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  1. Found this clip of the show:
  2. It has been a pleasure reading reports of nearly all the Giselle casts. Thank you everyone!!
  3. What a neat topic! For me, personally, it is certain partnerships that I wish I could have seen live... Baryshnikov/Kirkland, Dowell/Sibley, Le Riche/Guillem, Augustyn/Kain, Muntagirov/Klimentova.
  4. Teuscher is replaced by Abrera on the 2/10 matinee (ABT's calendar has not been updated). http://ums.org/performance/american-ballet-theatre/
  5. So happy to hear this! Sigh. Thank you for the report, Natalia.
  6. Rosa

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    Wow, twins!! Congratulations Evgenia and Andrei!
  7. I am also surprised at no Gomes. He was cast last year.
  8. Did anyone see the Wednesday afternoon performance with Veronika Part/Cory Stearns?
  9. I believe she was to guest during the Bolshoi's tour.
  10. Bessmertnova in the Bolshoi production was my introduction to the ballet, and she remains my favorite Raymonda. I voted for the La Scala recon, the best overall production IMO.
  11. Gorgeous. And thank you, Natalia, for the incredible reviews! I would love to see this. (Maybe we'll a get a DVD someday? )
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