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  1. I think Alexandrova said something like that when she danced Gamzatti at the Bolshoi on 2013. And as Gamzatti she didn't say that Nikiya must die but only that she will marry Solor anyway!
  2. The Brahmin is devoted to God but he has strong feelings for Nikiya, so why not the fakir too? And he tries to save her because he hopes she would come to him! Solor, looks like he fears Rajah more than he loves Nikiya, so maybe he wants to get rid of her. After all Gamzatti is beautiful and rich! He wouldn't be the first nor the last person that betrays for money and power! Well, this is the magic of art. We see the same performance but we have so different thoughts and feelings about it at the end.
  3. As I see the story, at the end everyone has reasons to want Nikiya's death. The Rajah for his daughter, his daughter for Solor, Brahmin becauses she rejects him (his last hope is to save her, but she prefers to die), the fakir because he knows never could have a woman like her, and even Solor too, since he doesn't look too unhappy with this marriage!
  4. I think it makes a lot. After all who could put a snake in a basket if not a fakir? And even if he is not who gives the basket, he looks that he knows what is about! At the Bolshoi the fakir gives the basket and then runs to Brahmin like he asks forgiveness. At the Mariinsky follows the maiden and then returns and gives the antidote to Brahmin. Anyway, if the fakir doesn't gives the antidote to Brahmin where did he find it or why did he carry one?
  5. The fakir looks that he obeys everyone -Solor, Rajah, Brahmin! In some performances the fakir gives the basket with the snake to Nikya and he also gives the antidote to Brahmin!
  6. Performances with happy end. 1957, Swan Lake, Bolshoi Ballet, N. Fadeyechev, M. Plisetskaya, A. Messerer 1968, Swan Lake, Kirov Ballet, J. Markowsky, Y. Yevteyeva, K. Sergeev 1976, Swan Lake, Bolshoi, A. Bogadirev, M. Plisetskaya, Y. Grigorovitch 1983, Swan Lake, Bolshoi Ballet, A. Bogadirev, N. Bessmertnova, Y. Grigorovitch 1986, Swan Lake, Kirov Ballet, K. Zaklinsky, G. Mezentzeva, K. Sergeev 1989, Swan Lake, Bolshoi Ballet, Y. Vasyuchenko, A. Mikhalchenko, Y. Grigorovitch 1991, Swan Lake, Kirov Ballet, I. Zelensky, Y. Makhalina, K. Sergeev 1992, Swan Lake, S. Petersburg Ballet, A. Bogatiriev, L. Kunakowa, N. Pavloba, M. Petipa-Lev Ivanov 1992, Swan Lake, Perm Ballet, A. Fadeyechev, N. Ananiashvilli, M. Petipa-Lev Ivanov 1992, Swan Lake, POB, P. Dupond, M. C. Pietragalla, V. Bourmeister 1997, Swan Lake, Universal Ballet 2003, Swan Lake, Stanislavsky Ballet, D. Zababurin, T. Chernobrovkina, V. Bourmeister 2004, Swan Lake, Scala di Milano, R. Bolle, S. Zakharova, V. Bourmeister 2006, Swan Lake, S. Petersbourg Ballet, D. Akulinin, I. Kolesnikova, K. Sergeev 2006, Swan Lake, Tokyo Ballet, J. Martinez, M. Ueno, M. Petipa-Lev Ivanov 2007, Swan Lake, Mariinsky Ballet, D. Korsuntsev, U. Lopatkina, M. Petipa-Lev Ivanov 2008, Swan Lake, SNG Maribor (Slovenia), A. Bogov, Al. Ribic Laufer, V. Bitoinov 2009, Swan Lake, Zurich Ballet, Stanislas Jermakov, P. Semionova, H. Spoerli 2012, Swan Lake, Mikhailovsky Ballet, V. Lebedev, E. Borchenko, A. Messerer 2013, Swan Lake, Mariinsky Ballet, T. Askerov, E. Kondaurova, K. Sergeyev And without happy end 1966, Swan