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  1. The 2008-10 renovations to the Theater Formerly Known as State included "a completely new communications and technology backbone for the facility and the creation of a media center to allow for recording and broadcast." Here's a picture of the media suite from the linked page. From a November 2011 New York Times Article entitled "A Digital Future Not Quite Here for City Ballet": More than a year after its completion at a cost of several million dollars, a sleek media control room equipped to help the New York City Ballet record its performances for digital archiving and for the
  2. Maybe, but first the theaters have to be allowed to open and then the audience has to feel safe enough to show up. The Met does have to do a ton more advance planning with respect to casting than a company like NYCB. It is not uncommon for a singer for a lead role to be signed up years in advance, especially if they are a prominent artist in high demand. The Met may have decided that there is too much uncertainty regarding 1) whether or not they will be allowed to open, 2) whether the right singers for the operas they've scheduled will be available, and 3) whether any of non-US based sin
  3. To the best of my knowledge, no, aside from the archival performance videos available for viewing in the NY Public Library's Performing Arts research collection.
  4. Most likely Sterling Hyltin. My mental model for tracking who's dancing what in Liebeslieder is to name the roles after who originated them since there seems to be no other convention such as "The Waltz Girl" or "Rubies Tall Girl" or what have you. So, here are the originators: Diana Adams – Bill Carter Melissa Hayden – Jonathan Watts Jillana – Conrad Ludlow Violette Verdy – Nicholas Magallenes I've seen all of the dancers BalanchineFan referred to dance Liebeslieder, but never that exact cast. From my experience, here's who generally dances what: Tiler Peck = Violette Ver
  5. Take my money! I'd like a recording featuring Whelan and Hübbe performing the second half pas to "Nein, Geliebter." I cried every single time I saw them dance it. Here's a clip of Laurent Lovette and Jared Angle performing that duet in 2019:
  6. If I recall correctly, the principal women wear pointe shoes for both the Waltz and Scherzo and the corps wears pointe shoes in the Scherzo as well. I am honestly drawing a blank as to what the Waltz corps has on its feet, but I think it's slippers at least.
  7. Me too! I'm sure this sounds heretical to anyone whose only memories of Watts comes from the last half decade or so of her career. No one has moved me as much in the Divertissement pas de deux as Watts did. I'm an Ashley fangirl, but I've always been grumpy about the fact that it was her performance of the Divertissement that got broadcast, not Watts'. I wouldn't be surprised if Balanchine omitted the Emeralds solos if he thought they wouldn't translate well to the small screen. (I don't remember if Paul's solo was included or not. I'll check my DVD at some point because now I'm curiou
  8. Yes, Verdy's solo was omitted. I always thought it was odd because it's one of the ballet's highlights and, along with the "walking" pas de deux, one of its iconic moments. (Maybe this wasn't the case at the time of the broadcast and it's just me thinking that with 40 years of watching the ballet under my belt?) The broadcast was made not so many years after Verdy retired the role. Perhaps Balanchine thought it was too soon for another ballerina to assume the role for a national audience. PS - I know Balanchine made a number of changes and additions to Emeralds over the years, but I didn'
  9. Such a fun ballet ... I don't know why it fell out of the rep. But yes, Kowroski's comic chops were on full display. The tender little pas de cinq for Kathleen Tracey (as the stage manager) and four stagehands with big push brooms is one of the sweetest things Wheeldon has ever choreographed.
  10. I hate to be that "well, actually ... " person, but I believe the women only dance barefoot in Elégie. But yeah, it's an awful lot of minutes of unbound hair and swirling tulle cocktail dresses to sit through until we get to T&V. If they had to televise a movement other than T&V, Elégie is definitely the one.
  11. I too prefer whole ballets to excerpts. That being said, Balanchine himself elected to present excerpts from his ballets for the Dance in America series featuring his choreography. There was no Jewels in its entirety, only excerpts from Emeralds and Diamonds. (And not even the entirety of those two ballets, either, just excerpts.) Only excerpts from Chaconne. Only the Andante from Divertimento No. 15. Only Elégie from Tschaikovsky Suite No. 3. I have no idea why Balanchine chose to have only excerpts of those ballets televised, but he did.
  12. A video of Natural History, a new ballet choreographed in the time of Covid by Troy Schumacher, for his company, Ballet Collective, performed on an outdoor stage at The Mashomack Fish & Game Preserve Club in upstate New York. Brian Seibert's New York Times review: City Dancers Unleashed in the Wild. There are eight dancers, six from NYCB and two from the Martha Graham Company: Devin Alberda, Anthony Huxley, Ashley Laracey, Lorenzo Pagano, Erica Pereira, Davide Riccardo, and Leslie Andrea Williams. Per Seibert's Times review, they quarantined together nearby and rehearsed on a local s
  13. As far as I'm concerned, the announcement of Ahn, Bell, Brandt, Forster, Royal, Shayer, and Trenary's promotions is a ray of sunshine in a dark time. It's heartening to see a U.S. arts organization embrace its future in the face of so much uncertainty. I've enjoyed watching each of these dancers perform and have gone out of my way to catch some of them when they've been cast in featured roles, so I'm delighted to see their careers advance.
  14. That is great news! I'm rarely in a position to consume a live stream from start to finish, so being able to dip in and out over the course of a few days is a real gift.
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