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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, @Helene. I wasn't aware of this series, but now I'm looking forward to the next piece.
  2. Well. I don't really know what to say about this, but: "ballet dancer, 28, ‘shot dead her estranged husband during “domestic argument” during ugly custody battle’"" “The couple established a dance business based in Charleston, South Carolina, called American National Ballet (ANB) with Doug as the CEO and Ashley in the role of Executive Director. Their organization, which businessman Doug once described as “Uber-izing ballet," reportedly fired half its dancers back in 2017, per Dance Magazine. Ashley graduated from the Maryland Youth Ballet and is a retired professional ba
  3. If you're anything like me, you're welcoming any and all election distractions today, so: Vanity Fair just published a beautiful dance-inspired collection of photographs (taken over Zoom) by German-based photographer and visual artist Elizaveta Porodina, in collaboration with fashion house Carolina Herrera. They used real dancers rather than models (thank god), including: Wendy Whelan Misa Kuranaga Claudia Monja, Joburg Ballet Ako Kondo, Australian Ballet Ines McIntosh, Paris Opera Natasha Diamond, the Martha Graham Dance Company The colors in
  4. Not surprising, but Sarah Lane's Instagram bio now reads "Principal Dancer" rather than "Principal Dancer @abtofficial."
  5. ...now three more dancers are saying they were fired from MCB due to their weight...
  6. Jeez. Well, it looks like Chloe Freytag, one of the other dancers to leave this year, is now saying she was also taken out of ballets for not losing enough weight before eventually being fired. From her Instagram post: "I was fired from MCB and told “my legs were too large to fit in fifth position.” I had already been warned that my weight was too high, and was on an extremely restricted diet (2 shakes and one meal a day). I was dizzy, weak, and dancing poorly. Even after I had lost about 8 lbs, I was still taken out of ballets because I “hadn’t lost enough weight.” I hated my body. Compl
  7. Did he say what specifically that he wasn't happy with? I haven't had a chance to listen to them.
  8. That's true. I'm just feeling hot-headed because, as @canbeltopointed out, the whole situation could have so easily been avoided.
  9. This is why it was so surprising to hear how many rehearsals she wasn't even called into. If they did in fact expect her weight to go down with a full dance schedule, wouldn't they, you know, get her a FULL dance schedule? I feel terribly for her, too. And I hate to think that her hiring was a PR move—who would be that callous? But if the story about pulling her from a piece in front of the whole company is true, well, that leaves a pretty sour taste in a mouth. It's the second time I've been a bit perplexed by Lopez in the past year (the first was when she cast a student as Dew Dr
  10. Abi Stafford wrote an essay for Dance Magazine to give some insight into her anxiety disorder—as well her thoughts on how companies could help dancers deal the the stresses of the job. Her concrete solutions feel a bit like a brainstorm draft ("Artistic management could send out anonymous surveys to assess what areas need improvement. Companies could hold talk-back sessions with dancers to open up the lines of communication about what's working and what's not."), but still, I found this to be a quick, interesting read for someone wondering how losing a performance opportunity might feel for an
  11. I know Bianca Bulle left after one season despite getting some principal casting (Stravinsky Violin Concerto, maybe some others, I'm not too sure). According to her Instagram she's retiring from dancing all together. Here's a quick transcript of what Kathryn Morgan said to Jim Nowakowski for those of you who don't use social media: I haven’t spoken very publicly about this, but […] I left Miami City Ballet, I am no longer there. And for my mental well-being and physical well-being, I am still going to dance, I still have plans—COVID got in the way—but, I left, you know, friends woul
  12. I'm using Chrome if you want to give it another go.
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