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  1. Did I miss something? I didn't know Amar Ramasar is planning to retire! When was this announced?
  2. Thank you Trixie, that was an interesting interview. She mentioned that 9 other dancers also left MCB. Does anyone know who else left?
  3. Do you know what IGTV channel this was?
  4. Hi Everyone, I hope you're all staying safe and healthy. I just wanted to share a few links that have made my time in quarantine a bit more bearable. Megan Fairchild has been uploading videos to YouTube and her interview with Sara Mearns is highly entertaining and informative. I also enjoyed her quarantine diary on the New York Times. Enjoy! Jessa https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ_WNxLiIEESXCpqGdUGiJw https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/14/arts/dance/megan-fairchild-city-ballet-coping-at-home.html
  5. @cubanmiamiboy - I would love to hear if you have seen her dancing and what your thoughts are? @LadyBubbles - Do you recall the name of the podcast she was interviewed on? Thanks guys!
  6. Does anyone know what's going on with Kathryn Morgan? There has been such a big publicity push with her return to the stage and now she's on the cover of Dance Magazine as well as a big write-up in Pointe Magazine. Yet it seems she's barely dancing, especially in Firebird which she was training for. I'm starting to wonder if this was just a big PR stunt. I hope she gets back into tutu shape so we can see more of her. Does anybody know??
  7. Does anyone know what's happening with casting for Kathryn Morgan? It looked like she was rehearsing for "I'm Old Fashioned" but it seems she isn't given much opportunity to perform. Does anyone know what's going on with her?
  8. So where is Miss Tiler this season? I have seen countless photos of her and her pretty model boyfriend (?) doing numerous Valentino events/parties (on her public IG) but is she injured?? As much as I love her dancing I find her to have a sort of boring “she’s so perfect we know she’s going to nail it” where as Sara Mearns goes out there and gives it her whole heart and soul in a much different way than Tiler and I am growing to love this sense of abandon so much. Sara is growing so much and I’m just in awe of what’s coming from her. Last week I went to see Whipped Cream, which made me appreciate City Ballet so much more - in more ways than I can count.
  9. Last night was a lovely night at the ballet, thanks to Stravinsky Violin Concerto closing out the show. There were several fumbles throughout the night (I missed the one with Indiana Woodward and Harrison Coll) - Nieve Corrigan went down hard in Scotch Symphony and for whatever reason Sara Mearns' tights had many holes in Stravinsky Violin Concerto! I hope the new directors work on the dancers with their "dance faces". While I love Ashley Bouder's dancing, the constant mugging is too much for me. I think Lydia Wellington is just lovely and has a pleasant, elegant expression on her face at all times. Oh and back to Harrison - I liked his dancing but his expression was just too smug for his own good. I am also loving Aaron Sanz - such nice long limbs and I enjoyed seeing him paired with Sara Mearns. A few dancers stood out as possible concerns to me - Sarah Villwock is looking painfully thin and Jacqueline Bologna is just not in the same shape as she was before. There was a NYCB YouTube video awhile back where Wendy Whelan was coaching Sara Adams on Liturgy. She said that she really likes Sara and is surprised nobody gives her a chance. I'm hoping to see more of Sara because I really admire her clean technique and turnout. I'm also wondering if the new team will be weeding out long-term corps members or certain principals that might be needing to retire. I've seen speculation on here, only time will tell.
  10. Does anyone know if Mira Nadon is still dancing as an apprentice? I really enjoyed her in the Workshop performance of Scotch Symphony and noticed she wasn't in the last batch of promotions to corps.
  11. I love her too! She has such a great presence and holds herself like a queen.
  12. I'm not seeing a lot of reviews of the season so far. What are people thinking?
  13. I have noticed Rachel Hutsell in the past and always admired her great jumping skills, but she was definitely thinner. Perhaps she's just developing more muscles, I hope that's the case.
  14. While I don't like Lowery in the leotard ballets (too exposed for her physique) I do enjoy her powerful dancing when she is wearing a longer skirt as pictured above. I don't mean to encourage extreme thin-ness among the dancers but I have noticed that a few corps dancers (notably Meaghan Dutton-O'Hara and Rachel Hutsell) are looking quite out of shape to a point where it is distracting. Maybe the interim management is trying to promote healthier bodies and that's great, but maybe some cross training would help.
  15. I agree with jerryb. It was a long and grueling show. When did they do away from the plastic looking costumes from Neverwhere? The dancing was a little sloppy and with the practice clothes I felt like I was watching a rehearsal. I'm failing to see the allure with Namouna. I was really excited by what I thought was the finale and then it dragged on for another 10 minutes. I was at the Sunday matinee.
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