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  1. As usual when there's a snafu like this, I tend to think that it's somehow my fault, so I was glad to see that the site is back in businesss.
  2. Thanks for the "hi," dirac. Although I'd heard and read much about "dear Eddie Bigelow," as Suzanne calls him in the "Elusive Muse" film, I didn't meet him until relatively recent times. We were seated at the same table on opening night of Suzanne's revival of Balanchine's Don Quixote by her company. It was a thrilling evening. I wish I had an appropriately thrilling anecdote about it, but all I can muster is the memory of a couple of shy old guys being polite to each other and saying nice things about Suzanne. I, for one, did not calm down for days.
  3. Such a shocking end to a wonderful life. May he be reunited with all the great figures in NYCB history, starting with Lincoln and Mister B. God rest their souls.
  4. The Suzanne Farrell Ballet will be appearing at the Joyce Theater this fall.
  5. It was always a great pleasure to see Miriam at a performance. She made you feel that you'd come to the right place. I'll miss her.
  6. As enjoyable as are Toni Bentley's reviews of the dance books of others, even more enjoble is a dance book by Toni Bentley. I look forward to her book on "Serenade."
  7. I am slightly acquainted with Suzanne's poodle Charlie, although many other people know him better. So I was delighted with the package I received from him today. I have been somewhat under the weather recently and Charlie obviously meant this to cheer me up. It has had the desired effect. So thanks, Charlie, for the goodies from "Charlie's Chocolate Factory," and thanks to the Holowchuks with whom Charlie stays when his mistress is away. They took care of the mailing details. And thanks, now and forever, to Suzanne.
  8. I'm glad the mural has been rescued yet again, but sad that the last incarnation of the restaurant has now disappeared. To me, O'Neals'(I loved their use of apostrophes)was synonomous with Lincoln Center. I already miss it.
  9. I thought Macauley's review was excellent -- beautifully done. What's wrong with mentioning her hair? Her hair was glorious, as is this thoughtful, balanced, beautiful review.
  10. I can't be objective about this. I'll always be grateful to Michael Kaiser for providing an artistic home for Suzanne Farrell.
  11. It's hard to reconcile the opinions expressed on this thread so far and I'm certainly not going to try. All I'll say is that I was at the Monday night Swan Lake and my opinion coincides with that of chiapuris.
  12. The farewell performances by Patty McBride and Suzanne Farrell were unlke any others before or since -- genuine outpourings of love from the audience. They were regularly scheduled perormances -- Sunday evenings, if I recall correctly -- and they were among the most moving occasions in NYCB history. Suzanne's farewell was so moving that the Daily News ran an editorial about it the next day. I don't know if there was a dry eye in the house, but if so, they did not include Suzanne's or Lincoln Kirstein's. I still get shivers remembering.
  13. As someone who enjoys both horseracing and ballet, I am always on the lookout for horses named for anything to do with dance. Over the years, this "system" has led to fairly consistent failure on my part. This year however, a l3 to 1 shot, Drosselmeyer, won a clear-cut victory in the Belmont Stakes, the toughest of the "triple crown" races, and handsomely repaid his backers. Congratulations are in order.
  14. I enjoy this phenomenom -- it prompts kindly feelings toward one's fellow humans. But why is it called a "flash mob?" That suggests sometning sinister.
  15. I don't know what I was doing when Eight by Adler was soriginally shown on television, but I never saw it. Exciting to know it's being revived.
  16. This topic reminded me of a note I received some years ago, on School of American Ballet stationery: "April 4, 1995 Dear Mr. D'Angelo, The SAB/NYCB family is a large and very extended connection of many varied people, but it is a family nonetheless. And when one of our family members dies, it's a loss for all the rest of us. I was deeply sorry to hear of your wife's death and, on behalf of all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws, extend my deepest sympathies. We shall all miss her. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. Sincerely, Peter Martins" My wife was not a dancer or teacher; she was just a fan. For many days I would take out the note and cry over it. After all these years, this is the first time I've made it public. -- Lou D'Angelo
  17. I think Loomis comes across as rather silly. He should have informed his readers that the "alternate ending" has been quite common for many years.
  18. I finished "Noah's Compass." Like much of Anne Tyler's fiction, it was sad but not depresing. She is wonderful.
  19. I'm reading Anne Tyler's most recent novel, "Noah's Compass." The list of her previous works at the front of the book includes seventeen earlier novels. I've read them all. There's no doubt she is my favorite living writer. I love her limpid prose, gently tinged with humor and melancholy. And I love her characters -- most of whom I'd like to know. In the present instance, Liam, the protagonist, is a sixty year old man who has been fired from his teaching job, but now has a chance at happiness with a considerably younger woman. His first marriage ended with his wife's death and his second in divorce. He is a man after my own heart, although I was never divorced, only widowed once, and am now almost two decades older. I was, however, fired from my advertising copywriter's job at age sixty.
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