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  1. Jane Simpson

    Royal Ballet 2018-19 season

    Which review was this, please? I've read most of those with online links and don't remember anyone putting Symphony in C down like this!
  2. For Nureyev's production in 1963 the Royal Ballet used girls from the school to make up the numbers and could presumably do so again if Makarova so wished. When the company first did her production and people asked why there were only 24 Shades I seem to remember we were given some vague excuse about there not being enough room on the stage for 32.
  3. Jane Simpson

    John Neumeier

    Also Royal Danish (May 19)
  4. Jane Simpson

    Margot Fonteyn as Aurora

    Sorry - was writing in a hurry and didn't follow the link. It would be wonderful if it could be seen more easily!
  5. Jane Simpson

    Margot Fonteyn as Aurora

    I think the NYPL film is probably the only one in existence, or at least in a public collection - a piece I wrote about it when it was shown here (at the Fonteyn Conference in 1999) mentioned 'the film going back to New York' so something to that effect must have been said at the showing. We didn't get Act 2, for some reason.
  6. Jane Simpson

    Royal Ballet cinemas season 2017-2018

    But they don't know that Odile IS his daughter, do they? He just produces this glamorous girl, who has been magically made to resemble Odette and presumably the rest ot the time looks quite different - she could just have sent in some excuse for her non-appearance at the ball. Thinking about the plot makes my head spin - what is the point of the whole Swan thing, actually? And whyever, having captured Odette, did he give her the get-out clause of being saved by the love of some passing man? Was there some sort of Lilac Fairy intervention? Etc etc - I end up really believing that perhaps Rothbart wasn't actually very bright and hadn't thought it through properly.
  7. Jane Simpson

    Royal Ballet Winter 2018-19 Casting Posted

    FLOSS, could you say which RB directors you know did anything more than that?
  8. Jane Simpson

    Is Bournonville Still Alive?

    The crucial player in the survival of Bournonville's works will be Hubbe's successor - possibly, from that point of view, the most important appoinment ever. The other important player is the Copenhagen audience . I understand what Hubbe is trying to do with Bournonville but I don't understand why, having made over the productions according to his own ideas, he doesn't programme them. One point of interest is that the incoming Theatre Director - Hubbe's boss - is Kasper Holten: his own career of course has been in opera but he is also ballet-aware - his own brother was the RDB school, for instance. The company was given a huge amount of money a few years ago to put on a new full-evening production each season - personally I think it would be much better for the company if someone were to guarantee the box-office for a strong triple bill every year, perhaps with lower ticket prices.
  9. Jane Simpson

    New Royal Ballet Swan Lake

    No. That's what happened in the Dowell production, apparently, but I and others remember the attendants playing the tambourines in earlier versions. When I raised this point on balletcoforum someone said that his wife had actually asked Scarlett, who confirmed that he was reinstating Ashton's original and the only change he'd made was to slightly alter the rhythm.
  10. Jane Simpson

    Veronika Part

    RNZB welcomes Veronika Part as a guest artist for their forthcoming tour: http://rnzb.org.nz/news/rnzb-welcomes-international-guest-artist-veronika-part-for-dancing-with-mozart-season/
  11. Jane Simpson

    2018 Met Season

    Footnote to the AfteRite discussion above: the Royal Danish Ballet has just announced next season's programme, which includes AfteRite and lists it as a co-production with ABT. (And they're doing it on a double bill with Etudes!)
  12. Jane Simpson

    Chase Johnsey leaves Trocks; Joins ENB

    Chase Johnsey is joining English National Ballet and will appear with them in Sleeping Beauty this summer.
  13. Jane Simpson

    Liam Scarlett's Queen of Spades for the RDB

    No, I haven't seen anything in Copenhagen this season (yet ). The Danish reviews have been very good, I believe.
  14. Jane Simpson

    "Manon" Osipova-Shklyarov "Friday the 13th" April

    For those who don't know her and may be a little confused by this, Naghdi has a Belgian mother and an Iranian father. She was born and brought up in London, where her outstanding talent has been recognised for quite some time.