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  1. Rosa

    Swan Lake -Plushenko/Filin

    Found this clip of the show:
  2. Rosa

    Swan Lake -Plushenko/Filin

  3. Rosa

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    It has been a pleasure reading reports of nearly all the Giselle casts. Thank you everyone!!
  4. Rosa

    Which dancer do you most wish you'd seen live?

    What a neat topic! For me, personally, it is certain partnerships that I wish I could have seen live... Baryshnikov/Kirkland, Dowell/Sibley, Le Riche/Guillem, Augustyn/Kain, Muntagirov/Klimentova.
  5. Rosa

    ABT in Detroit, Feb. 8-11, 2018

    Teuscher is replaced by Abrera on the 2/10 matinee (ABT's calendar has not been updated). http://ums.org/performance/american-ballet-theatre/
  6. Rosa

    Veronika Part leaving ABT

    So happy to hear this! Sigh. Thank you for the report, Natalia.
  7. Rosa

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    Wow, twins!! Congratulations Evgenia and Andrei!
  8. Rosa

    ABT 2016 Nutcracker Casting

    I am also surprised at no Gomes. He was cast last year.
  9. Rosa

    ABT 2016 Le Corsaire

    Did anyone see the Wednesday afternoon performance with Veronika Part/Cory Stearns?
  10. Rosa

    ABT 2016 Met Season

    I believe she was to guest during the Bolshoi's tour.
  11. Bessmertnova in the Bolshoi production was my introduction to the ballet, and she remains my favorite Raymonda. I voted for the La Scala recon, the best overall production IMO.
  12. Gorgeous. And thank you, Natalia, for the incredible reviews! I would love to see this. (Maybe we'll a get a DVD someday? )