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  1. As enjoyable as are Toni Bentley's reviews of the dance books of others, even more enjoble is a dance book by Toni Bentley. I look forward to her book on "Serenade."
  2. A couple of years ago at a NYCB guild seminar, he read from the autobiography he'd been working on. As I remember it was a very amusing anecdote about Lincoln Kirstein inviting Jacques and Carolyn to dinner and then disappearing. I agree that Jacques's autobiography would be great fun. I hope he's still working on it.
  3. Then there are dancers who retire and continue dancing as "guest artists"with the company they've retired from. Robert La Fosse at NYCB is one example.
  4. No Bobbi, I don't think they do. They were so adamant at not becoming "a museum company" that their standards for performing Balanchine have seriously eroded. As Macaulay points out in the article, "Though no company dances nearly so many Balanchine ballets as City Ballet, the main Balanchine story is now happening elsewhere. It's scarcely a matter of contention that American Ballet Theatre, Miami City Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, the Suzanne Farrell Ballet (attached to the Kennedy Center in Washington) and the Kirov Ballet of St. Petersburg have all danced several B
  5. "We do not have to hug our memories of yesteryear. Balanchine is as much ballet's future as its past." -- Alistair Macaulay, NY Times, Nov 16, 2008
  6. From Alistair Macaulay's review of "Divertimento from 'La Baiser de la Fee," NY Times, 2/9/08: "Watching this, as so often when watching the Balanchine repertory, I think it is reasonable to suggest that Balanchine and Beckett were the two supreme dramatists of the 20th century."
  7. Thanks, Perky. I didn't know how to respond to Ostrich, because I thought it might be a joke -- in the nature of cubanmiamiboy confessing to be the great Alicia Alonzo.
  8. There is no real biography of George Balanchine -- none that is worthy of the subject. The standard one, by Bernard Taper, is a competent, journalistic job, but lacks psychological depth. The Richard Buckle one is gossipy, but patchy and incomplete. The Robert Gottlieb one is too short to cover much beyond the highlights. All the others I can think of -- by Moira Shearer, Terry Teachout, et. al. are seriously lacking in various ways. I would like to know how, for example, it was possible for Mr. B to have married and divorced five times, while remaining on good terms with all his exes? From
  9. Dear Helene, Everything has fallen into place. Thanks for guiding me through this process today. I'm back where I belong and logged in. Lou
  10. Perhaps I'm being silly, but it seems to me that "buttock placement" would be more of an issue with male dancers. Has there also been a falling off in this regard?
  11. Hello Hans, I am a member of your target audience -- a balletomane with no classroom experience. (Although I did observe a class by Danilova and another by Stanley Williams years ago at SAB). I think you've succeeded admirably in your aim of providing some rudimentary knowledge, and I thank you for it. Bravo. Lou D'Angelo
  12. I didn't see her do it, FF, but I think I saw photo(s) of Ashley Bouder barefoot in BVC, hair in a top-knot. Oops! I did see Bouder in the part, but didn't notice her hair. Apologies for the misinformation.
  13. You're right about the dancer under the hair, drb. Everybody who did the role subsequently also did it with short hair, but the memory of Kate Johnson remains indelible.
  14. This is an enjoyable subject. I want to thank carbro for mentioning the great Christine Sarry and canbelto for mentioning Suzanne's current hairdo. Although not strictly speaking a ballerina, the short-haired Kate Johnson has never been equaled in "Barber Violin Concerto."
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