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  1. The excelsior pass is a convenient way to store your vaccine information but the CDC vaccine card will accomplish the same thing. In fact I’ve had my excelsior pass since February. I’ve been to quite a few events now and I’ve had to show it exactly once and that was when we decided to get free Krispy Kreme donuts. Unfortunately political pressure has caused almost every place to walk back vaccine documentation. We threw away our shot.
  2. Try again, Cobweb. I started shortly after 1 pm when I finished a meeting and by 2:30 I was completely frustrated. I got the same messages as you. I walked away from it and got a few things accomplished. Just checked in again a few minutes ago and the glitch seems to be fixed. I was able to get what I wanted for Maria and Gonzalo. We so luckily got to talk with gonzo during the fleeting SPAC 4 days and he charmed the pants off us—my husband as well. So we are going to be there for him. There aren’t an abundance of seats available but it’s far from sold out and 3rd and 4th rings aren’t even open. Psyched because opening night is on my subscription. Now let’s hope nycb follows the lead of met opera.
  3. The website is unclear. It states that he programs will be available for streaming for a limited time but doesn’t give any further details. The programs disappear from the calendar on the website so you can’t find them that way. I found MND on YouTube but I’d like to know for sure that they will all show up there. Can anyone shed light? it’s a terrific lineup. I have some other meetings this week. 😟
  4. Oh could be. Thanks for information. I was too lazy to look it up. I did note that the opera has replaced Monday evening performances with Sunday matinees for 2019-20.
  5. I had row O orchestra, seat 31 so quite far over but full view, last night. It was just fine. Just bought on TDF for the Tharp program. Tonight NYCB. May is glory month for NY ballet fans. What happens next year with ABT changed schedule?
  6. According to the PR on the NYCB website subscriptions go on sale today. So calendars should be available.....today.
  7. Last night, with an electrifying performance from Daniel Ulbricht and secure solid work from the entire cast of prodigal and then a luminous, transcendent performance of one of the most sublime Balanchine works was just what was needed to usher in a new era at NYCB. I’m grateful that pure circumstance led me to last night’s show. I found myself choking up at the humility and grace of Jon Stafford and Wendy Whalen in their curtain speech and I’m renewing my NYCB membership as my vote of confidence.
  8. Angel this won’t help you with nutcracker because NYCB has strict policies for the December cash cow (I say this with love, hoping to finally make it tomorrow and wish I could buy your tix for today but it just won’t Work). But if you have Broadway tickets you can’t use most theaters have a post date policy. Or sometimes you can transfer tickets. If I can help with how to do these things PM me. I’m dealing with family business today but will try to get back to you. Such a shame.
  9. December 21 matinee. Daniel Ulbricht debuts Cavalier. At last!!!!!😍
  10. Hopefully there will be an announcement by the end of the year, coming quickly now, as was said.
  11. Right, no one. Including me. I was addressing the point that it matters not one bit whether someone is 18 or approaching 30, 40 or 80 for that matter. All adults have a right to and an expectation of privacy.
  12. And that matters why? 30, 40, 50... everyone has an right to privacy and to the expectation that if they refuse to participate in something that refusal will be honored. These aren’t porn stars. They are women who happen to work as ballet dancers.
  13. I enthusiastically add my recommendation for both volumes. They’re virtually a bible for Balanchine devotees and I refer to them constantly. Nancy gave a pretalk at SPAC a few years ago. I asked her if there would be a third. “Even More Balanchine Variations”. I’m thinking not. 😪
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