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    If you posted before, no. If you never posted, then in August, when we tried to do our semi-annual purge of members who had never posted and hadn't logged in within the last year, the software ignored the "not logged in in more than a year" input and purged everyone who had never posted. I posted about that back in August.
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    Welcome back, lmrook!
  3. Welcome to Ballet Alert! Degage E.!
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to Ballet Alert!, TeriAnne! We hope that you'll join our discussions from the audience point-of-view.
  5. Different organizations have different approaches and policies, but I don't remember seeing any with unlimited viewing periods for paid content aside from subscription services, like Marquee TV, medici.tv, and Met Opera on Demand. SFO streams archived videos for one weekend for free: if you want on demand vault streaming, you have to donate $75 or more. Pacific Northwest ballet allows five days of streaming for each program, whether subscription or single ticket, except for Nutcracker, which was longer, with period based on ticket type. Seattle Opera does the same for subscribers, at least,
  6. That is great news! I haven't seen the company live since 2004, and Madeleine Eastoe was a great favorite of mine. I look forward to seeing the company a generation later!
  7. San Francisco Opera is holding a Ring Festival from March 5-30, mostly from Fri-Sun. There are paid Zoom presentations throughout, but streaming of the HD filiming is going to be free! This is before they plan to go back to live performances starting in April: https://www.sfcv.org/music-news/sf-opera-revisits-wagners-ring-and-inaugurates-live-drive-in-opera Four weekends in March: March 7-8, Das Rheingold March 14-15: Die Walkure March 21-22: Siegfried March 28-29: Die Gotterdammerung It is Francesca Zambello's production, originally from 2011 or 2012. It
  8. Here's a link to the Seattle Dance Collective .pdf that describes a fillm collaboration between Sara Mearns and Seattle Dance Collective in 2021: https://4ad77e12-1059-4cdf-8053-c9fb38d0d01f.filesusr.com/ugd/5560e9_c34a59c2026949afbd450269bea391e9.pdf Choreographer is "Gaga instructor and choreographer Bobbi Jene Smith. Seattle Dance Collective is PNB Principal Dancers James Yoichi Moore's and Noelani Pantastic's project.
  9. I remember watching the last movement of Esplanade and, for decades, thinking that it would be the most fun imaginable to be part of. Now, my knees are screaming with empathy.
  10. I hope Peckl gets a summer home out of that gig.
  11. I agree that some parents would intentionally make the videos public and/or not disable comments. I don't understand why any parent would do this deliberaately for their minor child, but I also don't have children, let alone one that wants to become a professional dancer. Having been un numerous Zoom, Skype, and Blue Jeans calls with adults who weren't/aren't robust users of technology, I'm certain that some parents really haven't a clue about how this works. The early Zoom seccurity vulnerability was exploited because non-corporate and non-premium users didn't go in and set up thei
  12. Since SAB is no longer accepting video auditions for their Summer session, it looks like they've disabled their online video audition application:and removed the video instructions. https://sab.org/summer-auditions-admission/ I find it hard to believe that they would require children/minors to post audition videos in a public space, and I don't know of any major, general video platforms that don't offer password-protected and/or private forums, if the school is asking them to post to a platform, rather than uploading a video to a secured server/folder that the school can access to as
  13. Even if Atlanta Ballet needs Nedvigin, in my opinion, that would be an awful reason not to hire him, if he is the best candidate for San Francisco Ballet.
  14. @The Traveling Ballerinajust posted a link in a different thread about the (online) publication of a project she's been working on, and, related to this topic, Kelby Brown of Pace University said,
  15. The only other Maillot I've seen live is Cendrillon, and Romeo et Juliette is in that vein. The framing of the story is that Friar Laurence has gone mad because of the tragedy, but there's a very clear narrative. It's not abstract.
  16. PNB's February offering is Maillot's Romeo et Juliette, "opening" on February 11: https://www.facebook.com/PNBallet/posts/10158416149423952 This is included for 2020-21 subscriptions, which typically has interviews and other bonus material, and is available with a one-time $39 digital ticket. Casting for this filmed performance, which includes chances to see the now retired Margaret Mullin, Jonathan Porretta, Benjamin Griffiths, and Kylee Kitches, is: Romeo-James Yoichi Moore Juliet-Noelani Pantastico Nurse-Margaret Mullin Lady Capulet-Laura Tisserand
  17. Hello Whitney. We are an audience site, and while there are a few professionals amongst our members, we only allow professionals to speak about their own experiences in limited circumstances, if they post under their real, full name. Other than that, we have a strict "Official news" policy, ie, what is posted about companies and dancers (outside reviews) needs to be substantiated by public-facing news from professionals and students. Anything that we have found from those sources, you should be able to find as well. The short answer to questions is that there isn't one answer that
  18. Here's most of the press release from Ballet West about free online winter streaming, with emphasis in green, mine, in anticipation of the opener, The Green Table: Salt Lake City, UT— This week, Ballet West launches Winter Streaming: The Best of Ballet West, a six-week series of archival ballets edited and uploaded free of charge to Ballet West’s social media platforms. The first curated ballet will be Kurt Jooss’ groundbreaking work, The Green Table. The ballet depicts the futility of peace negotiations during World War I. Premiering in France in 1932, Ballet West first performed it on A
  19. This is with Nikisha Fogo, who recently joined San Francisco Ballet. She was wonderful in it!
  20. Part II is up! https://conversationsondancepod.com/2021/01/19/213-gloria-govrin-balanchine-ballerina-part-ii/ (Wish there was a Part III...)
  21. Ballet Arizona recorded their annual Ballet Under the Stars program, which in normal times is danced at various parks, and will stream it from their YouTube channel starting January 23 at 5pm MST. It will be available on demand for 24 hours. A live chat will follow at 6pm MST on January 23: https://www.facebook.com/balletaz/posts/10159026867269938
  22. I was partial to the bugler who played Taps and Amanda Gorman reading her poem.
  23. Met Opera Music Director Yannick Nezet-Seguin has written to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to ask not only for support of the arts, but for a cabinet-level position for Arts and Culture: (The letter is in the Tweet.)
  24. Edwards hasn't identified as trans: he's identified as gender-fluid. All of the men and gender-fluid people in the Trocks perform female roles. They aren't trans, either.
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