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  1. I saw Danses Concertantes done by Suzanne Farrell Ballet a few years ago and really enjoyed it. (It was on the same program as her lauded reconstruction of Gounod Symphony.) There is a fun clip of the company rehearsing some of that program, the clips of Danses begins about four minutes in:
  2. NYCB leadership seems to have slowed down in fast-tracking younger talent in recent years. It's always been my impression that they want to prevent moving someone up too quickly both for both personal reasons as well as from a company investment perspective. Several senior company members have spoken in interviews on the difficulties adjusting to being promoted to principal quickly. Megan Fairchild has said that she hadn't developed confidence in herself as a dancer, understood the culture of the company, or gained the skills to navigate the pressure that goes along with being the "star" of the company. (And how to respond to competition with other more-established company members.) Others have mirrored similar concerns. There is also that factor from the company side of being wary of investing too heavily in a promising talent which could fizzle out unexpectedly. Chase Findley would be a good example... (his obvious personal issues aside) we had many a discussion about his degrading physical stamina and lack-of personality in his performances for years before his firing. If you're going to invest in a dancer, you better have some good assurances that they'll continue to improve, not decline prematurely. It's a short career, but I don't see it as a bad thing for these folks to have to make a sustained effort to earn those coveted principal spots. Even if they have the talent to dance the roles today.
  3. Question on "La Source": Does anyone know which sections of the Delibes original Balanchine used for the score? (I'm also looking for this information for Balanchine's Raymonda Variations.)
  4. One thought I might throw into the "reasons why there have been so few debuts" bucket-- once a dancer is given a shot at a role, there is an expectation that they'll be able to dance it again when the ballet returns to the rep. I would think there would be balance that the artistic staff needs to keep in mind between newer dancers and the principals that theatregoers actively try and buy tickets to see (Mearns, Korowski, Peck, etc.). If they allow too many debuts, they won't be able to keep that balance in future seasons. That's not great for company morale either. One more note on Baily Jones-- I saw her in the 3rd Movement of Symphony in C at the Kennedy Center earlier thisyear and thought she was the best part of the ballet. Her lightweight cheerfulness was a joy.
  5. It's definitely a personal joy of mine when I see that new episodes are posted. Rosin Box is also my favorite, but I also want to add some kudos for Andrew Litton's installments as well. I've enjoyed hearing more about the music and inviting musicians to join him. (The Oboist discussing the 2nd movement of Symphony in C was great!) I wonder if they'll add some interviews in the future with more facets of the ballets: lighting, costumes, etc.
  6. Sarah Villwock annoucing on instagram that she'll be joining husband Gio Villalobos next month... seems she's ending her tenure with NYCB. What a shame! I have always loved her in demi roles and wish she'd been given more soloist opportunities.
  7. I came to ballet both in terms of appreciation and weekly practice through the AOL "City Ballet" series when it came out online in 2013. Six years later, I have a subscription to the Kennedy Center's ballet and dance series and I see NYCB whenever I'm in New York. Definitely a big fan of these kinds of outreach methods to reach younger people!
  8. Winston Nguyen used to be all over social media posts made by several dancers at NYCB. I always wondered why he suddenly disappeared... didn't expect that Rikers was the answer though.
  9. Is it too much to hope that all these debuts for Laracey will lead to a promotion?
  10. There is a chapter on Scotch Symphony in Nancy Goldner's "More Balanchine Variations." Might be found in there!
  11. For anyone interested, playlists for most of the NYCB rep is updated for Spring 19 programming. Feel free to follow and enjoy: https://open.spotify.com/user/mayrea
  12. She was cast in the third movement of Symphony in C at the Kennedy Center last month and I really enjoyed her dancing. She has a very warm and lighthearted presence and her movement is very clean and springy.
  13. DC Export

    Kathryn Morgan

    She will join at the rank of soloist: https://www.miamicityballet.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/FINAL-2019-20-MCB-Company-Roster-Announcement-04-16-19.pdf
  14. Press Release has been published, she will join the company as a soloist: https://www.miamicityballet.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/FINAL-2019-20-MCB-Company-Roster-Announcement-04-16-19.pdf Also joining MCB is Zachary Catazaro's brother, Cameron.
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