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  1. The All Balanchine program knocked it out of the park IMO!! I had a smile on my face almost from start to finish. Episodes and Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux were my favorite performances. 🥰
  2. Congratulations to Mr. Ahn, Mr. Bell, Ms. Brandt, Mr. Forster, Mr. Royal, Ms. Trenary, and Mr. Shayer!!
  3. School of American Ballet's Virtual Workshop (available until Monday, July 13 at 7pm ET)
  4. I received mine about 4:45pm yesterday, which for some reason arrived in my promotions folder...
  5. Scottish Ballet's The Fairy's Kiss (available until June 30)
  6. What a groundbreaking and amazing production! (I only knew of Creole Giselle from books and photos.) Ms Johnson was sublime. Ms Graves commanding and effortless. The whole company was magnificent (loved all the children in act 1). Costumes and sets stunning. The orchestra excellent. This version featured the most emotional act 2 I've seen; Giselle repeatedly pleading for Albert's life, even weeping at one point. I was breathless. BRAVO DTH!!!
  7. What a treat! And what a cast! Standouts for me was Les Sylphides (so otherworldly and romantic) and Theme and Variations (Gelsey and Mikhail...LEGENDARY). 🥰
  8. Lincoln Center's twitter account has tweets for the first two programs which include YouTube links (CARMEN.maquia and A Midsummer Night's Dream). Hopefully they will continue to tweet each program with links to view them. I, too, wasn't able to find anything about how long the non-NYCB programs will be available after they are first streamed.
  9. Royal Danish Ballet's A Folk Tale https://kglteater.dk/xtra/forestillinger/forestilling-et-folkesagn/?section=33063
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