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  1. I know Bianca Bulle left after one season despite getting some principal casting (Stravinsky Violin Concerto, maybe some others, I'm not too sure). According to her Instagram she's retiring from dancing all together. Here's a quick transcript of what Kathryn Morgan said to Jim Nowakowski for those of you who don't use social media: I haven’t spoken very publicly about this, but […] I left Miami City Ballet, I am no longer there. And for my mental well-being and physical well-being, I am still going to dance, I still have plans—COVID got in the way—but, I left, you know, friends woul
  2. Ha, amazing! Imagine having the confidence to write a headline like that. So silly.
  3. I'm using Chrome if you want to give it another go.
  4. Thanks for that video, @volcanohunter. I had only ever seen her on Instagram, so the full-length was much appreciated! I was surprised to learn she's only 25-years-old after watching -- she seems mature beyond her years. Strange, it's working fine for me. (I'm in California, if that matters.)
  5. Ohh, I second this. She's never been my thing -- mostly because her movement quality doesn't seem particularly thoughtful, but that's exactly what I liked about her solo: some real devil-may-care dancing.
  6. Thank you for this review @California! As you said, dance criticism has dried up in Colorado, so it's nice to be able to hear your thoughts. I was also unfamiliar with Julia Adam, but, as you mention, it looks like she's choreographed for San Francisco Ballet, Houston Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theater, Atlanta Ballet, Nashville Ballet and The Joffrey Ballet? And was a principal with San Francisco Ballet? I had no idea. I love female choreographers, but more than that I love theatrical choreographers who have a sense of humor (minimal and angsty is certainly in vogue in the Bay Area -- it's ni
  7. Wow, I didn't expect to see this at all. How sad for his family.
  8. Whoa! I had always secretly hoped that Sylve would run SFB be someday, but this is a nice step in that direction. Where did Dresden Semperoper Ballet make this announcement?
  9. My thoughts exactly. Yes, but I try not to use names when I'm talking about someone's body when they aren't the ones starting the conversation. 😬 For the record, Fadeley looks great! I only mentioned her to point out that there are a few in the company who don't fit into the teeny-tiny mold — and it never struck me as a big deal.
  10. From this New York Times "David Hallberg to Run the Australian Ballet" piece: “Mr. Hallberg said he had some performance commitments through 2021, including “a proper farewell performance” during Ballet Theater’s 2021 Metropolitan Opera House season. But he has no plans to dance with the Australian Ballet. “My shows are numbered,” he said. “There are lots of things I never got around to as a dancer, but it’s time to accept that and move on.” I’ll miss his dancing, but I admit it’s such a relief to me when dancers don’t feel the need to perform with the companies they direct.
  11. I’ve only seen the company a few times, but agree that most of the dancers are very tiny. What struck me, though, was that there were several exceptions (maybe four? — including one principal soloist who is significantly larger) so I sort of assumed that it would be a fine fit for Morgan. Meaning if Lopez was comfortable with including a few women who stuck out, she’d be comfortable with Morgan joining in as one of the “bigger”* dancers. *Bigger in comparison to the others. Obviously Morgan and the other dancers look fine and healthy. Is it possible that Morgan being told she was “
  12. As am I! Maybe you saw it, but Laura Cappelle wrote an op-ed in response for Dance Magazine called "The Letter to Lyon Opera Ballet Shows How Much Further We Have to Go to Support #MeToo Victims."
  13. A new video from Works & Process at the Guggenheim featuring Pennsylvania Ballet: Set in the grand temples of mystical India and featuring the doomed temple dancer Nikiya, her rival Gamzatti, and the warrior Solor, "La Bayadère" has been an epic tale of love and godly revenge since 1877. Prior to its world premiere, Pennsylvania Ballet Artistic Director and former American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Angel Corella discussed his brand-new restaging of the classic ballet with an eye to changing cultural mores. Company dancers performed selections from the program. PANEL A
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