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  1. dirac

    Friday, August 20

    An NPR interview with Kyle Abraham and Misty Copeland.
  2. Some British ballet schools are opting for looser-fitting clothing to accommodate transgender students. Mark Monahan comments on the story (scroll down).
  3. dirac

    Sunday, August 22

    The West Australian Ballet presents "Dracula."
  4. dirac

    Thursday, August 12

    The Seoul Arts Center presents a ballet honoring a legendary Korean independence fighter.
  5. dirac

    Thursday, August 12

    The Australian Ballet cancels the rest of its Melbourne season.
  6. dirac

    Friday, August 13

    Grand Rapids Ballet performs in front of an audience this month.
  7. dirac

    Wednesday, August 11

    Roster changes at Sarasota Ballet. Kate Honea announces her departure.
  8. Atlanta Ballet hires a new executive director.
  9. dirac

    Friday, August 13

    Robert Hill is leaving Orlando Ballet.
  10. dirac

    Monday, August 9

    An arbitrator upholds New York City Ballet's refusal to pay its musicians for the period of the COVID-19 shutdown.
  11. dirac

    Tuesday, August 10

    San Francisco Ballet performs live this month.
  12. dirac

    Friday, August 6

    Charleston Ballet returns with "Dracula" and "Nutcracker."
  13. dirac

    Monday, August 16

    "And We Danced," a new multipart documentary, presents the history of Australian Ballet.
  14. dirac

    Monday, August 2

    A look at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet's summer intensive.
  15. dirac

    Friday, August 6

    Ballet Arkansas offers a series of outdoor performances.
  16. dirac

    Wednesday, August 4

    Kate Walsh Honea leaves the Sarasota Ballet after nineteen years.
  17. dirac

    Friday, August 6

    Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre gets a government grant, after complaining publicly.
  18. A story on the sexual assault lawsuit against Mitchell Taylor Button in The Daily Mail.
  19. dirac

    Thursday, August 5

    The Vail Dance Festival offers "International Evenings of Dance."
  20. An interview with James Whiteside.
  21. dirac

    Monday, August 2

    Opening night at the Vail Dance Festival.
  22. dirac

    Thursday, August 5

    A story on the sexual assault lawsuit filed against Mitchell Taylor Button.
  23. dirac

    Tuesday, August 3

    A lawsuit is filed against Mitchell Taylor Button, husband of Dusty. Related.
  24. dirac

    Sunday, August 1

    An op-ed in The Arkansas Democrat Gazette on choreography and copyrights.
  25. dirac

    Saturday, July 31

    A review of Megan Abbott's new ballet-themed novel, "The Turnout," by Suzanne Berne in The Washington Post.
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