oksana Khadarina for DanceTabs.
  11. dirac

    Thursday, April 8

    NPR interview with Twyla Tharp.
  12. dirac

    Tuesday, April 6

    Nathan Brook of the Australian Ballet cleans up at the Telstra Awards.
  13. Thank you, Tom. I know less about this era than I would like. I hope others who know more will have something to say. You may want to try a trip to the library, as well.
  14. We have threads for royal weddings and royal obsequies have their aesthetic interest as well. Discuss if you wish, with appropriate discretion and respect in the circumstances. In this case I expect the widow to pull out all the stops. The soldiery in particular should be worth watching. The late Duke was not exactly the artistic type, but I have read that he wrote poetry, believe it or not.
  15. dirac

    Saturday, April 3

    Pennsylvania Ballet presents an all-digital season.
  16. dirac

    Friday, April 2

    Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre streams Susan Jaffe's "Boléro."
  17. dirac

    Friday, April 2

    An interview with British dancer Julie Felix.
  18. dirac

    Wednesday, March 31

    A review of San Francisco Ballet in "Jewels" by Rachel Howard in The San Francisco Chronicle.
  19. dirac

    Wednesday, March 31

    Q&A with fitness trainer and former dancer Debra Rose.
  20. dirac

    Wednesday, March 24

    Christine Joly de Lotbiniere and Pauline Smith of the Pacific Northwest Ballet costume shop discuss the challenges of pandemic working conditions.
  21. An interview with Twyla Tharp by Jocelyn Noveck for Associated Press.
  22. dirac

    Thursday, April 1

    A review of Pacific Northwest Ballet by Moira Macdonald in The Seattle Times. Sondra Forsyth's review for Broadway World.
  23. dirac

    Friday, April 2

    A review of Pacific Northwest Ballet by Brian Seibert in The New York Times. Review by Nadia Vostrikov for The Ballet Herald.
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