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  1. I have copies of the following magazines from her: Dance Magazine, Pointe, Dance International (only a few copies), Ballet Review, and a few of the Covent Garden ballet magazine. I am happy to send the Dance Magazines right away. Not sure how to exchange mailing information... let me know! Also couldn't figure out how to message you privately, sorry!
  2. I do have some Dancemagazines, I think. My mom also made DVD copies of her VHS performances 😉 she labelled the DVDs and reproduced the cover art from the VHS for the DVD! It's been a lot of work cataloguing her ballet videos, but a good trip down memory lane. I read a post on this forum about Makarova... ah me, I used to argue with her about how Makarova was supposed to keep up with the music, not change it to fit herself.
  3. Let me introduce myself... I'm Adrienne, the daughter of Giannina Mooney. Many of you knew her as the welcome person for the forum for several years. She passed away in 2016. Your kind words about her were very important to our family at that time. My siblings and I are now in the position of dividing up her ballet-related videos and books. There are many! If you were a friend or confidant and think that she had a video or book you would appreciate, let me know and I'll see if it's still on her shelf. We are all at a loss on how to appreciate her collection so I'll be browsing the discussions to learn more about ballet. Right now I'm looking at her books about Margot Fonteyn. She was one of mom's earliest favorites in dance, based on her collection.
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