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  1. Skylar posted a clip on her YouTube channel:
  2. I tip my hat again to PA Ballet for their Resilience digital program! "And So It Is" wasn't my cup of tea, but it was nice to see Jermel Johnson. So Jung Shin stole the spotlight in "Polyphonia." "Raymonda Suite" looked beautiful -- set, costumes, lighting. I found Dayesi Torriente mesmerizing in the clapping variation (my least favorite of Raymonda's solos). "Allegro Brillante" was the best of the mixed bill. The dynamic between Mayara Piniero (vibrant) and Zecheng Liang (cool) made for a fantastic partnership. BRAVO!!!
  3. I really enjoyed the first program. Bravo to the dancers and everyone behind the scenes who made this possible!🌷
  4. Thank you, nanushka! Had not seen Balanchine's ballet before. His version seemed more atmospheric than dramatic: no mention/chance of Odette's spell being broken; Siegfried left alone in despair at dawn. The groupings and patterns of the swan maidens were quite lovely.
  5. WTTW's Making a New American Nutcracker (Joffrey Ballet's production by Wheeldon) -- available through Dec 31st.
  6. The All Balanchine program knocked it out of the park IMO!! I had a smile on my face almost from start to finish. Episodes and Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux were my favorite performances. 🥰
  7. Congratulations to Mr. Ahn, Mr. Bell, Ms. Brandt, Mr. Forster, Mr. Royal, Ms. Trenary, and Mr. Shayer!!
  8. School of American Ballet's Virtual Workshop (available until Monday, July 13 at 7pm ET)
  9. I received mine about 4:45pm yesterday, which for some reason arrived in my promotions folder...
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