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  1. Here is still the live streaming https://mariinsky.tv/e I don't know for how long, since there will be another live streaming on April 13!
  2. sofiabn

    Giselle live from FNOB

    No, it does not last so long. There is a discussion panel before the show and during the break. They retained the live broadcast.
  3. sofiabn

    Giselle live from FNOB

    And here is the streaming of Giselle for those who like to watch it again or they missed the live one! http://oopperabaletti.fi/en/stage24/giselle-recording/
  4. Live streaming of Giselle on Thursday 1st of March http://oopperabaletti.fi/en/live/giselle/
  5. sofiabn

    2016-17 Bolshoi cinema season

    The complete performance on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQxsZTsiwrQ&t=8s
  6. http://oopperabaletti.fi/en/stage24/lumikuningatar/ Choreography: Kenneth Greve Music: Tuomas Kantelinen Sets, costumes: Erika Turunen Sets, lighting design: Mikki Kunttu Make-up design: Pekka Helynen Cast: actor Krista Kosonen as grand mother, étoile Maria Baranova as Kerttu, étoile Sergei Popov as Kai, étoile Tiina Myllymäki as Snow Queen. The Orchestra of the Finnish National Opera Production of Yleisradio and the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, 2014.
  7. Alice in Wonderland by Jorma Ello Live streaming, Sat 29th October 2016 http://oopperabaletti.fi/en/live/alice-in-wonderland/ Romeo and Juliet by Natália Horečná Recording of an international live webecast from the Finnish National Ballet Sat 3rd Sep, 2016 http://oopperabaletti.fi/en/stage24/romeo-ja-julia/ (But there is a problem with the audio synchronization on the second part, about 5-6 sec!) And there are some other performances you can watch from previous seasons.