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  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing Maria K in Symphony in C. I've never Teresa Reichlein in The 4 Ts, but I'm sure she'll be fabulous. I've seen Ramasar dance Phlegmatic (is that how you spell it?) and he's wonderful in the role. I'm really tired of seeing La Cour in the part. I don't know about anyone else, but I find Ask la Cour to be very colorless.
  2. So what actually can we do? Is there a way to reach Kevin McKenzie by e-mail that anyone knows? If somehow a number of us could get word to him by e-mail, social media, whatever, that we all spend a lot of money on ABT tickets and we're huge Stella Abrera fans and we would buy even more tickets if she were a principal and dancing principal roles? I'm just thinking off the top of my head here. It might not do any good, but it certainly wouldn't hurt and at least we would have tried. What do you Ballet Talkers think? Any good suggestons?
  3. I will definitely join the band wagon re:making Matvienko an ABT principal who will return every year at least to the Met. Angelica, I wish I knew Kevin McKenzie or someone on the board of ABT so I could bring up the question of why Stella is not a principal. Unfortunately I'm just a ballet lover like all of us and I don't know anyone at ABT. I am not very knowledgeable about all the social media out there, but could we conduct a facebook campaign or something? Doesn't ABT have a facebook page? I'm sure they do. It's just a thought. Maybe some facebook savy Ballet Talk posters out ther
  4. I saw the March 18th matinee of the Paul Taylor Dance Company. The afternoon begins with ‘Mercuric Tidings’ which is a pure dance piece set to excerpts from Franz Schubert’s glorious Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2. Unfortunately all the music is taped, due to the exorbitant cost of a live orchestra in New York City. I really love this work, especially the forms of the movements which keep growing and changing into gorgeous patterns. All the dancers are splendid, leaping and spinning at a breakneck pace. There is so much depth to this dance that I need to see it several more times to even touch t
  5. I haven't seen The Nutcracker in years (at least 10 or 11) and the only way I'd see it performed live is if I were introducing a child to The Nutcracker. (Then as I've done in the past, I'd take that child to see Balanchine's Nutcracker at the David Koch Theater.) I think The Nutcracker is great for kids, and I do realize how important it is to the budget of the ballet companies who dance it. Also, I think the music is fantastic, and I make sure I listen to the music often this time of the year. The ballet, however, doesn't interest me at all. In the first act, there's no real dancing un
  6. Since I responded to the most handsome male dancers, I can't not add my thoughts about the most beautiful female dancers. As I said with regard to the men, just because someone is a great dancer doesn't mean they're necessarily beautiful or even very attractive. And there are many ballerinas who appear beautiful on stage, but when you see them in person they're pretty ordinary looking. I saw both Wendy Whelan and Julie Kent doing errands in Manhattan, and was surprised at how ordinary they looked. I think Paloma Herrera is beautiful, and with regard to current dancers at ABT Irina Dvoroven
  7. Im my opinion, just because someone is a great dancer doesn't mean they're handsome or even good-looking. I loved Julio Bocca as a dancer, but in the looks department I'd classify him as ordinary. I'd say the same of Damien Woetzl. I'd call Angel Corella cute, not handsome. (I know he's been referred to as the "Spanish leprachaun".) I also wouldn't call David Hallberg handsome - nice-looking would be about as far as I'd go. And I saw him up close entering City Center during the Kings of Dance run this February. I think both Jose Manuel Carreno and Marcelo Gomes are gorgeous. I also thin
  8. As has already been said, I think it depends on whether or not the ballerina is in proportion to her partner. I think a short dancer can dance Odette/Odile or Aurora just as well as a tall dancer. Gillian Murphy is just perfect in Swan Lake, and she's only about 5'5 or so. And the last two Auroras I saw - Alina Cojacaru and Tiler Peck are both on the small size, and they gave the two best performances of the title role in Sleeping Beauty I have ever seen. And Natalia Osipova is tiny - but she eats up the stage with her incredible technque and artistry. With regard to Giselle, I think Gise
  9. Sorry I just got around to answering this. The best balancer (if that's a word) I've ever seen is Paloma Herrera, both in Sleeping Beauty and Don Q. And as good as Paloma's balancing was in the grand pas from Don Q (which was taped in 1997 I think) when I saw her dance Don Q in 2004 and Sleeping Beauty in 2007 her balances were rock solid. You never have to worry that Paloma's going to wobble.
  10. I also attended the Sunday matinee. Thank you to Bobbi, ViolinConcerto and drb for expressing my views about “Divertimento No. 15” (and expressing them so beautifully). I think Ashley Bouder is developing into a real ballerina. And what an exciting performer she is! She lit up the stage every time she entered. I found myself watching Ashley even when she wasn’t dancing. I, too, was very concerned about Abby Stafford when I didn’t see her at the end of the ballet, and during the curtain calls. Hopefully, her absence was just precautionary. I’m not sure what I think about “Klavier”. I n
  11. I attended the January 22nd performance. I don’t have much time, so I’ll make this very quick. I really do not like “Morgen”. It’s a pretty looking ballet, and it was well danced, but to me it just went on and on and on. I find Peter Martins’ choreography in this ballet (and many of his other ballets as well) to be very repetitious. New York Export: Opus Jazz” I loved. It was my first time to see it, and I really want to see it many more times. It’s not really ballet – but what great choreography and music! And the young cast was so enthusiastic – it was a great closing ballet. Bu
  12. I went to the October 30th matinee. Maybe it’s me, but I did not like Tudor’s “Dark Elegies” at all. I just could not get into it. I’m not sure whether it was the choreography, the music, or the performers – probably a combination of all three. On the other hand, I was absolutely riveted by ABT’s production of “The Green Table”. The whole cast was wonderful, but Julio Bragado Young stood out as the Profiteer. He was just so smarmy – it was a perfect characterization. And Isaac Stappas was very powerful in the role of Death. Did anyone see both David Hallberg and Stappas dance this ro
  13. I also went to the October 22nd matinee. I definitely agree with atm711 and Michael that Irina Dvorvenko was totally miscast in “Les Sylphides”. As the other two soloists, however, Yuriko Kajiya, and especially Zhong-Jing Fang were just wonderful. No wonder so many Ballet Alert posters were impressed by Fang’s performance in “Les Sylphides” during ABT’s Met season. I also agree with Michael’s review of “Afternoon of a Faun”. What a perfect little jewel of a ballet it is – great music, great choreography, and two beautiful performances (which Michael has already described much better than
  14. I went to the Saturday matinee of “Spartacus”. Like nsusan, I went to see Lunkina. I loved her when I saw her in “Giselle” in 2000. But I have to say I did enjoy “Spartacus”. It was my first time to see it live. The music, the choreography and the costumes were all wonderful. And the male corps was outstanding. I think ABT’s male principals and soloists could do a great job in “Sparatcus”. I love nysusan’s idea of Acosta and Gomes playing the lead roles in “Spartacus”. But I really don’t think ABT’s male corps would be up to the job. I saw Alexander Vorobiev as Spartacus. He was oka
  15. I went to the July 16th matinee of “Giselle” with Xiomara Reyes and Angel Corella. It was an incredibly beautiful and moving performance. In her dancing, Reyes stood out for her amazingly fast footwork. In Act II, she seemed lighter than a feather. But I was really impressed by Reyes’ portrayal of Giselle. In Act I, her Giselle was extremely young, innocent, and so full of love for Loys/Albrecht. When she found out that Albrecht had betrayed her, you could see her heart break right on stage. Reyes’ mad scene was so moving, I found myself in tears. As Albrecht, Corella’s dancing was as
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