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  1. ord7916

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Isabelle Boylston gave a great performance tonight. She did a compelling mad scene, her diagonal on the variation was brilliant, as was whatever she did when Giselle first encounters the willis (sorry I don't know the technical terms, they sort of looked like fouettes to me, but not exactly) The willis scenes were terrific. I have previously seen Hallberg and Cornejo as Albrecht and, sadly, neither did the entrechats six. Whiteside did and they were fine. I counted 26. Are there supposed to be 32? He partnered well. Was it believable that they are madly in love? Not exactly. But still a good performance. Loads of empty seats tonight, but lots of cheers from the audience.
  2. ord7916

    ABT 2017 Onegin

    I was on the way home from work today and decided on the spur of the moment to go tonight. Reluctantly, I must admit this was my first ABT of the season, my first ever Onegin, my first ever Ferri and my first ever Bolle. Without any previous versions to compare it to, I really enjoyed it. I'd agree that the second act is a let down, but the first was good and that final scene was amazing. Bolle was the highlight for me, And having come to ballet too late to see Angel Corella, Jose Carreno, Ethan Steifel or Julio Bocca, I at least got to see Alessandra Ferri. She looked sad the whole time, but I suppose that it fitting. I liked Sarah and Daniil and am a big James Whiteside fan, even if he had little to do. The corp was in splendid form in the intense company scene in act one. Some may quibble about the staging and scenery, but the former was unusually creative and the latter a big step up from some of the cheap stuff often on display. This was a nice diversion from tonight's unfortunate election news in Georgia.
  3. ord7916

    ABT 2016 Met Season

    I have a choice for SL between Orchestra Row K dead center and Row E center third seat from the aisle. Which would you choose? (I sat in row G on the aisle last night and it was perfect.)
  4. ord7916

    ABT 2016 Le Corsaire

    This was my first ever Corsaire and it was one of my favorite ballet evenings ever. I loved the first two acts but found the third to be rather anti-climactic. Since this is all "seamless indulgence" as aptly noted above, why not move the pas de trois to the last act and let us leave on a high note? In any event, I loved Daniil and his 540s (thank you to Its The Mom for bringing that up since I never knew what a 540 was until looking it up just now). Cirio was amazing - this guy seemingly came out of nowhere. He is so intensely focused and his dancing is almost superhuman. Herman has always been one of my favorites, though I'd agree he was overshadowed here. It looked to me that he stopped in the middle of his manege and then started again. Sarah was beautiful and Maria K did some super fast turns. Are we to be believe that Conrad and Medora are madly in love? I didn't feel that, at least as embodied by Maria K and Herman. But so be it. I had a fabulous time.
  5. ord7916

    Spring 2015: Romeo and Juliet

    Well, I tried calling and speaking to a supervisor about getting some comps as others have succeeded in doing. I spoke to a snooty guy who said they would not provide anything. I mentioned that I know that some people were given complimentary tickets as compensation. He said if that happened, that was at "somebody's" discretion and they don't give complimentary tickets because a performer was not there. It ended with "We sell performances, not performers."
  6. ord7916

    Spring 2015: Romeo and Juliet

    For the record, people were not leaving in droves. The woman next to me left after Act I and there were a few more empty seats after each act. Most people who've paid $125+ are not about to walk out in the middle. And while it was not Diana Vishneva - and that was indeed disappointing - many of us found it somewhat enjoyable.
  7. ord7916

    Spring 2015: Romeo and Juliet

    How would I go about getting one of these comps?
  8. ord7916

    Spring 2015: Romeo and Juliet

    I was slightly under the weather today and was almost going to pass on tonight but how could I miss Diana and Marcelo. Not until around 7:20 did I notice the insert in the Playbill and get the news. This was my first RJ so I have nothing to compare it to, but I loved the balcony scene and the bedroom scene. Marcelo was.... Marcelo - great dancing, great acting, great stage presence, great looking. He brought out the best in Seo and I thought they had great chemistry - when they were together. Without him, she was unexciting. When Romeo died, you feel it. When Juliet dies, it just fizzles. Thomas Forester, Alexandre Hammoudi and Martine Van Hamel were all enjoyable to watch. And Craig Salstein was brilliant.
  9. ord7916

    Spring 2015: Romeo and Juliet

    Omg. I am in my seat now and I just saw the note in the playbill. I had no idea. For those who were refused exchanges, are you subscribers? We are supposed to be able to exchange at will. Had I known I would have tried.
  10. ord7916

    Spring 2015: The Sleeping Beauty

    Interesting. I saw her fall, but I thought that was part of the show.
  11. ord7916

    Spring 2015: The Sleeping Beauty

    Huh? When was that?
  12. ord7916

    Spring 2015: The Sleeping Beauty

    Ok as I endure an unusually long wait for the 1 train.... The highlights tonight were - by far - the bluebird pas de deux and the grand pas. But it took a really long time to get there. The prologue had a couple of decent moments but was way too long and rather unexciting. It picked up once Sarah made her entrance. I was nervous for her rose adagio having read the reviews here of her last attempt. She seemed to have trouble getting her balance early on but the rest she did perfectly well. I saw her two years ago when I was new to ballet and had never heard of the rose adagio and that scene was mesmerizing. It remains my all time favorite ballet moment. This time was less dramatic. Sarah had trouble balancing a few times and her partners were reluctant to let go. She also seemed to make some abrupt less than graceful movements. But she never lost her smile. Act 2 was blah. Act 3 was better. Misty Copeland and Gabe Stone Shayer whom I never heard of were terrific in the bluebird pdd. Sarah and Herman were great in the grand pas adagio and Herman did at least 8 entrachat six,'s in the variation which he did not do in Giselle. I love Herman but that red getup in act 2 and the white wig in the grand pas do not suit him. Overall this was long evening. I found myself checking my watch a number of times which I normally don't do. I'm glad to have seen the new version, but don't expect to be revisiting SB for a while.
  13. ord7916

    Spring 2015: The Sleeping Beauty

    I am supposed to see Sarah and Herman next Thursday but after reading some of these reviews, I'm having second thoughts. Should I switch to a different night? And if so, which one?
  14. ord7916

    Spring 2015: Giselle

    Who was the last guy with the beard who gave her a bouquet? Someone behind me said "Julio!", so I assumed it was him.
  15. ord7916

    Spring 2015: Giselle

    Where does Macauly sit? That would give us an indication of what they consider the best seats. Can anyone confirm that Carreno and Bocca were up there?