Lake, Vienna Ballet, R. Nureyev, M. Fonteyn, R. Nureyev 1976, Swan Lake, ABT, I. Nagy, N. Makarova, D. Blair 1982, Swan Lake, ROH, A. Dowell, N. Makarova, F. Ashton, R. Nureyev 1988, Swan Lake, London Festival Ballet, P. Schaufuss, E. Hart, N. Makarova 1990, Swan Lake, Cullbert Ballet, Y. Auzeli, A. Laguna, Mats Ek 1993, Swan Lake, Berlin Ballet, J-L Massot, Chr. Camillo-K. Gdaniec, P. Schaufuss 1996, Swan Lake, Sadler's Wells, Adam Cooper, Scott Ambler, F. Ambler , M. Bourne 1997, Swan Lake, Berlin Opera Ballet, Oliver Matz, Steffi Scherzer, Patrice Bart 1999, Swan Lake, NYCB, D. Woetzel, M. Weese, P. Martins 2002, Swan Lake, Swedish Royal Ballet, Anders Nordstrom, Nathalie Nordquist, P. Wright 2002, Swan Lake - Illusion like, Hamburg Ballet, J. Bubenichek, E. Loscavio-A. Polikarpova, J. Neumeier 2002, Swan Lake, Bolshoi Ballet, E. Ivanchenko, A. Volochkova, Y. Grigorovich 2003, Swan Lake, Moscow Classical Ballet, Ivan Korneev, E. Beresina-N. Burak, Kasatkina-Vasiliov 2003 , Swan Lake, K-Ballet, T. Kumakawa, V. Durante, M. Perego, T. Kumakawa 2004, Swan Lake, Hanover Ballet, , , Stephan Thoss 2005, Swan Lake, ABT, A. Corella, G. Murphy, K. McKenzie 2005, Swan Lake, Moscow Classical Ballet, Nikolay Chevychelov, Marina Rzhannikova, Kasatkina-Vasiliov 2006, Swan Lake, Australian Ballet, R. Curran, M. Eastoe, D. Rowe, Gr. Murphy 2006, Swan Lake, POB, J. Martinez, A. Letestu, R. Nureyev 2009, Swan Lake, ROH, Th. Soares, M. Nunez, M. Petipa-Lev Ivanov 2010, Swan Lake, Bolshoi Ballet, A. Skvortsov, M. Alexandrova, Y. Grigorovich 2011, Swan Lake, Sadler's Wells, R. Winsor-D. North, , M. Bourne 2012, Swan Lake, ROH, N. Kish, Z. Yanowsky, D. Bintley 2013, Swan Lake – Le Lac, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, St. Bourgond, An. Behrend-Ap. Ball, J-Ch Maillot 2013, Swan Lake reloaded, Fr. Rydman 2014, Swan Lake, Norwegian Ballet, Al. Ekman 2014, Swan Lake, Vienna Ballet, Vl. Shishov, O. Esina, R. Nureyev 2015, Swan Lake, Bolshoi Ballet, D. Rodkin, S. Zakharova, Y. Grigorovich 2015, Swan Lake, ROH, M. Golding, N. Osipova, D. Bintley 2015, Swan Lake, Hungarian Ballet, I. Kekalo, Sh. Nakamura, Rudi van Dantzig 2015, Swan Lake, Danish Royal Ballet, Al. Lendorf, J’aime Crandall, N. Hubbe-S. Schandorff 2016, Swan Lake, Universal Ballet, O. Vinogradov 2016, Swan Lake, POB, M. Ganio, A. Albisson, R. Nureyev 2017, Swan Lake, Georgian Ballet, V. Akhmeteli, N. Ananiashvili, A. Fadeechev 2018, Swan Lake, ROH, V. Muntagirov, M. Nunez, L. Scarlett 2018, Swan Lake, Dusseldorf Ballet, M. Schlapher 2019, Swan Lake, POB, G. Louvet, L. Baulac, R. Nureyev There are many other performances but I listed only those that have been released on vhs/dvd/BD or broadcast on tv/cinema. If I missed any, please let me know.
  7. You can watch the Gala on youtube Swan Lake-Black PDD E. Kondaurova-A. Ermakov (Mariinsky Ballet) Meditation from Thais N. Ananiashvili-M. Gomes Coppelia PDD Hikaru Kobayashi-Federico Bonelli (Royal Ballet) Outono Patrticia Henriques-Miguel Ramalho (Portugal) Le Corsaire-Pas d' esclave Nutsa Chekurashvili-Yonen Takano (Georgia Ballet) Dying Swan Nina Ananiashvili Don Quixote PDD Maria Alexandrova-Mikhail Lobukhin (Bolshoi Ballet)
  8. Thank you both of you. I edit the list and I left only the live performances from the first cinema season (2011/2012) till today.
