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  1. Angel this won’t help you with nutcracker because NYCB has strict policies for the December cash cow (I say this with love, hoping to finally make it tomorrow and wish I could buy your tix for today but it just won’t Work). But if you have Broadway tickets you can’t use most theaters have a post date policy. Or sometimes you can transfer tickets. If I can help with how to do these things PM me. I’m dealing with family business today but will try to get back to you. Such a shame.
  2. December 21 matinee. Daniel Ulbricht debuts Cavalier. At last!!!!!😍
  3. Hopefully there will be an announcement by the end of the year, coming quickly now, as was said.
  4. Right, no one. Including me. I was addressing the point that it matters not one bit whether someone is 18 or approaching 30, 40 or 80 for that matter. All adults have a right to and an expectation of privacy.
  5. And that matters why? 30, 40, 50... everyone has an right to privacy and to the expectation that if they refuse to participate in something that refusal will be honored. These aren’t porn stars. They are women who happen to work as ballet dancers.
  6. I enthusiastically add my recommendation for both volumes. They’re virtually a bible for Balanchine devotees and I refer to them constantly. Nancy gave a pretalk at SPAC a few years ago. I asked her if there would be a third. “Even More Balanchine Variations”. I’m thinking not. 😪
  7. From left, India Bradley (new corps), tiler Peck, unity phelan, Lauren, and Miriam Miller.
  8. Agreed. All the more reason that the delay in searching for a new artistic director is inexplicable. I’m not suggesting that this particular scenario was anticipated. Of course it wasn’t. I am suggesting that the process should have gotten underway months ago and should have been completed by now.
  9. Who should be the official spokesperson for the company? Scharf? Jon Stafford? I suggest that is the responsibility of the executive director. My career has been in the education world—public schools and libraries. I have no experience working in an organization of this size or scope. So I really don’t know. Re Bella’s comment: yes, I agree that the interim team deserves our full support. They have done a remarkable job under circumstances they couldn’t possibly have anticipated. But I’m one who wishes the search process had gotten underway much more quickly. And frankly I don’t understand why it didn’t.
  10. Although I won’t speak for her, I don’t think that is what she’s saying. Again it’s a word choice. “Fester” says to me that it’s inculcated within the organization and has exploded under current conditions. Again, why isn’t the executive director stepping up?
  11. Ashley states “I do not condone this behavior”. To me this is her personal statement and she is saying this as a member of NYCB, but not speaking for the organization. There is a world of difference between “condone” and “encourage”. I don’t believe there has been any mention of this reprehensible behavior being encouraged. Please point out if I’ve missed that. NYCB is not, in fact, leaderless. There is an executive director. Other than her signature on the recent email, along with Jon Stafford, where is Kathy brown? As I reread what I’ve written, I want to state in the clearest possible way my unwavering support and admiration to Ashley in making this statement. If she so chooses she will run a company some day, or should.
  12. I was at the Saturday matinee at SPAC when Chase made his debut performance in Apollo. He was promoted on the spot. It was a stunner. He captured the arc with great clarity. I will never forget it. Unfortunately injuries intervened and I never saw him rise to that level again.
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