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  1. I completely agree about Carla Fracci. I cannot believe I forgot to include her. In my opinion, she is by far the most gorgeous ballerina ever. I have a book called "The making of a dance: Medea" with her, Baryshnikov, and the choreographer, John Butler. In the book, she is much more mature than in the other books and videos I have seen of her, and I think it makes her all the more beautiful. I also emphasize Stella Abrera. She was on the cover of Dance Magazine earlier this year and, as it says in the magazine, "Her glamour and sex appeal come from another era."
  2. I'm going to add Sylvie Guillem to my current list. At first, I didn't include her just because I wasn't sure what criteria I was using, whether or not I think she's beautiful for her dancing or for her actual looks and features. I've decided, though, that she deserves to be mentioned for her dancing AND her features. I think she has a very interesting, and perhaps exotic look about her. I am also going to add Alina Cojucaru. From photos I have seen of her, I thought she had a young and girlish look, but after I saw her in the Royal Ballet's Sleeping Beauty, I found her absolutely stunning.
  3. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Most Handsome Male Dancers discussion, so I thought I'd start a similar search for the most beautiful female dancers. I've decided upon Julie Kent, Stella Abrera, Janie Taylor, and Irina Dvorovenko. (In no particular order)
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