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  1. I usually enjoy Marianela, although I will be honest and say that I have not seen her much in the past two years, especially as I moved away from the UK last July. However, her Lilac Fairy in every production I saw was lovely -- for me, to believe in the story of Sleeping Beauty, I need to believe in the Lilac Fairy as representing all that good, warm, and light-filled in this world.. ... and she makes me believe. (And now I am corny!). As for Soares, I think he initially demonstrated a lot of promise, especially leading up to his promotion. However, he was injured soon there after, and
  2. I just saw that casting today, and am heartbroken to have to miss it... with her lovely arms, can't you just imagine her playing the veena at the beginning? SIGH.
  3. I am a huge Yuhui fan! I've followed her since her win at Laussanne, and I love her love her love her. She has the most lovely, musical arms and fantastic footwork. There are some bits of choreography which I don't like, which she can make speak to me. Early in the season she did the fast shade variation from Bayadere (the one ending with releve en voyage in arabesque). I was surprised to see her cast as this as I had thought of her as more of a lyrical dancer, but she astounded me with her phrasing and presence. And yes, she was at the Bruhn competition.
  4. Marga, you have much more dance experience than I, so I'm only humbly going to react to this! I think it's much more about the ankles/instep/bendy feet issue you mentioned earlier, than the foot shape (in terms of toes, etc...) I only say this because I myself have a very narrow, compressible foot with tapered, longish toes - very fine, boned. And hops en pointe are one of my favourite, most comfortable steps to do. But I think this is because although I have a basically nice pointed foot, my ankle is not super-bendy and I initially had to work a lot pre-pointe to build up strength and art
  5. ami1436

    A Message to the Students

    AMEN. It's not whatcha got, it's how you use it...
  6. ami1436

    Good Class

    Hans - I've been meaning to tell you for a while now how much I enjoy reading your blog. As you know well, I've had crazy training experiences, and you seem to emcompass the best traits in a teacher, in terms of really thinking about the class, about explanations, achievements, etc. I appreciate and respect the consideration you have for your job! I've had fun this morning dancing under the desk and around the kitchen, trying the exercises you wrote above. I need to get into a proper space and try them for real. What I like most is that you encompassed different directions, in terms of
  7. Regarding R&J, at an Insight event about a month ago I was stunned to learn how many wigs there are - When Juliet's hair is up in the ballroom? A wig. I didn't take notes, but there's an enormous number of wigs for the Royal Ballet - I think many more than we'd ever guess.... Monica Mason's hair was mentioned earlier - yeah, it's short, but definitely not close to a buzz cut. Ansanelli's hair is still long (and has inspired my latest ballet bun...) - but people are right about Marquez's hair, and I'd say, Tamara's. Seriously, those women need to do some conditioner adverts. I'd bu
  8. ami1436

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    She was the lead girl last night in Forsythe's Approximate Sonata. I really warmed to her - she has excellent presence to top off gorgeous technique. A lot of the dancers didn't seem to know how to 'perform' the Forsythe, seeming not knowing where to look or when to be independent and when to engage with other dancers/the audience. I thought she had it just right, and I couldn't stop watching her. She can do the 6 o'clock for sure, but she didn't seem to be throwing her limbs around last night either. It was all controlled and placed.... I unfortunately could not see her Juliet however!
  9. You are in for a treat - I just saw him in ENB's Romeo and Juliet last night, and while the choreography might not be memorable, it was delivered exquisitely. He also caught my eye in a company class last Saturday. He's got brilliant technique, a very light ballon (I was at the Royal Albert Hall, sitting very near the stage, and could not hear him land, while others were definitely audible), great turns, and a lovely balance. However, I also found him very musical and continuously in motion in the best of ways. Enjoy!
  10. I have to add Tamara Rojo to my list!
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