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  1. I love Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's -- with Quinn Wharton's filming -- so, so, so, so, so, so much <3. It's part of Whim W'him's digital season Choreographic Shindig Vi which just opened tonight. (Literally).
  2. Unfortunately, no. There was a recording made in Montreal, with all of the original cast except McBride in Hayden's role -- Mein, Geliebter -- and excerpts from it were shown in the PBS two-part Balanchine bio doc. We were all hoping that when they started to release DVD's of those Montreal years, they would finally get to Liebeslieder, but, alas they stopped doing releases.
  3. For Sun Valley, they used some chamber music arrangements. For example, it was a piano and violin duet that played for Leta Biasucci in the Verdy solo from Emeralds, recorded recently on the McCaw Hall stage. (Not archival, like the Neenan, for example.) I think this works beautifully at Vail: it was one of the things I noticed during the streams they made available this summer. Mark Morris also generally uses chamber music, but he choreographs to a lot of chamber music, not to transcriptions for chamber groups. My take from the descriptions I've seen is that it's unlimited viewin
  4. Heather Watts and Bart Cook gave my favorite performances of the Nein, Geliebter roles.
  5. At NYCB Ashley Bouder, Merrill Ashley, and Patricia Wilde come to mind.
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing them all, while being glad to see some of the performances from earlier in the decade.
  7. The verbal tap-dancing between mother and daughter sometimes reminded me of Fred and Ginger.
  8. I used to fast-forward to the scenes with Edward Hermann, whom I was privileged to see (live) in "Plenty." I just loved him.
  9. From Links, Louisville Ballet is prepoing for a digital season: and NYCB is producing a mini-festival with new work within its digital season:
  10. Dance Edit's newsletter today led with a link to survey results published by TRG Arts about optimism and plans by arts organizations in the US for in-person performs. The surveys were performed over time and over an expanded number of organizations surveyed: https://trgarts.com/blog/arts-culture-planning-2020-comeback-sep.html?utm_source=The+Dance+Edit&utm_campaign=972d5be06a-TheDanceEdit20200917&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_71d672be74-972d5be06a-69902614 Needless to say, the results aren't encouraging.
  11. PNB has. Jessica Lang has been choreographing in person for the Company. Peter Boal described in his Conversations on Dance interview that she is moving between studios, each of which has a separate dancer pod. Per this PNB Blog post from August:
  12. I was also lucky enough to have seen Evelyn Cisneros dance towards the end of her career. She will now direct Ballet West's school Here's the press release: EVELYN CISNEROS-LEGATE APPOINTED INCOMING DIRECTOR OF THE FREDERICK QUINNEY LAWSON BALLET WEST ACADEMY SALT LAKE CITY, UT--The Frederick Quinney Lawson Ballet West Academy is thrilled to announce world-renowned ballerina Evelyn Cisneros-Legate has been appointed as the new Director of all four campuses of the school. Cisneros-Legate, a native of Huntington Beach, California trained at the San Francisco Bal
  13. I would think that Principal Dancers especially would have no reason to be present in NYC. Most of them know their roles and can refresh their memory from tape. Who can partner whom is highly restricted even among companies in North America where dancers have returned. No dance companies are in an NBA- or NHL-like bubble for the long-term.
  14. Ikolo Griffin has joined the faculty at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School! I'm really glad for the school and him: I remember his dancing at SFB.
  15. Casting is up for Digital Program 1, which opens on October 15: https://www.pnb.org/season/rep1/ As of today: Dances at a Gathering Opening Solo Lucien Postlewaite F O I L II – Be Still Amanda Morgan Cecilia Iliesiu Juliet Prine IV – Wait Abby Jayne DeAngelo One Body Excerpt Christopher D’Ariano Swan Lake Pas de Trois Variation Christian Poppe
  16. This is primarily vocal, but Dance Theatre of Harlem's Christopher Daniel performed a short-ish excerpt in celebration of what would have been soprano Jessye Norman's 75th birthday in this gala that was aired yesterday. There was a beautiful photo of Norman with Arthur Mitchell in the celebration, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fbc-c_WbLBQ&feature=youtu.be&t=5383
  17. Also, for companies that have come back in some form, not everyone is in the studio or required to be in order to be part of the season. PNB dancers have the option to stay home and work over Zoom (used generically like "kleenex" for tissues and "google" for search). Dancers' social media is official news. Which includes an accumulation of posts: each does not have to tell the entire story. And gestures can also be official news, like flowers presented to a dancer taking a bow and/or a front-of-the-curtain solo bow on the last performance of the season are valid to be interpreted as re
  18. There is no evidence that NYCB is doing "nothing" for their dancers. From official news, we know they have not brought dancers back into the studio, at least yet. Edited to remove, as Leah has posted that, according to official social media news, at least one dancer is back in the studio. How many and for what purposes will come out or not based on whether dancers and/or the Company post/speak about it. The financial and management decisions that companies make are driven by a wide number of factors and limitations, such as board independence, willingness of donors -- especially "angel"
  19. Those were the years that Merrill Ashley and Karin von Aroldingen were in the Emeralds leads, and Arlene Croce wasn't the only one who objected to this casting as a failed experiment. I loved Heather Watts in the Pas de Trois, and based on the way she was dancing at the time and the gorgeous performances I saw her given in the Midsummer Night's Dream Divertissement and in the Hayden role in Liebeslieder Walzer, especially the last slow pas de deux in Part 2 -- I would have loved to have seen her in the Verdy role in that telecast. I haven't watched that DVD for so long, I can't re
  20. Michael Breeden was involved with this project and participated in the quarantine. In Conversations on Dance, he goes into the logistics in a bit more detail: https://conversationsondancepod.com/2020/09/08/200-episode/ From ~5:30-11 minutes. He and Rebecca King Ferraro then go on to discuss the possibility of Miami City Ballet performing outdoors, because the weather is conducive to it during the performance season. Which I hope is also possible for Houston and other companies in Texas, and Ballet Arizona, which has a tradition of appearing in various area parks in September
  21. Sadly, he was not able to be an in-person Artist-in-Residence at Vail this summer, but the good news is that he will be Artist-in-Residence in 2021. I think that having Watts and Woetzel as Vail mentors following the grant he received to be able to plot his own course of artistic development has contributed greatly to having earned this promotion, and that we may see Solor and Basilio yet, if that's what he wants, because Watts and Woetzel stretch Vail artists beyond type. One of the advantage of living in the sticks is that we're exposed to a good range of Basilios, at least. (Still wa
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