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  1. The Royal ballet production with Acosta uses the Discord/Guerre as the male variation in the pas. Acosta is crazy good in that variation.
  2. I remember reading about this in the Times and came across it as a YT clip. An opera tenor singing a very famous aria is "asked" by the audience to sing an encore of the same aria during the performance. He's done it at the met and at La Scalla. Have we ever seen this in a ballet performance? A dancer perhaps repeating a variation or a pas de deux because the audience demanded it? I could see Nureyev maybe doing it. Has it ever happened at one of the large companies?
  3. There was a video of the Nureyev/Fracci Giselle on Youtube that showed him doing the sixes so they go back at least as far as Nureyev and probably further. Not sure if he was the one who stuck it there originally but they sure are breath taking.
  4. Disney can't copyright the name entirely as a concept because it clearly exists in the public domain. What they are doing is copyrighting the image associated with their Aurora from their 1959 film version. If you follow the links from the original article you can find the application from Disney to the patent office...and it says.. International Class 041: Entertainment and education services. Intent to Use: The applicant has a bona fide intention to use or use through the applicant's related company or licensee the mark in commerce on or in connection with the identified goods and/or services. (15 U.S.C. Section 1051(b)). The identified goods and/or services would be Disney's rendering of the princess and the mark would be Disney's name association with it. It only matters to Disney because they make countless millions of little plastic dolls and ornaments and lunch boxes and anything else they can dream of making a quick buck on that will have Aurora's image on it. And they have to guard against reproduction. Disney doesn't care about the ballets unless you specifically made your ballerina look like their version of her.
  5. I just received the ABT spring Met season Brochure in the mail and on the cover is a very striking image of Michele Wiles in a not so classical ballet pose. Her fists are clenched and her head is thrown back with hair flying and she is blurred in between frames of the camera. Definitely my favorite image in the brochure as she seems so very passionate and openly defiant. I've only seen her dance once as the Lilac fairy and I thought she was very technically assured and convincing in terms of dramatic characterization. I liked her and would like to see her more.
  6. Bart took a ballet class and dances in an episode of the Simpsons. Although he had to wear a mask to keep from getting beat up by the other kids so it doesn't paint a great picture of ballet for boys. The Family guy also had an episode where Peter and Quagmire text each other at the ballet/ Swan Lake. Tom and Jerry had an entire episode dedicated to the Nutcracker on cartoon Network this past Xmas.
  7. Not knowing that much about gymnastics, I was was amazed when one of the announcers mentioned the girls had to be 16 years old to qualify. Am I the only one who thinks some of those Chinese girls were 13 or 14?
  8. My currently dancing cast. One for turning, one for jumping, one for partnering and one for his lines. Marcelo Gomes Carlos Acosta Ivan Putrov Ivan Vasiliev
  9. Tom Cruise in Far and Away. He sounds like the Lucky Charms Leprechaun.
  10. jllaney