  9. Season 2011/2012 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/cinema-season-201112-launched The Sleeping Beauty-ROH-15.12.2011-L. Cuthbertson-S. Polunin Romeo and Juliet-ROH-22.03.2012-L. Cuthbertson-F. Bonelli La Fille mal gardée-ROH-16.05.2012-R. Marquez-St. McRae Season 2012/2013 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/cinema-season-201213-announced Swan Lake-ROH-23.10.2012-Z. Yanowsky-N. Kish-1080p The Nutcracker-ROH-13.12.2012-St. McRae-R. Marquez-L. Morera-chor. P. Wright Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-ROH-28.03.2013-Sarah Lamb-Federico Bonelli Season 2013/2014 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/roh-live-cinema-season-201314-tickets-on-sale Don Quixote-ROH-16.10.2013-M. Nunez-C. Acosta-chor. C. Acosta The Nutcracker-ROH-12.12.2013-L. Morera-F. Bonelli Giselle-ROH-27.01.2014-N. Osipova-C. Acosta The Sleeping Beauty-ROH-19.03.2014-S. Lamb-St. McRae The Winter's Tale-ROH-28.04.2014-L. Cuthbertson-E. Watson-S. Lamb-St. McRae-Z. Yanowsky-F. Bonelli Season 2014/2015 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-live-cinema-season-201415 Manon-ROH-16.10.2014-Nunez-Bonelli Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-ROH-16.12.2014-S. Lamb-F. Bonelli Swan Lake-ROH-17.03.2015-N. Osipova-M. Golding La Fille mal gardee-ROH-05.05.2015-N. Osipova-St. McRae Season 2015/2016 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-live-cinema-season-201516 Romeo and Juliet-ROH-22.09.2015-S. Lamb-St. McRae Viscera-Afternoon of a Faun-Tchaikovsky PDD-Carmen-ROH-12.11.2015-Mixed Bill The Nutcracker-ROH-16.12.2015-L. Cuthbertson-N. Kish-Fr. Hayward-A. Campbell Rhapsody-The 2 Pigeons-ROH-26.01.2016-N. Osipova-St. McRae-L. Cuthbertson-V. Muntagirov Giselle-ROH-06.04.2016-M. Nunez-V. Muntagirov Frankestein-ROH-18.05.2016-F. Bonelli-L. Morera-St. McRae Season 2016/2017 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-live-cinema-season-201617 Anastasia-ROH-02.11.2016-N. Osipova The Nutcracker-ROH-08.12.2016-L. Cuthbertson-F. Bonelli Woolf Works-ROH-08.02.2017-A. Ferri-F. Bonelli The Sleeping Beauty-ROH-28.02.2017-M. Nunez-V. Muntagirov Jewels-ROH-11.04.2017-M. Nunez-Th. Soares-S. Lamb-St. McRae The Dream-Symphonic Variations-Marguerite and Armand-ROH-07.06.2017 Season 2017/2018 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-live-cinema-season-201718 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ROH-23.10.2017-L. Cuthbertson-F. Bonelli The Nutcracker-ROH-05.12.2017-S. Lamb-St. McRae The Winter's tale-ROH-28.02.2018-R. Hirano-L. Cuthbertson-S. Lamb-V. Muntagirov-L. Morera-M. Ball Bernstein Centenary triple bill-27.03.2018-Yugen (W McGregor)-The Age of Anxiety (L Scarlett)-Corybantic Games (C Wheeldon) Manon-ROH-03.05.2018-S. Lamb-V. Muntagirov Swan Lake-ROH-12.06.2018-M. Nunez-V. Muntagirov Season 2018/2019 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-2018-19-season-announced Mayerling-ROH-15.10.2018 -St. McRae-S. Lamb La Bayadere-ROH-13.11.2018-N. Osipova-V. Mugadirov-M. Nunez The Nutcracker-ROH-03.12.2018-M. Nunez-V. Muntagirov Don Quixote-ROH-19.02.2019-Chor. C. Acosta-A. Takada-A. Campbell Flight Pattern (Pite) / Within the Golden Hour (Wheeldon) / New work (Cherkaoui)-ROH-16.05.2019 Romeo and Juliet-ROH-11.06.2019-Y. Naghdi-M. Ball 
  10. I see now that your list has all the ballets! Great work!
  11. I hope too. Although with so many ballet broadcastings on tv in Europe, I can't say I miss anything.
  12. Anyone, in Europe, who missed Cranco's Romeo and Juliet on arte.tv, will have another chance next year! https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Suche/?sendung=284861086649051
  13. Anyone, in Europe, who missed Romeo and Juliet on arte.tv, will have another chance next year! https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Suche/?sendung=284861086649051
  14. The last day of the year for viewers in Europe who didn't buy the DVD. https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Suche/?sendung=287241078391214 John Cranko's Onegin with Alicia Amatriain and Friedemann Vogel
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