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  1. The Joffrey Ballet presents a world premiere online.
  2. Lone Star Ballet cancels its Nutcracker.
  3. dirac

    Saturday, January 30

    Maria Shuvalova of the Bolshoi Ballet pulls in big bucks.
  4. Robert Cohan has died at age 95. The Daily Telegraph The New York Times The Guardian The Guardian
  5. Miami City Ballet plans a series of alfresco performances for this spring.
  6. dirac

    Friday, January 22

    Charlene Gehm has died at age 69.
  7. A preview of San Francisco Ballet's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
  8. dirac

    Friday, January 29

    San Francisco Ballet opens its digital season.
  9. dirac

    Thursday, January 28

    A feature on the life of Mikhail Baryshnikov in Russia Beyond.
  10. An obituary for curator David Scrase.
  11. A review of the National Ballet of Japan by Naomi Mori for Bachtrack.
  12. dirac

    Friday, January 29

    A review of San Francisco Ballet by Rita Felciano for danceviewtimes.
  13. dirac

    Sunday, January 17

    A review of the Ballo del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma by Jenifer Sarver for Bachtrack.
  14. dirac

    Sunday, January 24

    A review of San Francisco Ballet in " A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Lyndsey Winship in The Guardian.
  15. A review of San Francisco Ballet in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Heather Desaulniers for DanceTabs.
  16. The Paris Opera Ballet holds its opening gala.
  17. An update, concentrating on the ongoing front burner issue of touring:
  18. Signing on to this, as well. The poem didn't do much for me, but Gorman is plainly a talented kid. These inaugural poems tend not to show off their authors at their best anyway, and her enthusiasm was contagious, if I may use the word.
  19. Agreed on all counts. "Hallelujah" has taken on something of the status of a secular hymn, and I'm guessing that's why it was chosen, even if it's mainly about sex. (You can just listen to the "hallelujah" part.) I think John Cale said that when he asked Cohen if he could cover the song, Cohen sent him enough pages of lyrics to fill the Sunday NYT, so there's a lot from which to pick and choose.
  20. Lady Gaga has pipes. Other items on the day's menu okay, if predictable. "Hallelujah?" "Amazing Grace"? lmspear writes: It just makes my blood boil when that song is presented as feelgood patriotic pablum.
  21. Thank you for posting, Dancerboy90210. Not long ago I read one of those 'What do dancers think of this-or-that-ballet-movie-or-series?" pieces. One of the dancers quoted said he knew of real-life happenings like the incident in which a dancer is determined to go on in spite of sustaining a serious injury for fear of losing the role. Kourlas singles that out as a melodramatic touch. Interesting. (I gave up on the show, myself.)
  22. dirac

    Monday, January 11

    Later this year Darcey Bussell will join a dance-themed cruise along the Danube.
  23. dirac

    Saturday, January 16

    A biographical sketch of Poul Gnatt, founder of the Royal New Zealand Ballet.
  24. dirac

    Sunday, December 20

    Mick Jagger buys Melanie Hamrick a $2 million Florida mansion.
  25. dirac

    Friday, January 15

    A review of "Tiny Pretty Things" by Gia Kourlas in the "Critic's Notebook" of The New York Times.
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