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  1. Well.....I'm afraid this really is pretty terrible, so far. I'm going to stay with it a bit longer out of curiosity and to see if we get to see some real dancing, or something, but it's heavy going. The show is a collection of contemporary TV series tropes treated without much imagination and, as often with these shows, at least the ones I've seen, little wit or humor. The central character is a Misty Copeland type and the cast is carefully diversified, except in the case of the young male students, who are all dark haired with similar haircuts and hard to tell apart. Unfortunately, the cast i
  2. Thank you, I will have a look. I would like to see that.
  3. Thanks, pherank. Quite a life. I often feel that I have read more of le Carré's books than I actually have done, thanks to the many movie adaptations of his works. The only ones I read between two covers were Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley's People, which were both great. As Garner observes, le Carré actually contributed to the "flavorful and recondite language of espionage"; there were no "moles" before le Carré began calling them that. I thought le Carré had something of a point regarding the paperback publication of The Satanic Verses, without agreeing with everything he
  4. I'm sorry I missed this update. Only today I ran across an obit for Jones and was going to post it, and obviously you beat me to it, miliosr. She looks like a perfect Desdemona.
  5. Thanks, miliosr. The whole point of these songwriter bios was to provide an excuse for showcasing a bunch of great songs, but if the numbers and performers weren't absolutely top-of-the-line they could be painful. This one was good. I didn't know it had been intended for Kelly and Sinatra, who would have been better as stars if no better casting as the two principals. When the writer was gay a whole new layer of fictionalization was called for, the most notorious example being the Cole Porter biopic starring Cary Grant, "Night and Day," with Grant uneasily nuzzling Alexis Smith as Linda.
  6. San Francisco Ballet prepares for its 2021 virtual season.
  7. San Francisco Ballet prepares a virtual benefit.
  8. A People interview with Tiler Peck.
  9. A gallery of historical Nutcracker photographs from the Jerome Robbins collection.
  10. An Economist podcast with Misty Copeland.
  11. A very merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and happy holidays to everyone! A Christmas Carol (1951) Pavlova and Gordeev in the Nutcracker pas de deux
  12. So sorry to hear this, I realize she was 71, but it seems too soon. I didn't know that her son had Marfan syndrome until now. A sweet article by Reinking on the subject: She's dancing in heaven right now for sure, although that "Trumpet Solo" of hers may disturb the peace a bit. RIP. Thank you for the clips, volcanohunter. I've always loved that "Everything Old is New Again" number and Reinking in it, and young Erszebet Foldi is delightful as well.
  13. dirac

    Sunday, December 13

    An interview with Wei Wei of Hong Kong Ballet.
  14. Q&A with Bayardo De Murguia of "Tiny Pretty Things."
  15. dirac

    Tuesday, December 8

    How dancer-manager Louis Antoine Duport helped make the first performances of Beethoven's Ninth happen.
  16. An obituary for dancer Sean Musselman, who has died at age 60.
  17. dirac

    Monday, December 7

    Footage of Margot Fonteyn with ballet pupils is found.
  18. dirac

    Tuesday, December 1

    Previously unseen footage of Margot Fonteyn comes to light.
  19. The Ayala Royal Ballet performs outdoors in Miami.
  20. dirac

    Thursday, December 3

    Pennsylvania Ballet Conservatory live streams its Nutcracker.
  21. American Ballet Theatre cancels its Met season.
  22. dirac

    Friday, December 4

    An article in Town and Country on how New York City Ballet dancers are coping in the pandemic and ways to help.
  23. Atlanta Ballet streams its Nutcracker.
  24. New York City Ballet streams its Nutcracker.
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