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  1. Maybe the cast and occasion make a difference? Yuan Yuan Tan and Damian Smith danced the pas at his farewell performance and it was lovely to see on every level.
  2. Hi, all. It’s Halloween and scary movie/TV series time again. Tel us what you're watching! Last night I saw “It’s Alive” from 1974 on TCM. Briefly, something goes seriously wrong in the delivery room when Frank and Lenore Davis are having their second child and soon a killer newborn is terrorizing Los Angeles. Anxiety and fears about childbirth, sexuality, and science are not new to the horror genre and they all get a workout here. The movie is very watchable despite the cheesy dialogue and amusingly stilted acting from the supporting cast. Distinctive score from Bernard Herrmann. The movie has an open ending and there were two sequels. Has anyone else seen it? Any opinions on the denouement?
  3. dirac

    Sunday, October 10

    A review of the Royal Ballet by Lyndsey Winship in The Guardian.
  4. It's not an oversimplication with regard to what she wrote on the Instagram post, IMO. Straightforward enough in my view. Of course it doesn't mean that it's her sole reason for leaving.
  5. No, you're not nitpicking at all. I didn't mean to imply that she was a fad of some kind, but the point that Gentileschi is now firmly in the canon is an important one to make.
  6. dirac

    Saturday, October 9

    A Soviet ballet photo gallery.
  7. dirac

    Friday, October 8

    An interview with Georgina Pazcoguin.
  8. dirac

    Thursday, October 7

    Promotions and departures at New York City Ballet.
  9. A review of Georgina Pazcoguin's "Swan Dive" by Marianka Swain in The Telegraph.
  10. dirac

    Wednesday, October 6

    Margot Fonteyn's country house is up for sale.
  11. Gia Kourlas interviews three New York City Ballet dancers about their experiences during the pandemic and the return to performance.
  12. I think it's plain Lovette's less-than-glowing comments referred to the current administration. The gratitude to Martins is obviously deeply felt.
  13. I know it's a longish poem, but how could you leave this out? I loved that Stanley Whitney clip. "A bad day is a good day." Wonderful.
  14. For female writers and painters alike. You don't have to call yourself George any more, for one thing. Thanks for those links, aurora. Gentileschi appears to be having something of a moment.
  15. A review of New York City Ballet's gala by Leigh Witchel for dancelog.nyc.
  16. Definitely. All formidable women. I have been meaning to get to the Mitchell show..... Christmas Card to Grace Hartigan There’s no holly, but there is the glass and granite towers and the white stone lions and the pale violet clouds. And the great tree of balls in Rockefeller Plaza is public. Christmas is green and general like all great works of the imagination, swelling from minute private sentiments in the desert, a wreath around our intimacy like children’s voices in a park. For red there is our blood which, like your smile, must be protected from spilling into generality by secret meanings, the lipstick of life hidden in a handbag against violations. Christmas is the time of cold air and loud parties and big expense, but in our hearts flames flicker answeringly, as on old-fashioned trees. I would rather the house burn down than our flames go out.
  17. What a great idea for a topic, Tom47. Here is a piece on Artemisia Gentileschi, who didn't make the cut for Janson, apparently.
  18. dirac

    Sunday, October 3

    A review of "Ida Rubinstein: the Final Act" by Jann Parry for DanceTabs.
  19. dirac

    Sunday, October 3

    A review of English National Ballet in "Creature" by David Jays in The Sunday Times. Bruce Marriott reviews "Creature" for DanceTabs.
  20. dirac

    Saturday, October 2

    A review of English National Ballet by Sarah Crompton in The Guardian.
  21. dirac

    Friday, October 1

    A recent book tells the story of ballet dancer Nina Anisimova.
  22. dirac

    Sunday, October 3

    A review of Georgina Pazcoguin's "Swan Dive" by Daisy Goodwin in The Sunday Times.
  23. Melanie Hamrick shares some family snaps featuring inamorata Mick Jagger and her son.
  24. A house that once belonged to Margot Fonteyn is up for sale.
  25. Dex Honea and Kate Walsh Honea take the reins at Colorado Ballet Society.
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