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  1. You can watch the Gala on youtube Swan Lake-Black PDD E. Kondaurova-A. Ermakov (Mariinsky Ballet) Meditation from Thais N. Ananiashvili-M. Gomes Coppelia PDD Hikaru Kobayashi-Federico Bonelli (Royal Ballet) Outono Patrticia Henriques-Miguel Ramalho (Portugal) Le Corsaire-Pas d' esclave Nutsa Chekurashvili-Yonen Takano (Georgia Ballet) Dying Swan Nina Ananiashvili Don Quixote PDD Maria Alexandrova-Mikhail Lobukhin (Bolshoi Ballet)
  2. Thank you both of you. I edit the list and I left only the live performances from the first cinema season (2011/2012) till today.
  3. Season 2011/2012 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/cinema-season-201112-launched The Sleeping Beauty-ROH-15.12.2011-L. Cuthbertson-S. Polunin Romeo and Juliet-ROH-22.03.2012-L. Cuthbertson-F. Bonelli La Fille mal gardée-ROH-16.05.2012-R. Marquez-St. McRae Season 2012/2013 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/cinema-season-201213-announced Swan Lake-ROH-23.10.2012-Z. Yanowsky-N. Kish-1080p The Nutcracker-ROH-13.12.2012-St. McRae-R. Marquez-L. Morera-chor. P. Wright Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-ROH-28.03.2013-Sarah Lamb-Federico Bonelli Season 2013/2014 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/roh-live-cinema-season-201314-tickets-on-sale Don Quixote-ROH-16.10.2013-M. Nunez-C. Acosta-chor. C. Acosta The Nutcracker-ROH-12.12.2013-L. Morera-F. Bonelli Giselle-ROH-27.01.2014-N. Osipova-C. Acosta The Sleeping Beauty-ROH-19.03.2014-S. Lamb-St. McRae The Winter's Tale-ROH-28.04.2014-L. Cuthbertson-E. Watson-S. Lamb-St. McRae-Z. Yanowsky-F. Bonelli Season 2014/2015 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-live-cinema-season-201415 Manon-ROH-16.10.2014-Nunez-Bonelli Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-ROH-16.12.2014-S. Lamb-F. Bonelli Swan Lake-ROH-17.03.2015-N. Osipova-M. Golding La Fille mal gardee-ROH-05.05.2015-N. Osipova-St. McRae Season 2015/2016 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-live-cinema-season-201516 Romeo and Juliet-ROH-22.09.2015-S. Lamb-St. McRae Viscera-Afternoon of a Faun-Tchaikovsky PDD-Carmen-ROH-12.11.2015-Mixed Bill The Nutcracker-ROH-16.12.2015-L. Cuthbertson-N. Kish-Fr. Hayward-A. Campbell Rhapsody-The 2 Pigeons-ROH-26.01.2016-N. Osipova-St. McRae-L. Cuthbertson-V. Muntagirov Giselle-ROH-06.04.2016-M. Nunez-V. Muntagirov Frankestein-ROH-18.05.2016-F. Bonelli-L. Morera-St. McRae Season 2016/2017 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-live-cinema-season-201617 Anastasia-ROH-02.11.2016-N. Osipova The Nutcracker-ROH-08.12.2016-L. Cuthbertson-F. Bonelli Woolf Works-ROH-08.02.2017-A. Ferri-F. Bonelli The Sleeping Beauty-ROH-28.02.2017-M. Nunez-V. Muntagirov Jewels-ROH-11.04.2017-M. Nunez-Th. Soares-S. Lamb-St. McRae The Dream-Symphonic Variations-Marguerite and Armand-ROH-07.06.2017 Season 2017/2018 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-live-cinema-season-201718 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ROH-23.10.2017-L. Cuthbertson-F. Bonelli The Nutcracker-ROH-05.12.2017-S. Lamb-St. McRae The Winter's tale-ROH-28.02.2018-R. Hirano-L. Cuthbertson-S. Lamb-V. Muntagirov-L. Morera-M. Ball Bernstein Centenary triple bill-27.03.2018-Yugen (W McGregor)-The Age of Anxiety (L Scarlett)-Corybantic Games (C Wheeldon) Manon-ROH-03.05.2018-S. Lamb-V. Muntagirov Swan Lake-ROH-12.06.2018-M. Nunez-V. Muntagirov Season 2018/2019 https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-2018-19-season-announced Mayerling-ROH-15.10.2018 -St. McRae-S. Lamb La Bayadere-ROH-13.11.2018-N. Osipova-V. Mugadirov-M. Nunez The Nutcracker-ROH-03.12.2018-M. Nunez-V. Muntagirov Don Quixote-ROH-19.02.2019-Chor. C. Acosta-A. Takada-A. Campbell Flight Pattern (Pite) / Within the Golden Hour (Wheeldon) / New work (Cherkaoui)-ROH-16.05.2019 Romeo and Juliet-ROH-11.06.2019-Y. Naghdi-M. Ball 
  4. I see now that your list has all the ballets! Great work!
  5. I hope too. Although with so many ballet broadcastings on tv in Europe, I can't say I miss anything.
  6. Anyone, in Europe, who missed Cranco's Romeo and Juliet on arte.tv, will have another chance next year! https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Suche/?sendung=284861086649051
  7. Anyone, in Europe, who missed Romeo and Juliet on arte.tv, will have another chance next year! https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Suche/?sendung=284861086649051
  8. The last day of the year for viewers in Europe who didn't buy the DVD. https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Suche/?sendung=287241078391214 John Cranko's Onegin with Alicia Amatriain and Friedemann Vogel
  9. A lot of ballets during Christmas on TV for viewers in Europe. Nutcracker from Zurich https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Suche/?sendung=280071057921170 Raymonda from Mariinsky https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Suche/?sendung=287241065241086 A new Swan Lake from Ballett am Rhein Düsseldorf Duisburg https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Suche/?sendung=287241065243015
  10. http://oopperabaletti.fi/en/stage24/sleeping-beauty/ Recording of the Sleeping Beauty performed by the Finnish National Ballet on 1 September 2018. Choreography (partly after Petipa) : Javier Torres Muisc: Pjotr Tšaikovski Conductor: Pietro Rizzo Sets: Minna Wallenius Costumes: Erika Turunen Lighting Design: Eric Loustau-Carrere Make-Up Design: Tuija Luukkainen CAST: AURORA Eun-Ji Ha PRINCE DÉSIRÉ Michal Krčmář, CARABOSSE, LADY Rebecca King, CARABOSSE, MAN Giuseppe Martino, SYRENE, THE FAIRY OF LOVE Hanako Matsune, VOLANTE, THE FAIRY OF COURAGE Salla Eerola, GRAZIA, THE FAIRY OF JOY AND BEAUTY Sara Saviola, BABETTE, AURORA’S COUSIN Valeria Quintana, PRINCE OF THE WEST Wilfried Jacobs, GOLDEN DEER Frans Valkama The familiar story about the bewitched princess Aurora, the good and evil fairies, and the adventurous prince truly comes into its own as a ballet. Javier Torres’s joyful revision for the Finnish National Ballet is partly based on Marius Petipa’s original choreography.
  11. Here is still the live streaming https://mariinsky.tv/e I don't know for how long, since there will be another live streaming on April 13!
  12. No, it does not last so long. There is a discussion panel before the show and during the break. They retained the live broadcast.
  13. And here is the streaming of Giselle for those who like to watch it again or they missed the live one! http://oopperabaletti.fi/en/stage24/giselle-recording/
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