    Siegfried's vow

    Maybe I'm remembering this wrong but in the Kirov version with Mezentseva doesn't she prevent him from making the vow by lowering his hand?
  11. "YIKES! Edited to include MISTY COPELAND debuts as Gamzatti on Saturday May 24th MATINEE! All the casts are strong, but the May 21st Evening is incredible with Herrera, Gomes, Abrera, Carreno, Corella and Cornejo!" When you read the ABT website and see the schedule for Corsaire, are the dancers listed in any certain order of the roles they dance? From the above list, could you guess that Herrera is Gulnare-Gomes is Conrad-Carreno is the slave? Is there a rhyme or reason to the way the performers are listed on the website? Thanks
  12. Someone mentioned Ridley Scott's Blade Runner earlier so I'll nominate Legend. It has a universal good vs evil story line, a young hero and heroine, and a potential corps of fairies. Not to mention a bad guy named darkness that would keep the make-up crew busy all night. I think I've seen it mentioned that ABT's Nutcracker has unicorns so we can borrow theirs if we need them.
  13. The Exorcist was pretty frightful for me. And although Jaws is not strictly horrow, it scared me straight out of the family swimming pool for about a week when I first saw it. Looking back, I'm not sure how a 25 ft shark was going to get into our pool but as a kid, the water was a pretty scary place.
  14. Alagna returns. But not to La Scala http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071017/ap_en_...E0xIEO.JEtxFb8C
  15. For those of us who don't live in the city, is there a version of this piece available on video?
  16. Like a miniature Carlos, only completely opposite with turns and tours.
  17. On a similar note. How about a principal guest artist wishlist? Tamara Rojo would be at the top of mine.
  18. I have to say I am loving this appreciation of him. Given that, as admitted earlier, he isnt the dancer with the most explosive pyrotechnics, he's the kind of dancer who could perhaps have been somewhat overlooked. But the fact that people appreciate him is really heartening to those who value artistry over flash. He certainly seems to value artistry over flash as his dancing is always in good taste.
  19. I got the impression that it was a griffin. Definately not a swan. My other impression was that it was in the shape of a harp and that it was some kind of musical allusion. Perhaps not.
  20. Klavier- I say go see it. It's not great theatre but it can be entertaining. Plus this thread becomes so much more entertaining when you can follow along and know what everyone is talking about.
  21. I truelly enjoyed last night even though the show, as other posters have noted, has some rather odd moments and strange design choices. Part and Gomes were wonderful together. We knew he would be and hoped she could be. Her rose adage wasn't one for the ages, you could see her balances were on the safe side, but it was servicable. And while the rose Adage may have just been good I thought the Pas was incredible. Everything looked spot on perfect and The one handed fish dives were just wonderful. Double en dedans turn and he'd scope her up and her feet went straight to the sky, straight up from the ground at 180+ degrees to make a beautiful picture. Bravo! I liked the costumes on the solists and principals a great deal. They really were beautiful. I'm not so sure about the uniformity of the townsfolk and castle people. I know it's a fairy tale but surely they don't all shop at the same store. Now I don't have tony awards sitting on my dresser at home but if I'm designing a million dollar production of sleeping beauty I don't make the central design concept of act 1 a 30 foot shower curtain. That being said I enjoyed the sets as well. I know it's not great theatre and the cohesion breaks down round about the time the prince wanders into the ballet but they're very pretty and entertaining in an eye-candy sort of way. Where did the king and queen go to at the beginning of the big sleep? Did I miss them on stage. It's like they had dinner reservations and wandered off never to be seen again. When the prince goes to find aurora is a mess. There are so many theatrical devices it just gets clunky. Moving scenery, light changes, flying fairies and spider web outfits, I hope this section gets worked out to some lesser degree of chaos. The wedding scene was well danced from top to bottom. Most notebly with the bluebird pas. Everyone knew Cornejo would be wonderful as the bluebird when he was jumping but I think his partnering was solid enough to warrant a few more leads. Reyes was a wonderful partner for him and while she may not have incredible extension like the taller girls she has a rock solid center and she's a delight to watch. ABT sure has some lovely dancers.
  22. That picture in the NY Times of the young men fighting is pretty funny. It looks like a box of crayons came to life and started a sword fight.
  23. Marcelo Gomes!!!!! If he can't change your mind about Seigfreid, no one can. One of the smoothest dancers in the world. (IMO) The best actor in the dancing world. (IMHO) The best partner in the world!
  24. jllaney

    Veronika Part

    I think she suffers by comparison to the other ABT ballarinas when it comes to technique. She'll never turn like Murphy or balance like Herrera but what she does well, she does really, REALLY well. She seems to invite us all into her world to share in all that wonderful emotion that's happening on stage. Other ballerinas work there whole lives to to dazzling triple fouette combinations but they may never have that connection to the audience that she was born with.
  25. This has probably been answered on this thread somewhere before but can anybody guess when single tickets go on sale. I wasn't planning a trip to NY this summer but a Part-Gomes Sleeping Beauty may be too much to pass up. And is it too soon to hope for a DVD????????
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