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  1. dirac

    Tuesday, August 31

    An interview with James Whiteside.
  2. A review of the Ukrainian Ballet Gala by Graham Watts for Bachtrack.
  3. dirac

    Wednesday, August 25

    A review of the Battery Dance Festival by Carla Escoda for Bachtrack.
  4. dirac

    Thursday, August 26

    Madison Ballet cancels performances because of a local COVID-19 surge.
  5. Avant Chamber Ballet looks forward to performing live again.
  6. dirac

    Thursday, August 26

    Jacob's Pillow closes out the summer with a "Ballet Coast to Coast" program.
  7. dirac

    Thursday, August 26

    The Hudson Ballet presents a new ballet in Minneapolis about the Hmong immigrant experience.
  8. dirac

    Tuesday, August 24

    A new ballet tells the story of Hmong immigrants.
  9. dirac

    Tuesday, August 24

    A review of BalletX by Joey Thyne for The Idaho Mountain Express.
  10. A review of the National Ballet of Canada by Paula Citron for Ludwig Van.
  11. dirac

    Monday, August 23

    The Chocolate Ballerina Company will present a Nutcracker with an all-black cast.
  12. Denver's performing arts companies will require masking and proof of vaccination starting October 1. Related. Related.
  13. My apologies for not replying sooner, lmspear, and thank you. Dunaway is an interesting case - she hit it big in her twenties with Bonnie and Clyde and then lost her way for some time until coming back big in the middle-late Seventies. Unfortunately she didn't have the great post-Network career she should have had, for reasons both personal and professional. She was great in Mommie Dearest but the performance stuck to her and also she was hitting her forties. I always liked her a lot. She's a real star with a great face for the camera, and she can act. On those occasions when I've seen Rowlands she struck me as an admirable actor with a tendency to go overboard, so I'm not really well versed enough in her career to comment. (I'm not a big fan of the movies directed by the late John Cassavetes.) Redgrave hasn't had a conventional star career but then I doubt if she wanted one. She got off to a good start from the beginning, with Laurence Olivier announcing her arrival into the world onstage at the Old Vic with Dad at his side. It's interesting that, like Meryl Streep, she was never a movie ingenue - both of them were almost thirty when they became movie stars.
  14. dirac

    Sunday, August 22

    How New Zealand arts organizations are reaching out to people with disabilities.
  15. dirac

    Saturday, August 21

    An obituary for Tony Mendez, formerly of the David Letterman Show, who has died at age 76.
  16. dirac

    Thursday, August 5

    A review of Verb Ballets by Kerry Clawson in The Akron Beacon Journal.
  17. dirac

    Friday, August 6

    An obituary for Patricia Wilde by Brian Seibert in The New York Times.
  18. dirac

    Friday, August 6

    The Lexington Ballet Company hopes to make it back for the 2022-23 season.
  19. dirac

    Wednesday, August 4

    Louisville Ballet celebrates its seventieth anniversary.
  20. dirac

    Wednesday, August 11

    Fort Wayne Ballet announces its new season.
  21. Thanks for reviving this thread to comment, ABT Fan. As I remember there's more dancing later in the series, but's a slog to get there.
  22. Many thanks for the link. Farrell's interviews often contain penetrating remarks, and this one is no exception.
  23. dirac

    Saturday, August 21

    New York dance troupes get together to perform at Lincoln Center.
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